Written by Cuckold husband

3 Aug 2011

Some back story to begin with, and I will be brief. Married for 5 years, together for 11, but nearly three years ago I told her of my fantasy to watch her fuck other men.

Our sex life was good prior to that day, but has just got better and better ever since. It is now beyond my wildest expectations.

We talked for many months about this fantasy and she got more and more turned on by the whole threesome, foursome aspect. Then one night, whilst webcamming here on SH, we invited a guy to join us for real in a local hotel.

That was 2 years ago.

We are not hardned swingers, largely the fault, of work, kids and simple lack of time to organise real meets.

Since that first fantastic time, we have had two foursomes where my wife has experienced the thrill of FF.

That is very erotic, watching your wife with another woman. The most recent encounter saw the other woman suck my cock so well, that I was ready to cum. I shot my load into my wife's waiting mouth, who loves swallowing my cum. To my complete surprise, the other wife was straight on my wife and took the load in her own mouth. Something i had seen on porn and only dreamed of.

What is better, is that we are meeting them again in week, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

However this story is all about what will happen tomorrow afternoon.

We have arranged to meet a single guy (29), for some fun in a hotel. My wife is beautiful, and has huge 36JJ tits. She is 45 and will dress to impress.

I can't put into words, how excited I am that this relative stranger will knock on our bedroom door tomorrow, and within 20 mins after some small talk, he will be making out with my wife.

What's more, I get to video the whole thing.

We recently watched a porn video, where a wife and husband are being interviewed on a sofa about the wife being fucked in front of the hubby (yes it is all staged, but it makes for a sext scenario). The stud enters the room, makes out with the wife and the two end up naked. The wife's head resting on her fully dressed hubby's lap, whilst this big cock fucks her.

We both find it very exciting, and we will be making our own version of that video tomorrow.

My wife will be sitting between me and this guy, I shall call him Mark.

We will make some small chat and I will break the ice, by saying to my wife,

"Would you like to kiss him?"

She won't need asking twice. The video camera will already be rolling and pointed at the three of us. I will sit next to her and watch as she turns fully dressed to Mark. He will respond and start kissing her. My cock will get harder as they start to grope each other and rub eachother, before one of them gets the courage to slip a hand under the clothes.

At some point I will grab the video camera to shoot better angles, as the fun continues.

I am so looking forward to that expression on her face when Mark first touches her nipples, her clit. When his fingers slide up her fanny.

The look on her face when she first feels his cock and gets to see it. We have seen his personal pics of him naked and his cock is much larger than mine. I think I have a big cock at 6 or 7 inches. (never measured it!), but his is much longer, probably the same girth.

She will want to drop her mouth straight onto his knob and start sucking. She is ace at cock sucking and gets better every day. Then she will want some pussy licking.

Then I will wait for her to say to him

"I want you to fuck me"

She'll lie on her back and open her greedy legs, whilst he slips on a condom.

She cums really easily, so even by this stage she would have already cum a couple of times. She'll cum again within minutes of him fucking her.

I will be filming the whole thing, and will watch as he fucks her in every possible position. She will love it, as he will have a bigger cock than me. He will be harder than me at some 12 years my junior, and when he comes he won't go soft. He will be able to carry on fucking, just like I use to be able to do, when I was in my early 30's. Nowaday I need to have a breather before my cock will get stiff again.

So he will be able to fuck her solidly for an hour or two making her cum every five minutes.

She reserves cum in her mouth for me, but will want this young stud to cum over her tits or her belly.

At some point, she will want two cocks. She loves a spitroast. She makes her feel really dirty. So she will ask to suck my cock while his bigger cock fucks her.

She is also quite verbal, so we will have lots of dirty chat throughout.

I love it when she starts to taunt me. She turns me on. She'll say things like

"His cock is so much bigger..."

"He knows how to fuck me properly.."

"I wish he could fuck me every night..."

Part of it is true. What woman wouldn't want a randy big hard cock every night? I don't blame her.

After a couple of hours, it will be time to get home. The whole thing starts at 3pm, so we will probably be back at home by 6pm. She will have his cum over her tits or arse. She will have my cum in her belly.

As soon as we get home, she is due out on a girls night out. So she get ready quickly and go out with the other respectable mums. None will know what a dirty slut she has just been, and that will turn her on greatly.

I will then get dirty texts all night.

She'll tease me again with things like

"I want you to shag me as hard as Mark did..."

"You can fuck me tonight, but I'll be thinking of Mark..."

Then when she gets home, we will have some wild sex. My little cock would have recovered and I will fuck her senseless again.

So that is tomorrow afternoon and i just can't wait to watch him pounding my wife.

Then the following week we are meeting up with another couple. The same couple whose wife took my cum out of my wife's mouth.

I can't wait for that either. Watching another man fuck my wife bent over an armchair, as I fuck his wife up against a wall.

Then we are away on hols and nothing for a couple of weeks, so our next encounter will be in September. My wife wants to do some dogging next.

Oh what a wonderfull life....