Written by Dave

29 Feb 2008

Ann’s fiftieth birthday was coming up I wanted to give her something special as a present. For sometime and I’m talking years here, I had been getting her to think of letting some else into her pants so that she could feel new fingers, new body smells and ultimately a new cock slipping up between her legs. She went along with me and my fantasies but eventually she agreed to ‘give it ago’ but she stipulated that if she did take her pants off to some one it must be worth her while and therefore her new partner must have a ‘big willie’ as she put it. Dare I say it, Ann was no spring chicken so I thought my quest would be something of struggle but she does keep herself in good trim and she has a sexy air about her as she regularly trims her pubes and wears stockings and of course we still have an active sex life. I made most of the arrangements without the help of Ann so as not spoil the surprise advertising through SH for that better class of gentleman. To my surprise and to my relief I mat add, I received a large amount of replies from all over the country who were only too eager to help out considering Ann’s mature years.

I had made prior arrangements to spend a weekend in a hotel in Bath and thereafter everything else just fell into place. I must admit I had an exciting time sifting and sorting the e-mails out and trying to determine the right man for the job. Out thirteen possibles I narrowed it down to two and each night the airwaves were red hot with arrangements and horny banter along with few photographs here and there. One of the two guys was called Chris. He was thirty six, five eight tall, divorced and kept himself pretty fit but most importantly he was well equipped. His photos showed him to have a long cock when fully erect. The other was named Phil. He was forty three, five eleven and of heavy build weighing in at thirteen stone and again he had a weapon that any man would envy. Phil was large boned rather than fat and had a cock to match. He looked long and thick and a man I couldn’t by-pass. I got on great with these two and whats more they had a good sense of humour but unfortunately I had to pick only one. It was such a very difficult decision. I went for Phil in the end but I still kept in close contact with Chris.

I obviously let Ann know how things were progressing on the partner front but kept her in the dark announcing to her that ‘big willies’ were at a premium and would she settle for a ‘medium willy?. Ann said that she wanted big or nothing but I could tell that she was beginning to get excited about the whole business and that if the push came ‘any’ would be better than ‘nothing’. I played the whole thing low key until a week before our weekend away when I told her that I had found someone on that may be of interest. I purposely didn’t show him undraped but non the less Ann approved of my choice although she thought she was going to get someone a little younger. However I convinced her that the mature ones could stay the distance. He comments played on my mind for a few hours and so as not to disappoint her I invited Chris along to Bath too. I was taking a chance but I thought it just might pay off As the weekend loomed I told her that Phil was into French knickers, stockings and suspenders. Ann got right into the act and bought a couple of sets of underware asking me if he’d ‘like this one or that one ‘and did she look alright in this colour or that colour. She even went so far as asking me if he would like her shaven. I soon had her bare and smooth and by the look of it she was already waiting for a new visitor.