Written by Rachel

27 May 2010

I have been married now for 3yrs, seeing my man graham for 7yrs in total. We have always had an active sex life, although graham always gets a little too excited and blows way too soon. It must be about 5months since he last made me orgasm, but I don't really complain as I love him very much.

Graham is 6foot tall, well toned and has a 6" cock when really hard lol! The sad thing is he is really really good with it. He never bangs me stupid as he always wants to make 'love' and he gets into a good stride and grinds away. Every time I start to moan and wriggle he blows before I can, then just stops.

If only he could last that extra 1min then the experience would blow us both away every time. I have never mentioned any of this too him, but about 4weeks ago he came to me 1 night and asked if I would prefer a bigger cock! I was a bit shocked and replyed that I loved him and I was more than happy.

A few days later he said that he felt bad that he can't make me orgasm, and wanted to watch me with a guy with a really large cock, someone who will fuck me stupid and make me scream for more. He said seeing me hit my ultimate high would turn him on so much. Again I told him that I was more than happy with him.

This went on for 2weeks, until I tried to call his bluff and agreed to it. He seemed really excited, then quite nervous. I told him it had to be with a complete stranger and it would be a weekend trip away and we would meet in a hotel.

We used sites like this 1 to hund for a guy that we both liked the look of. Graham made it clear that he wanted the guys dick to be at least 9"! Do they really come that size I thought?!?! Its been so long lol!!

We found this guy from glasgow and arranged to meet up last sat night for a few drinks. Graham met him first while I was getting ready in the room, skinny fitting black size 10 dress with black heels with gold rim and a gold handbag. Hair was tied back with bright lip gloss on and my fuck me specs on!

When I got downstairs graham said he was happy with the guy, james, and that he had explained that there was to be no anal, no blowing in my mouth and a condom used while fucking.

Graham stayed at the bar while james and I had a bottle of wine and some after shocks! He kept touching my leg which made me really nervous, yet excited. My thong was starting to get really wet and the more I drank, the more I wanted to get down to it. Graham looked at me, white as a sheet, and motioned for me to take jame upstairs. Graham set off before us to take up his seat in the corner of the room.

James took my hand and led me to the lift. I was really nervous now. I was ready to back when he told me to relax and to try and enjoy the experience. James was about 6ft 2", shaved head, big muscles with a flat stomach which looked really firm. I pressed the button in the lift and the doors closed. As the doors closed I closed my eyes and hoped I was doing the right thing for my husband.

We had a little laugh and joke on the way to the room, and as we entered I closed, locked and put the chain on the door. I turned round to find 2glasses of wine sitting next to an open bottle of wine in an ice bucket that graham had aranged for us to help relax.

James and I sipped the glass of wine while chatting about nothing really, ignoring graham in the corner.jame put his glass down and brushed my hair back behind my ears, kissed me then whispered in my ear "are you ready to do this?" My body tingled as I glanced at graham, graham with the puppy dog eyes, turned back james, stuck my tongue down his throat and gasped as I invited him to take me to the bed.

James lifted me up and carries me to the bed, unzipped my dress and lifted it off. He then started to kiss my neck as he undone my bra. My medium firm boobs fell out which he greedly grabbed as he pushed me to the bed. He moved down and removed my thong, tossing it over to graham. He began to lick my inner thigh, then around my cleanly shaven pussy lips and then up the inside of my pussy lips. I arched my back and tilted my head backwords. I didn't even notice graham anymore.

He slowly started to lick my clit, while introducing a finger, then 2 deep into my pussy. The licking got faster, the finger fucking got harder. Her tried to insert a 3rd but couldn't squeeze it in. After 5 mins he turned me round on all fours, my ass nice and high as my shoulders and head were on the bed. He continued to lick my soaking pussy. I was starting to moan. My ass was starting to shudder with every flick over my clit, his nose now nearly fucking me!

He stood up and dropped his trousers and boxers and I was shocked. I turned round to see this massive cock in front of me. Before I had time to think he grabbed the back of my hair and thrust his rock solid cock into my mouth. I nearly gagged he thrust it down that hard. I pulled my head back a little and licked and sucked his mighty length, showing my dripping pussy to graham. His cock was so large I could wank the base of it while choking on the rest!

James pulled his cock back and lifted me up, while spinning me round so my head was pointing downwards, but right at his cock. He was so strong, what a turn on! As I started to swallow his throbbing cock he licked and sucked away at my pussy again!

After a few mins he placed me on the dressing table with my bum just over the edge, my shoulders and head were against the wall and he parted my legs as wide as he could, supporting them from under the back of my knees. James looked to graham and asked if he was sure and graham smiled and told him "just as we discussed"

What had they discussed? I was about to find out. This wasn't gonna be a nice loving sexual experience with a large stud, I was going to get fucked into next week! James moved the tip of his cock over my opening, looked at me and smiled. I grabbed his cock to guide it in and it stretched my hole wide as it entered my pussy. He was only half way in and already I felt full compared to graham. He continued to ease his length into me. I started to gasp and he pulled back, then slowly started again. I hadn't even noticed he didn't have a condom on, I didn't care! He picked up speed, every stroke was getting easier as his cock was well lubricated by my pussy! After about 20 thrusts he leaned over and grabbed my face with his hand, squeezing my cheeks together. "Now your gonna fucking get it!"

He pushed my head away at which point I slightly banged it off the wall, then started to absolutely pound me! His full cock was now being rammed into me, his balls thumping off the bottom of my ass, my head banging off the wall and my shoulders rubbing against the wallpaper. I was screaming with discomfort, with pleasure, with passion! I could feel my pussy heating up with the friction of his thick cock, yet the wetness of my pussy was turning me on even more.

The sweat was dripping from us both. My ass was starting to go numb from being on the dressing table. I told him to stop and he pulled out, at which point I pushed him onto the bed, I jumped on the bed and squated over his large cock. I guided it in and bounced up and down on it, taking it all!after a few mins I eased myself up and off at which point james pulled me down on all fours with my ass in the air and fucked me doggy style. I felt so dirty. His cock was touching areas instide me that had never been touched before. He lifted 1 leg to the side of me, so he was only on 1 knee and explained he could get deeper like that. He was right!

He pounded and pounded, I screamed and screamed, biting the pillows in front of me to hide the noise. Then something happened. I was filled with so much excitement all of a sudden, then my body started to shake, I started to really scream and within seconds I had squirted all over his cock and balls and over the bed. My body felt limp, part of me couldn't even feel james still pounding away. At that james pulled his cock out and rubbed it over my ass. Graham didn't want me to have anal because he had never done it, neither had I, but right now, I was up for anything! "Just get it in!" I cried. We didn't need lube as he's cock was absolutely covered!

He eased it in, a tear came to me eye. Every inch or so he would pull back then go a bit further. I could feel my ass imploding with every thrust. Just as he was getting into full swing, I felt him tighten up and he exploded up my ass. What a great feeling. If you haven't tried it I advise you should. He left his cock in there while the last drops dripped out. As he pulled his length out I could feel the cum slide down the inside of my ass.

James gave me a kiss and thanked me for the experience, I also thanked him although I could hardly move. After he left graham pounced on me but to be honest I couldn't feel him. He came within minutes as usual.

I'm so glad I have graham, he is kind and loving, and would be great if he could last a bit longer, but I'm now craving another large cock with stamina!