Written by SuzNik

25 Nov 2013

First let me tell you I am totally in love with my wife Sue, I always have been. We've been together for 10 years and I think she looks better with every day. She has a beautiful, innocent face with large brown eyes and long dark red curly hair. She hates her body (what woman doesn't) but I love it. She’s just 5ft 2, size 12, with 44d boobs and a lovely curvy arse. Like most people she’s shy around new people but our friends would probably say she’s full of fun and will join in most things for a laugh. She’s also never been shy about showing off her cleavage and is very proud of her boobs. Most of my friends like covertly looking at her breasts. I’ve caught most of them doing it at one time or another.

That’s not to say that she’s always flashing her boobs. She’s not in fact she doesn't even go topless on holiday as much as I tell her that she should. My oldest friend John had often discussed Sue’s boobs with me when he was drunk so I knew he’d been looking. Sue likes John and is comfortable in his company. He split up from his wife about five years ago and we've sort of looked after him a bit since then. Cooking him dinner now and again or I’ll go for a beer with him so he’s not on his own. It was after one such night that it all started.

John and I had been to our local for a few beers. Because he has no one to go home to John usually comes back to our house and we’ll have another beer or two, Sometimes he even stays over and goes home the next day. Sometime Sue is up sometimes she’s in bed. This night she was up.

She was sat reading with a glass of wine when we in. I noticed the bottle beside her was pretty much empty. She was looking relaxed in a pair of jeans and a slouchy t-shirt. I opened some beers for me and John and opened a fresh bottle for Sue. For the life of me I can’t remember who it was who suggested playing Trivial Pursuit. But it was John who suggested having to take a drink each time you got a question wrong. As you can imagine the more we got wrong the less likely we were to get anything right. Eventually Sue said,

“Enough booze can we play for something else?” We decided after a little talk that you could do a dare or take a drink. Funnily enough it was John who got the next question wrong.

“Go on you can pick a dare for him” I said to Sue.

“Mmm...I think a dare should be something that you really don’t want to do. So...I think you two should kiss.” As we looked at each other horror Sue dissolved into fits of giggles. John looked at me and looked at me then he hugged me and pushed his firmly closed lips against mine while I struggled. It was far from passionate.

“You are so gonna pay for that” said John.

I took a drink on my turn then it was Sue’s turn and when she finally got her question wrong John was gagging to give her a dare but Sue said I had to give the first dare.

“Give your bra to John without leaving the room” I said

“OK” she said. She rummaged around with her arms inside her t-shirt. It took her a few moments but then her bra dropped out of the bottom of her t-shirt and she pushed her arms back through her sleeves. She picked up the bra, still warm from her body and handed it to John as her tits jiggled against her thin material.

That seemed to up the ante and Sue wanted to get even. So when John got the next question wrong she said.

“Ok I gave you my underwear now I want yours....Both of you and Oh yeah you can’t leave the room.”

With that she sat back and watched us. Really it was my decision. John wasn't going to back off. He wanted to carry on giving Sue dare’s but if I stopped things now by not joining in it would all be over. But I was to involved now. I wanted to see just how far things would go. So I stood up pulled off my shoes and socks then I quickly stripped off my Jeans and finally my boxers and then threw them at Sue.

“There you go babe” I said.

“Well that’s one of you” she said looking at John and arching her eyebrow.

He responded by standing and stripping off his jeans and boxers. His large hairy cock bobbed into view and he threw his boxers at Sue. Neither of us bothered putting our jeans back on. We sat around the board with John and I naked from the waist down. My wife was actively looking from one cock to the other. I was wondering where this would go, just how far would she let it go and I'm sure John was just hoping it wouldn't end.

I got the next question wrong and Sue quickly claimed the right to give me the dare.

“Now what can I make you do?” she giggled. Then after a short pause she smiled and said

“Pull on Johns cock.” It was my turn to be horrified. Holding my mates dick was really something I did not want to do.

“Maybe I’ll take a drink instead of the dare” I said.

“Don’t bottle out on me” she said “If you’re not going to do your dares why should I do mine? I might as well go up to bed if your wussing out on me.”

