Written by Rambo6

21 Mar 2018

Hazving been a member on here for the last 6 months and enjoyed reading the tales and stories other people have written, I have decided to relate how I saw my wife take her first different cock..

My name is Clive and I am married to Lynda, I'm 42 and lynda is 7 years younger ( do the maths, she's 35) and have been married for15 years, normal family boy and girl. We have a energetic sex life, well as energetic as two kids allow you, once or twice a week. Lynda is 5-9", size 10 short cropped black hair, with green eyes, nice long shapely legs, with a pair of 38C tits, and up for a laugh. She works as a Secretary at a Major Distribution Company. I've often thought I would love to see another man fuck her, I guess most men have that thought sometime or other, however in my case it wouldn't go away. have mentioned it a few times to Lynda,in a joky manner during our sessions when the kids are away at Grans, I usually get caslled a dirty pervert by Lynda, as i said this thought kept nagging away at me. Anyway after one of our sessions i said to her, " You know, I'd love to see you ride another mans cock, bareback. " She lay there and looking up at me said, " You'r determined aren't you, your not going to give up, with it are, yer ?" I said,, " No, I'm not " and that was when she dropped the bombshell and said, " We'll have to see about it then, wont we ". I got an instant hard on and pulling her over onto her tummy, spread her legs a fucked her good and hard doggie style. After I had exploded up her, and we lay gathering our breath, she said, " Ermm, it really turns you on, doesn't it " I said " wshat ?2 she replied " wanting to see another man fuck me " I said, " Truthfully, yes it does " and that was it, end of matter. Until 6 months down the line.

We were sat at home one Saturday evening, when the phone rang, I answered it and a very familiar sounding voice said, " Hi mate, hows things ?" I held the phone and tried to place the voice, suddenly it clicked, " Bloody hell, Dave, what you doing ringing us ". It was Dave my best man from when we got married, I hadn't seen or heard from him since the day after our wedding. " How are you, what you doing, what you upto ?" and other questions ran through my head. He said, " Hope you and Lynda don't mind, but I'm on transit leave, got 7 days, so decided to come over to U K and catch up with people ". " BrillBrilliant " I said, " what you doing these days ",It all went quite and then he replied, " Don't laugh, I'm in the French Foreign Legion, have done 10 years now. " " Oh, thast superb, how about coming out for a drink and a meal with me and Lynda one night and back her for a catch up " " Sounds excellent, Wednesday o.k. ?" Sure I said, " You staying at your mums, " Yeah " replied, " Right pick you up abou 6.30, o.k ? " " Sure " he said, " O.k, see you then, then " and put the phone back.. I looked at Lynda and said, " You'll never guess who that was ? " " Go on " she said, " Tell me ". " That was Dave, our best man remember him " I suddenly saw a little pulse in her kneck start to beat faster and I'm sure she started to blush, " Oh my god, yes I do remember him, he was the tall dark haired, rather attractive looking one oy you three, that's him isn't it ? " " Yeah, the one you fancied like mad, but he wasn't interested, lol ", " No I didn't just thought he was the most charming of you three , what's he upto ?" " Well all those stories I heard about him are true, he's in the French Foreign Legion and is home at his mums on a weeks leave, we're meeting him on Wednesday for a meal, a few drinks and the back to here for a good old remaniss and chat about old times, o.k with you ? " " Fine " she said.

I'll leave this for now, as have got no more spare time at the moment, but will be back to finish it off in the next day or so.