Written by Lucky Jim

9 Jul 2008

I love watching her get dressed in the mornings. 5’ 9” and slim, she always goes to work looking immaculate and very businesslike, but in my opinion, sexy as hell too. She works in a Mercedes car sales showroom, and so nearly always wears a suit. Today she had chosen a nice navy blue skirt suit. And today I was off work and so had the chance to lay in bed watching her get ready for work.

She came in to the bedroom after her shower and the first thing she put on was a pair of sheer tights, as usual, she didn’t wear knickers with her tights. Sometimes if it’s a particularly hot day she won’t wear tights and quite often, if her skirt is tight, to avoid VPL she still leaves her knickers off and goes completely commando. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a turn on that is for me, and she .

My dick was beginning to harden as I watched her pull her slim pencil skirt on which was just tight enough to look sexy but still quite businesslike. Her shoes were black patent courts with a 3 ½ inch heel which she stepped in to as she was fastening her skirt. Next her blouse; she took a crisp white cotton shirt which she wore with cufflinks out of the wardrobe and put it on. Today she had decided to go braless and she pulled the shirt across her perfect tits and fastened the buttons. By now I was rock hard and gently wanking myself off as I watched her. She stood in front of me putting her cufflinks on and I saw that without her jacket on, the darkness of her nipples was clearly visible through the thin fabric. She experimented with how many buttons to leave undone and I goaded her to undo one more. I was pleased with her decision.

So there she was, ready for work, in her navy-blue skirt and crisp white shirt, every inch the business woman yet also looking like a sex goddess. I couldn’t help wonder what the lads she worked with thought of her, and I wondered whether any of them had guessed that she usually didn’t wear knickers. Surely the total lack of VPL must have had them talking. I’m certain it would in our office, and surely they would have noticed her tits on the days she went braless.

I love the thought of the men she works with having the hots for her and I never complain about her going to work looking so sexy, although some of my mates say I’m mad.

If only I was lucky enough to have a woman like her working in my place I’d be a very happy man.