Written by Slippery Sam

26 Jun 2017

My boss and his fiancé got married at the weekend. At our work Christmas party last year, he got really pissed and had to be taken home. I took her to my place and fucked her. She told me that I made her feel like a dirty slut, which she liked. She has paid me the odd visit for more of the same.

She’s only really with him because they have a kid together and he has his own company that’s doing really well, so you could say she’s a gold digger. I reckon he has only married her because she’s a stunner. He pays her little to no attention to her and the wedding day was no different.

She loves a good dirty fuck though and is up for a bit of risk. During the reception she came over for a chat at my table and said that she was desperate to feel me inside her again. I whispered that I’d see what I could do.

At around 11pm, he was with a big group of his mates taking loads of photos so I went over and told her to knock on the disabled toilet door near the reception desk in 5 minutes and headed to it. Bang on time the knock came and I unlocked it to let her in. She locked it behind her and immediately hitched her dress up and bent over, grabbing the rails for the elderly either side of the sink.

I could see her face in the mirror and she only said one thing to me and that was “Get your dick wet in my pussy and then fuck my arse quick. I want you’re cum in me for the rest of the night”.

I didn’t argue with that. I dropped my jeans to my knees and I slipped into her soaked cunt with ease. She had clearly been thinking about me fucking her all day. We didn’t have a lot of time so once my dick was nice and slippery I pulled out and guided the tip to her arse. She remained completely silent as I stuffed every last inch into her tight hole and fucked her in her wedding dress. She let go of one of the rails so she could finger her cunt as my dick stretched her arse and she mouthed “Fuck I’m cumming!!” in the mirror. I whispered “me too” in her ear and emptied my balls into her bum. I pulled out and she quickly pulled up her panties, fixed her dress and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “You’re a dirty fucker” she said and went to the door. As she unlocked it she turned and said “That won’t be the last time you fuck my arse”. She left and I waited a minute before heading back to the reception party.