Written by JF

12 Oct 2009

I confided to my wife early in our almost 24 years of marriage my desire to watch her get fucked by someone else and have sloppy seconds. This fantasy became part of our sex life for all those years but remained a fantasy until last week-end. We attended a college football game at a University about and hour away from our home. We decided to make a hotel reservation for an overnight stay after the game. During the game we shared margaritas from a Thermos we had brought and after the game we went to the hotel for dinner in the restaurant. During dinner we also had a bottle of wine and both of us were feeling no pain and we started talking about sex. My wife confided that she was feeling horny and wanted to get fucked. I told her that maybe we should finally try to live out our fantasy of getting someone to fuck her. While we were talking she excused herself to use the restroom and when she returned several min. later she took my hand under the booth table we were in and slide it up between her legs. I realized she had removed her panties when I reached her pussy which was very wet. I fingerfucked her for a min. or two and asked if she wanted to give it a try. She asked what I had in mind. I told her she could go into the bar by herself and if anyone approached her she found interesting she should just come out and explain our fantasy and see if he was interested. I told her I would go up to the room and wait. I couldn\'t believe it but she said OK but if no one approached or she didn\'t find them attractive that she wasn\'t going to stay long since she wanted to get her pussy fucked. We paid, left the restaurant and looked into the bar which was very crowded and she ask if I was sure I wanted to do this. I told her we had talked about it for years and if she was really horny she could finally have two cocks. She said OK and as I left she headed into the bar. I went up to the room to wait. I had an incredible hard on but didn\'t want to jack off in case this really happened. I anxiously waited and after about 20 min my cell rang. I thought she was going to tell me that she was coming up alone but when I answered she said \"this is your last chance to back out\". When I asked why she said a nice looking middle aged gentleman had bought her a drink and seemed to have a hard time keeping his eyes off her tits. She has great large firm tits for her age and her blouse was showing quite a bit of cleavage. I told her to go for it and see if he was interested but if he wasn\'t to come up quick since I wanted to fuck her anyway. She said OK and hung up. About 10 min later I heard her key in the door and when it opened she entered followed by her new friend which she introduced as Mark. I was still a bit surprised that she had actually brought him up but we shook hands and I offered him a glass of wine from a bottle I had opened. He sit in a chair as my wife and I sit on the bed. We chatted and it wasn\'t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. After several min. I asked Mark if he liked my wife\'s tits. He seemed a bit surprised but said they were beautiful. I told my wife that maybe we should give him a better view and unbuttoned her blouse and bra and her large tits spilled out. I played with them for a min. and then asked Mark if he wanted to play with them. We traded places and my wife lay-ed back on the bed as I took a chair to watch. Mark lay-ed on the bed and started to play with her tits as they started to make out. They were really making out as he sucked and played with her tits. She then started to rub what looked like a good sized cock through his pants. He then slide his hand up her skirt and moaned as he reached her pantie-less wet pussy. She then unzipped and unbuckled his pants and he moved as she pulled them down and out came a really big hard fat cock. It looked to be at least 8 or 9 inches hard and fat. They then both stood and totally disrobed. My wife lay-ed back on the bed and spread her legs wide as Mark got between them. My wife took his hard cock and guided it to her wet pussy and then for the first time I watched as a strange fat dick spread my wife\'s pussy lips and slowly slide in. My wife was moaning as he slide in up to his balls and stayed there as my wife adjusted to his size. She then told him to fuck her and he begin to slide in and out. He fucked her this way for about 10 min. and my wife told him to fuck her harder as she spread her legs in the air. He really started slamming her pussy as she started to cum. She came and then Mark said he was going to cum and she told him to cum deep in her pussy since I had always wanted sloppy seconds. He really pounded her pussy and then he shoved his cock in up to the balls and held it there and I could tell he was coming in her pussy. I had already stripped and was jacking my cock as they rested for a moment and then he rolled off and my wife asked if I finally wanted sloppy seconds. I could see the cum seeping from her glistening pussy as we traded places. I shoved my cock in and it felt incredible, better than I had thought. I stroked a few times and couldn\'t\'t hold back and added my cum to his.

We spent the next couple of hours taking turn fucking my wife in every possible position. Mark finally dressed and left and my wife and I talked and we decided it had been everything we had anticipated but she said she wasn\'t\'t sure she wanted a repeat but she would think about it if I really wanted too.