Written by Kelly

26 Jun 2009

Hi all , Kelly here again. Well well what an amount of comments i got from everyone from my last story i posted & all were very nice/horny esp from Liz . I explained in my last story i have always been quite tame with my pissing stories as there are some people who are just not into that but what the fuck i may as well deliver my worst or rather my best . If i\'m being honest i have been pissing myself for years , it all started when i was a hormone driven 13 year old girl but was a very mature looking 13 & my father always described me as \'jailbait\' as did everyone who knew me. I had a very nice body even at that age so wore tight clothing even then .

One day when i was walking along the beach not far from my house i had the most strong doze of the horn & thought to myself \'i wonder what it would feel like to piss my hotpants\' i looked around to make sure no one was about & started pissing . I felt so horny while the piss & heat of it spread round my pussy & ass then down my long legs that i felt my legs were going to go from underneath me it blew my mind & i dont know what made me want to do it because it was not as if i had been raiding my parents drawers for porno\'s or anything it was just a horny urge that came over me & i was hooked & have been doing it ever since so with reading that you all can probably imagine what my dirtiest story is & mmm i\'m so looking forward to telling you all.

One day H was called out to work on his day off so i was sitting all on my own at home wondering what to do so i had one my \'lazy days\' - strolling about in my bra & lacey boxers , dildo in & out of my cunt , porno\'s etc , but knowing how pissed off H was at being called into work on his day off i decided i would do something nice/horny to cheer him up when he got in so i began , ran a nice bath , got my waxing strips out got showered & all dolled up then rubbed baby oil all over my skin & slipped into my black p.v.c. dress. So with my body in tight black p.v.c., leather thigh length boots , hair gelled/tied right back in a bobble , thick eye liner & red lipstick - a slut in otherwords i was all ready for a night of excitement. Not long after i got ready H pulled up & i seen him walking down path from our bedroom window so i went through to our bathroom & jumped into the bath , i heard H coming in & once he realised i was\'nt downstairs he said \'Kelly i\'m home are you in\' not responding i then heard him making his way upstairs & into our room he was undressing & puting his clothes in the washing basket then came through to the bathroom to shower as i knew he would , only he got a very pleasant surprise when he pulled back the shower curtain i was on my knees looking at him filthy while my tongue was out , he smiled & said \'mmm you dirty bitch \' & i replied \'i\'m feeling a little thirsty & thought you would maybe like to give me a drink\'. Getting more horny & harder than he was before he then stepped in the bath & shoved his cock right in my mouth , i was really enjoying the feeling of his cock but wanted it deeper so took it right down my throat i gagged as he is quite big he was fucking my face & then said \'aww baby are you ready for a mouthfull\' i told him to wait as i would prefer a full bladder so he lay down in the bath while i squated over his cock & just let go of the strongest stream of piss on it. He was moaning & saying all kinds of filth so i then moved up & my hot piss hit his chest he was wanking an already piss covered cock & saying \'in my mouth you filthy slut\' so i then moved forward & then back at the last minute just teasing him a little but he was so horny & got so impatient that he just grabbed my tight butt & forced my pussy down on his face so i pissed on his face & in his mouth as he was flicking my clit vigarously with his tongue , as he was getting a golden shower i came over his face as well mmm what a rush went through my body, my legs were shaking.

He then got up grabbed my hair `back on your knees slut` & he put his dick back in my mouth not all the way about half the way & let his piss flow it really hit the back of my throat with a lot of force a lot more than usual but i took & drank most of it unfortunetly there was not as much as i hoped but still enough to keep me happy. I then blew him off in shower like a total slut, there i was on my knees with my big boots & pvc dress on covered in piss while sucking , wanking & spitting on his big cock. As you can imagine this didnt last long before i felt his cock twitch & start firing a big load of hot cum all over my face , hair & pvc dress , my god there was loads he was really needing that. He then came down onto his knees to my level to give me a spunky kiss so while kissing i grabbed his hair & pushed him down telling him to lick up more spunk & piss off me which he did then spat it into my mouth during an intense kiss . Well that set me off again cumming without even touching my pussy it was just so dirty. We then showered, went through to bed & fucked most of the night getting off again & again on what we`d just done,i could barely walk the next day but had a big smile on my face all day.

I really enjoy writing these stories so before i go i cant close without telling you what happened the next night , i must add that everything i write is genuine i mean why write fantasy when you can have all this fun for real with your partner right ?

The next night we had been out for a couple of drinks & a couple of games of pool & as usual while bending over the pool table with virtually nothing on H was being a dirty boy & rubbing his cock. I knew he was really horny as i hadnt washed my pussy after a quicky we`d had earlier so i had that familier scent wafting from my pussy , this really gets H rock fucking hard the dirty fucker that he is.

When we left which was almost at closing time i was carrying on a bit bending over & saying \'uh H i need to tie my shoe laces\' i was waring boots :), but just wanted to flash my gash as i never wear knickers & torment him a bit . We then walked round the corner when his strong hands just grabbed me his hardon pressing against my ass then i started feeling this wet patch he was pising against my ass & i was so horny that i started pissing as well , this was just off the high street so felt really daring. He then bent me over & rammed his dick deep inside my cunt , i continued pissing as he was doing me & he emptied the rest of his piss up me before firing yet another load of cum up my tight cunt , it was a very quick fuck but a good & horny one. We then walked home with his piss & cum running out of me oh how i love being a dirty slut. Once in the house we had another good/filthy night , one of my very very favourites but keep reading as there are plenty more & i will write again soon , Kelly . X