Written by jenny

15 Jun 2007

The feeling of a stranger fingering me as i sucked Mikes cock was amazing was i dreaming i had no idea that i would be soooo turned on grinning like a cheshire cat I moved back and forth on his fingers. I was all wet, sticky and gently moaning & Mike was about to explode just as i though he would cum he opened the driver window and invited the other guy currently watching and wanking to play with my boobs. Seeing another hand on my boob and he came with an amazing force i sucked every last drop.He stroked my hair and whispered how wonderful it would be to watch me enjoy myself too. I kissed him allowing him to taste his salty cum..... the guy fingering me invited me to come and play and the guy who had caressed my boobs was rock solid and begging me to finish him off......

I don't know what came over me but as Mike gave me a gentle push I unlocked the door and got out the car and lay over the bonnet. The young guy who had been so patient fingering me whilst i gave mike his BJ told me he was called paul. In the light i saw he had an amazing cocka thick 9 inches. I laid over the bonnet and asked him to fuck me really hard... 'No rush baby' he said 'i want to taste you first' as he parted my thighs and buried his tongue deeply inside. I have never felt so god damn sexy. I gestured to the older the older guy who had been feeling my tits and wanking to come closer I grasped his cock with my hands and invited him to cum over my boobs my nipples where like bullets I was so aroused.

Mike had got out of the car and was standing watching with the biggest smile on his face I have ever seen! PAul stood up and thurst his cock straight into me as I let out the loudest moan feeling his full length twitching inside me. I so wanted Mike to be part of this so i grabbed his semi hard cock in one hand As i finished off the older guy with the other he came just after me and paul. With hot cum dripping all over my tits, not to mention from my pussy, we thanked the guys and left desperate for a shower. The memories of that night have fuelled some really hot sex between mike and I. His only regret ..... he didn't capture it on film but somehow i think he will get another chance as i recieved a text from paul today.