I realised that the rest of the night was in my hands, so to speak. I had to swallow my inhibitions I or it was game over.

“I'm not wussing out on anyone” I said and with that I reached over and took Johns flaccid but still impressive dick in my hand.

He must have come to the same conclusion as me as he didn't protest. For those of you who have never held another man’s cock let me tell you it’s different than you might expect. It’s not like holding your own. Its warmer, firmer and much heavier than you’d think. I pulled his foreskin back and forth a few times while I watched Sue. I thought that she’d be in fits of laughter what she’d made us do, but she was just intently watching my hand on John’s shaft. I realised this was turning her on. I only pumped his dick for a few seconds and unbelievably I felt him start to harden in my hand. Confused as to what I should do I dropped his cock and looking at Sue I said,

“Your turn.”

“Oh you mean with the dice” she smiled “I thought you meant with Johns willy”

“Well if you’re offering?” said John, chancing his arm.

“I’ll make do with the dice if that’s ok” she said with a wink.

I thought she would never get one wrong but of course eventually she did and there was no getting away from the fact it was John’s dare, but what would he as for? I think he was unsure how far she would go at this point and so he ked for her t-shirt. It was still a big step though. After all so far she’d shown nothing and now she would have to expose her breasts to my friend or end the game. In the end whether it was the booze, bravado or just that she was as horny as we were she took hold of the hem of her top and pulled it over her head in one swift movement. As she sat there with her tits on show she handed her t-shirt over to John and then relaxed back with her wine. It was like she got her breasts out for my mates every day. His cock was clearly swelling when he got the next question wrong. Before Sue could come up with a dare I told her I had one and she agreed I should give it.

“Suck on one of Sue’s nipples” I said and it was Sue’s turn to look shocked.

I think that she was expecting something like this from John but not from me. She recovered quickly though. She looked at me and then at John and held up one of her breast. He quickly took the hint and bent forward then without hesitation his mouth closed over her nipple. His eyes closed as he enjoyed the feeling of my wife’s stiff nipple on his tongue. Sue’s eyes however were wide open and looking right at me. She was smiling at me as my friend sucked her tit. Eventually she said,

“That’s enough.”

When he lent back from her the nipple he had been sucking on was clearly standing proud as was his cock. He now had a full and very obvious hard on. It was my turn next and when I got my question wrong John insisted on returning the favour

“Suck on her other tit” he said.

Johns usually a pretty respectful guy and it sounded strange hearing him refer to my wife’s breast as a “tit”. It didn't seem to bother her though and I dutifully obliged. I’ve sucked Sue’s tits hundreds probably thousands of times but this was the first time I’d ever done it with someone watching. When I pulled back I noticed that Sue was looking at John. I glanced at him and he was stroking his dick and I realised Sue had been watching him do this as I’d licked her nipple. It was Sue’s turn next but she said,

“Shall we just say I got my question wrong?”

“Sounds good to me” I said, “what’s her dare John?” Again he didn’t hesitate,

“It’s time that you took your underwear off” he said “without leaving the room of course”

Sue stood up perhaps a unsteady from the booze and undid her jeans. They were quite loose fitting and with just gravity’s help they fell to her knees and she daintily stepped out of them. She stood in front of us in just her panties then she turned so her back was facing us and pulled down her panties and beautiful curvy arse was suddenly naked in front of us. She stepped out of her underwear and held them in her fingertips while we took in her naked form from the rear. Then slowly and very deliberately she turned to face us and John saw my shy wife completely naked. She usually shaves her pussy but she can’t have been expecting this to happen as there was a couple of day’s worth of stubble covering her pubic mound. I heard a low murmur of approval from John followed by him just quietly saying,

“Very Nice”

“Glad you approve” she said

“Your turn” and she handed him the dice.

She knelt back down by the board totally exposed to John's gaze. It took me a moment or two to realise what this meant. She was naked. There was nothing we could ask her to take off, anything else we asked of her would mean her doing something for us or to us and when she handed John the dice instead of finishing the game she was telling us she was happy to do it.

It took no time for John to get the next question wrong and it was Sue’s turn to dare.

