Written by Vic

21 Jan 2016

We live out in the country so my wife baring her breasts is no big deal. She will also sometimes lift her skirt when we are home alone to reveal she has no panties. I instantly end up fucking her.

We are completely straight but we have a great sex life and had never even discussed doing other people.

It was quite an erotic surprise 3 years ago when during a few days in Nice, we met and slept with a couple that we met at a bar.

The look on her face when the other guy came in her was so erotic, but not as memorable as when his wife went down on her sucking her husband’s cum out of her pussy and giving my wife her first girlie experience.

My wife’s whole body was trembling, her legs in the air shaking as she came on the woman’s face.

Now this did not result in us taking other people to bed on a regular basis or turn my wife into a “slutwife”, but it did put a new wrinkle in our sex life.

We have had a few experiences with other couples since and once with a single man that we secretly taped for our own pleasure. We replay that together and I love to play it when I am home by myself as well.

The bottom line is that I love watching other people have sex with my wife and my wife loves cumming with other people.