Written by willy

26 Mar 2008

My sexy ex could be a bit of a slut in a nice way when ever we where at a club or a party and I loved to watch her getting it on any way she wanted and she knew I got a big turn on watching her.

This one time we went out dogging and met a younger couple looking for some fun to but because of stupid single guys who tried it on instead of giving us space to play and maybe get some action later we ended up going back to our house.

I could see by the look in the guys eyes as we walked from the cars he was gagging for my missus so she walked in front of him letting him see what he was about to taste man she could sure strut her stuff when she wanted.

Once inside I went to get some drinks so on my return he was sitting in a chair with my wife on the arm leaning back with her legs either side of the arm her thighs parted making her mini ride up to show her sexy legs and I did notice she had undone three of her blouse buttons to reveal a fair bit of her tits man the guy was drooling for her and she knew it.

His woman was sitting on the settee as they laughed and joked about things so I sat next to her giving her the once over as I went,she was a big boned girl not fat but well put together with fantastic tits that I wanted to put my cock between to tit fuck her so I told her what I wanted to do and she laughed and said her man does that when he want\'s to shoot his cum between them and onto her face.I leaned over her as I slid my hand up her body and onto her tits as I groped her for the first time,she moaned as she slid down the settee making her skirt ride up her thighs to reveal her panties I started to open her blouse letting her her tits fall free as I started to french her mouth our tongue\'s darting into each others mouths face fucking each other,my hand slid into her bra pushing it up over her tits as my fingers pinched her left nipple till she moaned and pushed my head onto her nipple,I sucked as much of her tit into my mouth flicking her nipple with my tongue before I nibbled it between my teeth,she slid more down the settee opening her thighs wide her man crawled over to her and buried his head on her cunt mound making her squeal and groan he forced her panties open and slid his fingers into her cunt lips while his thumb slid hard up and down her clit he took her clit between his teeth sucking it in and out between his teeth his thumb joined his fingers inside her cunt as he fisted her she clasped her legs around his head her fingers pulling his hair making him suck her harder,she went stiff as a board her head thrown back her mouth wide open in a silent scream as her orgasm hit her for a good 20 seconds as she pumped her love juice into his mouth and all over his face before she slumped limp groaning.

Her legs parted allowing him to rock back onto his knee\'s on the carpet his face all red and covered in her cum as it ran from his mouth,Ilooked over at my wife who had opened her blouse and was pinching her nipple between finger and thumb while her other hand was sliding up and down her cunt mound hard over her clit man what a sight she looked so fucking sexy my cock grew more just looking at her.

She stood up and walked over to the guy still kneeling looking at her walk to him she pulled her mini skirt up to her waiste man what a sight she was her blouse opened her tits on show her cunt mound thrust forward by his face,he pulled her thong off her she opened her legs more,as she bent her knee\'s she thrust her cunt lips forward onto the guys waiting mouth still half full of his womans juice and she rubbed her cunt up and down the guys face mixing her own juice with his womans in his mouth.She gripped him by the hair pulling him harder onto her cunt as she ground her mound into him giving a low grown as she face fucked him,he plunged his thumb into her pussy and slid a finger into her arse and finger fucked in time with her thrusting into his face,she whimpered as her legs buckled as her orgasm started I got up and went behind her gripping her tits hard and her head fell back as she shuddered and squealed as she came hard onto his face.

Man I was so far gone I started bite her neck calling her one sexy slut and asked her if she wanted his cock inside her she just said fuck me I need cock the guy stood up dropped his pants to reveal a good size rock hard cock he moved between her open thighs and rubbed his head up and down her slit making her moan,I lifted her taking her weight so she wrapped her legs around him pulling his cock into her cunt in one movement giving her the start of her second orgasm as he gripped her arse cheeks pulling her onto his cock as he rammed it into her cunt time and time again making her scream at him to fuck her harder,she wrapped her arms around his neck so I let her go and watched her pump up and down on the guys cock screaming as she came again and again,he started to call her dirty names as he came inside her cunt hard.

I watched as there juices ran from her cunt and down there legs,he gentley laid her on her back and slowly pumped her her legs still pulling him into her as she pushed up to meet him with every thrust he gave her.

I turned to see his woman still laying on her back pinching her tits and fingering her pussy so I just dropped between her open thighs took my hard cock out and slid into her pussy making her groan and telling me to make her cum please make her cum but although I shot my load deap into her after a short time I was that horny watching my wife get fucked I was soon giving her a good time again.

It was a long night spent fucking and sucking each others woman and even the women had a play to.

I think back now we have split and say to myself mannn she was and still is one hell of a woman xx