Written by 2hotguys

10 Mar 2012

A few months ago Russ came in from work and said Rob and Dean had asked us over for the weekend,i had met them a year or so before and remembered them as 2 well built guys that kept themselves fit.

We arrived in Lincoln about 8 that evening it was freezing cold so they took us straight in the lounge which was mainly lit by a roaring fire, after a few drinks they took us into another room with a bar and bar stools and when the tv screen came on i saw all this leather and fetish gear i couldn't take my eyes off it all.

Dean said let me show you something and pulled out some rubber shorts, he said i would look good in them and started feeling my arse as Russ and Rob watched. Rob and Dean started to put leather gear on,Russ told me to relax as the 3 of them started to undress me and put me in red rubber shorts and chest straps, by this time i knew they had planned it. The three of them got booted up two in leather Russ in uniform, Hardcore porn on the screen and i was going from cock to cock for about an hour.

I was getting so horny having 3 guys all over me my hole was getting eaten and fingered then Russ pushed me over a bench with my ass raised and the 2 guys took over from there, i was fucked all over that bar on the floor up against the wall then was put in a sling and used by dildos,plugs and anal balls it was amazing i was blind folded and fucked over and over with poppers held under my nose didn't have a clue who was fucking me then i was sat on Robs big fat cock Russ pulling me forward on to Robs chest then i felt Dean work his dick in with Robs both cocks in my hole till they both had them deep in me riding my hole.~Russ double fucked me with them and shot a massive load in my hole both guys got me open both mouths eating out my used fucked cunt

We had so much sex and sleaze that weekend it was the best ever and looking forward to going again in April