Written by Alan

9 Mar 2012

I've been married to my wife for 15 years now, and although its not been a marriage made in heaven its been ok. Our sex life was never amazing but ok but now things have taken a strange twist that i never thought they would.

Julie is 5ft8 and a curvy size 16 with 38c boobs, long straight shoulder length brunette hair and she looks good with a very flirty personality.

Anyway, recently we'd been going through a tough patch arguing and not getting on and we'd go for weeks without touching each other and then we'd end up just having sex. I thought that she had been having an affair with a neighbour which she denied and this was the cause of our arguments.

Anyway recently, we'd been getting on much better and our sex life had improved also.

Julie has never really been very broadminded, and our sex life was very uneventful, generally the sex was over very quick with a bit of oral if i was lucky.

Well lately, she has been sucking me off more, and she has let me lick her pussy more and even finger her arse with lube....this is more than we have ever done. Well one day while we were fucking she said come over here and let me get on top of you and have a 69 so we did and while i was licking her and she was sucking me, i slipped a vibrator up her pussy and fucked her with it while i licked her clit and she came within minutes.

She then jumped on my cock and pushed the dildo in my mouth saying it should be a real one....this really turned me on because its always been a fantasy of mine to suck a guys cock! I turned to her and said that she should have one in her mouth too while i fuck her!

Well this went on until one night in bed she was sucking me off and i said to her that someone should be behind her ramming his cock in to her whils she sucks me and i can watch him fuck her......and she said i'd love that!!

Well this is when it started, she asked me who i knew for a threesome....and i said i didnt know anyone, maybe we'd have to go to a swinging party?? She agreed and so the swinging started.

We went to a swinging party on a thursday night when it was a couples only night. We watched for a while and then got chatting to people and then the fun started with people fucking everywhere. I started kissing julie and felt her soaking wet pussy and i knew she wanted some fun. We went into the 'orgy room' and watched as the swinging went on....i was so horny and i wanted someone to fuck julie.

I got her to lay down on the huge bed where there was some space and i started to lick her soaking pussy and before long a guy moved over and started to squeeze her boobs and kiss her....so i grabbed her hand and put it on his cock and she started to wank his big hard cock off.

I stopped licking her and crawled up her body and slid my hard cock into her pussy and kissed her and siad to her that i'd love to see her suck him off and within seconds she had his cock in her mouth....i nearly came immediately, it was so horny to watch my wife suck another mans cock.

After a while i pulled out and asked her if she wanted to fuck with him and she nodded so i told the guy to fuck her. Oh my god....it was the sexiest, dirtyist thing i've ever seen when his cock nudged against her lips and then slipped in to my wifes pussy! She screamed as it filled her up and then she begged him to screw her which he did....hard!

The guy got close to cumming and julie looked at me and i said to her, let him come inside you and she looked at me with pure lust. She looked at him fucking her and told him to fill her with his cream and he did....loads of it!!

He pulled out and i looked at his sperm running out of her, it was such a horny sight and immediatley i slid my cock into her and started fucking her while she rubbed her clit....we came in seconds and i added my sperm to his as julie came with a scream!!

We thanked him and off he went having some more fun, we never even got his name!! and we went home and fucked again.

Our sex life is now amazing, we are getting on fantastically well and we are planning our next trip to a swinging party.

I have to say that it is the sexiest thing ever to watch your wife suck and fuck another guy....you have to do it!!