Written by kevm

2 Feb 2018

to continue,

Brian slipped his big thick cock deep into my wife and lay still his arms and shoulder pinning her legs wide open and onto her chest I could see his large heavy balls hanging down against he bottom and then he began his long withdrawl almost all of the way out of her open fanny and then start the long slow thrust deep back inside her. I could hear my wife whimpering and moaning with pleasure at each stroke that grew stronger and faster as he rode her to another climax. They changed position and she was again kneeling on the bed her bottom high in the air legs widw open and chest pressed into the bed. My view was perfect and my rigid cock wanted to enter her but Brian claimed her again pressing 2 and the 3 fingers deep into her, fucking her with his fingers, she gave a sudden jerk with a sharp intake of breath as he inserted a thumb into rear passage as he continued to finger her, she started to ride his hands jerking her hips as if she was trying for more depth and she climaxed yet again she flopped flat on her belly on the bed. He was not finised he wanted more he wanted his cock deep in her again but this time with urgency flipping her over onto her back he opened her legs and burried his head deep into her groin and began to suck, lick and tongue her and he sucked her as she came into his mouth it was really fantastic to see these two animals going at it as the end of the world was at hand. He move up her body and drove his lovely wet cock deep into her again and fucked her long and hard fast and faster until with deep final thust he shot his juice deep into her ad she went rigid in her climax.

They lay together for a while just kissing and foldling each other I could see his cock thickening and lengthening and I knew my wife wanted it again and so I had to wait my turn once again as I watched Brian take her in different positions bringing her to more pleasure and climaxes. It was really wonderful to see.

After Brian has left us I lay with my wife I could not enjoy her body at that point because she said that she felt sore and very satisfied. After bring me to a really hard exposive climax we fell asleep naked and happy. We have arranged to meet Brian again soon.