Written by Peter

16 Mar 2015

Lying naked with my wife touching her very wet pussy as she sucked my very hard cock I asked her if she wanted to fuck this coming weekend, if she wanted a nice big thick cock. "0h yes I'd like that" she sighed. I reached across for my laptop and went into my emails and showed her an e-mail I had recieved. I had placed an ad on a contact site asking for well endowed men to join us for a threesome. I had twelve men who were interested and sent full frontal photos with their emails. Chris didn't know I'd done this though I had done it before and we had met men through this method.

One of the men who responded sported a very thick 10" penis. I showed Chris as we lay in bed and she gasped as she saw the size of his cock. "Its so thick isn't it " she said. "Can't wait to wrap my fingers around that and to be fucked by him" she said.

I rang Paul the following morning and arranged for him to visit us the coming Saturday evening. He asked if he could bring a mate of his who was also well hung. I asked Chris and she agreed. At that time she hasn't had more than a threesome so was entering a new sphere.

Saturday came and Chris was excited at the thought of being fucked by three men (including me). Come 8 o'clock Saturday evening, the time I had arranged for Chris and his mate to call,didn't come quick enough but come it did. Chris wore a see through negligee and when I answered the door she stood in the centre of the lounge, her tits plain to see through the negligee. Chris gasped when he saw her standing there. " Jesus, your beautiful" he said. I suggested we go upstairs. Once in the bedroom she lay on the bed as Paul and his pal quickly undressed. She sighed as she saw their cocks for the first time. Both were semi hard and both very thick and long. I also undressed, my cock hard and erect. They lay on the bed alongside her and removed her negligee revealing her beautiful body, firm tits and lovely are. She didn't shave, but trimmed neatly around her cunt lips, a neat fair pubic hair. Paul said"pete , you are a lucky bastard" as he began to squeeze her breasts as Alan, his mate fingered her cunt. "Fucking hell she's so wet" Alan said as he slipped two fingers inside her. She in turn held both cocks, stroking them as they grew to full erection. I knelt alongside her head and she sucked my cock. She was groaning, her groans muffled by my cock in her mouth. She was groaning with the pleasure of her cunt being fingered, her clot being licked. Also her tits being caressed, her nipples being tweaked and sucked. She was now well worked up and more than ready to shag. "Mmm, lovely big cocks" she sighed as she stopped sucking mine and began sucking theirs in turn, having to open her mouth fully to take them. They were both moaning with pleasure as her tongue played with their sensitive knobs. I had already told Chris that they didn't need to use a Durex.

"Oh, come on, fuck me" she gasped as they caressed her body. I left the bed and sat on the bedside chair, my cock standing up hard and erect. Alan also moved away and stood alongside the bed. Chris kissed Paul passionately as he moved on top of her, his huge cock pointing towards her glistening cunt. She lowered her hand and guided his prick into the entrance of her cunt. I watched in awe as he slowly eased his 10" cock inside her. She winced as she felt his cock begin to stretch her cunt open. "Oh that's so big" she gasped as inch by inch his cock entered her. Although she had been fucked lots of times in the past his huge cock was difficult for her to take. She raised her legs higher and wider to help take him. "Fucking hell Alan, she's so tight" he groaned. Once comfortably inside her he began to fuck her, his buttocks beginning to move rhythmaticly as he began shagging her. She was gasping loudly, writhing beneath him. She reached across and held Alan's big cock as Paul pounded his cock into her cunt. "Fuck me from behind" she said and Paul slowly withdrew his stiff prick and I positioned myself against the headboard and she knelt towards me, taking my cock in her mouth as she prepared to take Paul's cock once again. She held Alan's thick cock as Paul knelt behind her, guiding his knob inside her cunt for the second time. He held her hips and drew her onto his 10" cock making her groan as she took it. Again her groans muffled by my cock in her mouth. "Fucking hell, it feels even bigger this way" she moaned. As he thrust into her her mouth took more of my cock. I knew I couldn't hold back much longer as she told him to squeeze her tits. She likes that when being fucked from behind. Paul was thrusting harder and faster now, her mouth moving along the length of my stiff prick. "Christ I'm coming " he cried as he rammed 10" of cock inside her. Then he threw his head back and pulled her onto his cock as he pumped a load of spunk inside her. I placed my hand on the back of her head keeping her mouth over my cock as I too pumped my spunk into her mouth. Paul withdrew his now flaccid cock and she rolled onto her back and I sat back onto the chair. Now Alan was more then ready to shag her and he moved above her and eased another 10" of cock up inside her very wet cunt. "Oh my God that's so good" she cried as she took his length up her cunt.

My cock was growing hard again, turned on by what I was watching. I was going to fuck her when Alan finished. She was climaxing heavily as she felt her cunt being fucked by Alan's massive prick. Paul was urging Alan to fuck her harder. Then Alan groaned that he was coming and soon pumped another load inside her cunt. My spunk dribbled from her mouth as Alan finished fucking her.

When he lifted himself from her I looked between her open legs and saw the spunk dribbling down from her cunt between the cheeks of her bottom. She has had anal in the past but both Paul and Alan were to big for her to even consider it. I then climbed on top of her and rammed my 7" cock inside her. It slid easily into her cunt as it was so well lubricated with her sex juices and Paul and Alan's spunk. She climaxed beneath me once again. When I finished Paul took my place making her cry out loudly as he fucked hard again. Alan was wanking himself off waiting for Paul to finish. She lay there totally spent, taking Paul's cock again. When he finished Alan fucked her again, she groaned and said "no more please, I can't fuck anymore, its been so good". Alan came again and collapsed beside her. Paul said it had been so good and would love to meet up again. Alan endorsed that and after cleaning up they left.

Chris lay there like a rag doll, her head on my shoulder and told me that it had been so good but her cunt was really tender. We showered before going to sleep. In the morning I asked her how she felt and she said sore!!