“Well” she said “my hubby felt your cock I think it’s only fair that you feel his.”

I really didn't want John feeling my dick but I didn't want this to stop either. So I opened my lets and He reached across and took hold of my manhood. The difference was he had been flaccid but I was rock hard. The worst thing is I can’t say it was unpleasant. It actually felt quite nice as he pulled my foreskin up and down, exposing my swollen knob end with each tug. Sue watched intently obviously turned on by seeing men touch one another or by the power she had over us or perhaps both.

It was my turn next and I was terrified if I got a question wrong my dare from sue would be to suck John’s dick. I'm not sure what I would have done. However Sue’s dare to me was to walk to the end of our front garden path and back naked. I took my shirt off and got to the front door while John and Sue watched me from the front window. I looked left and right it looked clear so I walked slowly to the end of the path, waved to the two of them and started walking back. It was only as I was walking back that I saw the red glow of a cigarette at our neighbour’s side door. Whoever was there had seen everything that I’d just done. I risked a glance as I re-entered the house and realised that I would have some explaining to do the next time I bumped into our neighbour, Jayne.

I knew it was Sue to go next and I was ready to push things as far as I dared. So when she got her question wrong (I don’t think she even tried) I was all ready with my dare.

“I think you should suck mine and John’s cocks at the same time” I said. She looked at me and replied,

“Are you sure you’d like that?”

“It would be hot if you feel you could do it” I said.

Then she looked at John and asked,

“What about you John you wouldn't be embarrassed or anything would you?”

“I’d love it” he said

“I bet you would” she replied.

Then she took a heroic swig of her drink and said,

“Ok come here.”

She knelt up and we stood in front of her with our dicks pointed at her face. She reached up and took a penis in each of her hands. She slowly masturbated both cocks while she took turns looking at each of them. Then she opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth. She’s always been a world class cocksucker but this was on another level. She was in no hurry to make me cum and teased my dick with her lips and tongue. Then she took me out of her mouth and continued pulling my foreskin back and forth while she looked at John’s big stiff cock. She pulled the skin on his penis right back and looked at the thick, purple, engorged head. Then she opened her mouth and took his penis into it. I watched as his cock slid in and out of my wife’s mouth, then as she licked the full length of his meaty shaft and even lapped at his ball sack.

She then rubbed the heads of both our cocks against one another and I could feel just how hard and hot his dick was. She opened her mouth as wide as she could then took the end of both our cocks into her mouth at the same time. I could feel that her mouth was having to stretch to accommodate us and the feeling of rubbing my cock against another erect penis inside my wife’s mouth was turning me on almost more than I could bare. I warned her that she was going to make me cum and she released her grip on my cock. I couldn't pull away fast enough though and my cum spurted over her cheek, neck and even splashed over Johns thigh.

I took a step back and saw my sperm running down her chin and dripping over her tits as she continued sucking on John’s cock. I watched as my mate fucked my wife’s face. He held the back of her head and his hips trust his dick into my wife’s mouth and down her throat. I didn't think he could last long but I had to sit and watch him with his meat in Sue’s mouth for a good 5 or so minutes. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. My wife was being used like a cheap whore by a man I called my friend and she appeared to be enjoying it. Finally I saw his speed increase and his buttocks clenched, he grunted and emptied his seed into my wife’s mouth.

She has swallowed my cum on a good many occasions with no problem but John is a smoker and I'm not and the taste of his spunk in her mouth compounded by the booze that she had drank was to much for her and she had to run to the bathroom. She didn't throw up (she told me later) she managed to keep his semen inside her but she felt poorly and went on to bed following a couple of minutes in the bathroom.

John didn't really know what to say. He’d just emptied his balls into my wife’s mouth without asking and she’d ran from the room he was very apologetic and quickly dressed and left. Probably secretly very pleased with what he’d just done. I followed my wife to bed and cuddled into her. I fell asleep holding her close and reliving in my mind’s eye what had just happened. I was seeing another man’s cock slipping in and out of her mouth and honestly the only thing I would have changed was I so wished I’d seen him fuck her.