Written by kevm

2 Feb 2018

My wife enjoyed the two previous experiences and at that time she said she would be interested in trying a big black cock inside her but yhen after reading several letters on that subject we both went cold on the idea we did not like the treatment of the women by the men concerned and the things they seem to have saidto them and their menfolk frightened her and so we decided to tread the safer path and eventually arranged another meeting.

We looked at several contact magazines and my wife chose a guy in his mid 20s who seemed to fit the bill nicely. We exchanged pictures just facial to start with and then partly dressed and finally naked pictures. Brian was very complimentary about my wifes figure, her round bottom and firm breasts with lovely dark nipples we were impressed with his manhood. We started using the net to talk with each other andto do things that we each asked of the other. Brian wanted to see my wife playing with her sex toys and masterbating whilst my wife wanted to see him stroke himself to a full errection. The more contact that we had the more urgent became our need to make arrangements to meet. The distance between us was not too great and so we decided to meet at a local hotel in Portishead on the 26th January. My wife and I arrived mid afternoon and once in our room we called Brian and told him where we were and gave him our room number. All we had to do was wait for him, my wife was like a child at Christmas excited and nervous of what was to come. At one point I slipped my hand under her dress and felt between her legs, she was really wet all down the insides of her thighs. there would be no stopping her I was keen to undress and mount her but she wated to save herslf for Brian and I could have my turn afterwards. He arrived at 7.30 as arranged and we were all ready for him my wife wore a short white nylon dress no bra and her favourite lace black thong. Brian and I shook hand and then he moved over to my wife making all of the usual compliments as he took her into his arms and kissed he hard on the lips and she certainly responded with passion. I took a seat and sat back to watch the action. His hands wondered over her body feeling her breasts and running down her back and gently squeezing her bottom then inching the dress upwards and hold her bare cheeks in each hand. He pushed her away slightly and slipped her dress over her head onto the bed and the he stripp off to his very tight briefs. His mouth was on her nipples and his hand was feeling her mound underneath her thong she opened her legs for him and moaned as his fingers found her very wet and open lips and slid inside her. Briand pushed her backwards onto the bed and straighr away pulled her thong off her hips and down her legs. He decended onto her fanny and she pulled up her knees and opened her legs to give him complete access and he sucked and tongued her to her first climax. Now Brian stood back and slipped out of his pants to reveal the size and width of his cock to her. She sat up and then knelt in front of him holding his weapon and taking it deep into her mouth. He raised her to her feet and turned her to face the bed and told he to kneel on the end of it, she looked perfect and really ready for it. I watched as he moved up to her and rubbrd the end of engorged cock between her swollen fanny lips and slowly slid deep indiside her belly

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