Written by Frankier

10 Jul 2017

As I have indicated in previous posts, I have been divorced and remarried. While dating the woman who became my second wife I found that she was receptive to anal sex. I began by inserting my thumb in her arse while fucking doggy. She did not complain and one night after several glasses of wine I pulled my cock out of her pussy and worked it into her arse hole, I worked it in slowly because she was so tight and I did not want to hurt her. Once I was all the way in I started pumping full length strokes and to my delight she started pushing back so I was in right up to my balls. The feeling was exquisite and I came in short order. Soon thereafter we were at a resort for a party and again she had several glasses of wine, as soon as we were in bed I rolled her onto her stomach and slid right up her ass to my balls and really gave her a good ass fucking and I dumped a good load into her ass. I did not realize how much she had to drink until the next morning when she got out of bed to use the loo. My cum was dripping out and she called me a naughty boy, apparently she did not remember our sex and was surprised that we had done anal. Finally on our wedding night, we both had a lot of Champagne and other wines but of course we were very horny and despite the drink we had a great session and we both immediately fell asleep. I woke about an hour later to fine my bride naked and on her stomach, although I have since surmised that she had fallen asleep on her back and had only recently rolled onto her stomach because there was a good sized dollop of my cum on her bum between her pussy and arse hole. Not wanting to waste that great natural lube, I was quickly hard again and I used the head of my cock to push it into her ass which I gave a great squishy fucking until I added another load. Sorry to say shortly after she said it hurt too much and we now stick to oral and vaginal sex.