Written by Julian

30 May 2016

We watch this site and we feel we are so lucky that we are open minded and get to do some of the things we read about here.

I talked and coerced my wife for a long time before she took the big step. She was always keen but nervous.

We used a dildo to simulate the action of 2 cocks and she enjoyed it immensely. Now we have done the real thing we hardly ever do that.

When my wife took the big step I let her make the choice of the second male. I think that is natural. She had eventually said she may do it if the right man came along.

We met a salesman at a trade show and got on well with him. We went to his hotel and played for about 5 hours. We did her twice together and then he had her solo as I looked on before we came home. We never saw him again as he was from another city.

Since then we have enjoyed different partners. We made the mistake of bringing someone home and although it all went well, he knew where we lived and used to visit too often and could not see why we didn’t want him all the time. We had to end that and that was sad as apart from his demands he was good and caring.

We also now never sleep the whole night with someone else. One night we were with a guy and had had a really good threesome. Fair to say one of the best, he was good and knew how to treat and pleasure a woman. We went to sleep and I woke up to him fucking Sarah my wife, from behind. I never worried and enjoyed just lying there listening to her gasp and eventually cum.

What I didn’t know until next day is that she had woken up after he had entered her. She thought he had a condom on as before. She became aware of no condom only after he had finished fucking her and pulled out. She felt all his cum ran out of her. She said nothing until we got home.

When we woke in the morning she went to the bathroom and cleaned up before we both had her one after the other. He wore a condom this time so I still suspected nothing. It was a wake up for both of us. It was a cheap trick and we never saw him again.

Saying that she admitted that she let him do her again in the morning because he was so good. Even with good plans in place, lust takes over. We actually got tested after that and got the all clear.

So now we always make the extra guy wear a condom. It would be nice to let some cum in her but we don't do it often enough with one person to trust them.

I am the only one to do her anally. She is more comfortable with that. I fit her just nicely and no partner has had a problem with it.

What we like to do is go to a hotel with a guy. We have a threesome and then she will want to clean up. I cum freely in her arse and it runs out for quite a while and makes further play messy. She encourages the guy to shower with her. I lie in bed and listen. They have fun in the shower. They often finger her and bring her off. When they get out I have a shower and then when I return to the bedroom the guy has usually started fucking her again. I love to watch them.

When they have finished I may fuck her again. We will then leave and go home.

Over the last 2 years we have met a guy called Ray about 6 times. We never set out to find someone with a big cock but they are out there. Ray is huge. She took some effort to take his size. I never fuck after he has as her cunt is stretched and gapping. We go home and I have her in the morning. Everything is back to normal with no lasting effects.

She would not want him all the time as he is big. But when the mood is right and that happens after the arrangements are made for the meeting. After the first time we have made sure she is well lubed and ready. I have fucked her first wearing a rubber and then he takes over. Once he has had her once she can accommodate him again without worry. Also Ray is very gentle and takes his time.

Since we included others, Sarah has become more liberated and outgoing. She has had some piercings and a tattoo done. The tat is just above her pussy and it is my name. She even enjoyed having the tattoo done as she had to sit exposed to the guy doing the tat. She was horny but sore when we got home so I had to fuck her doggy so as not to touch her tender area.

She had to go back to see the tattooist when she had healed for him to inspect his handy work. Well he asked her too, who wouldn’t. I went with her again. She was very proud and happy with the result. When he looked at her pussy you could see her getting hot and horny. It got wet and juicy. He asked if he could put one of his fingers in and before she could answer I told him to go ahead. He did, then another and brought her off. He then licked her and she came again. No fucking though.

We have no intention of stopping and look forward to other encounters.