Written by Steve

28 Jul 2012

I'm working away from home at the moment so tonight had to book into a cheap and cheerful place down south.

Anyway after checking in I as you do fancied a pint so I asked the bloke on the desk where I could go and he said look accross the car park and there was a boozer within walking distance so I didn't have to drive.

I walked over and had a few with some grub before thinking as I was on my own I should head back.

I walked back the same way however when I got into the hotel car park there was I could see a car near my shortcut with some men around.

I had heard of dogging spots before and so after looking around wandered over to the car to have a look.

One bloke moved over so I could get a better look. There was a I would think a middle aged bird in the back seat, blonde haired being stripped by a couple of younng blokes.

They had her down to her dark stockings and were playing with her fanny and she was by the sound of it loving every touch.

All at once the car door opened and they pulled her out and said to the guy in the front seat who I took to be her husband if they could take her over to some picnic tables across the park.

After getting his permission they marched her over wearing only the dark nylons and shoes to the tables.

I followed and could see the two guys lift her up and push her onto the table. What followed was the most exciting thing you would ever see with her being fucked by these two young guys and loving it stripped down to her stockings and shoes.