Written by taff70

14 Aug 2012

My wife reached for the next cock which was average length but very thick which she likes best, she licked it all over then said she wanted to fuck him.

I just handed her a condom, so she opened the car door and got out, remember she was naked apart from a pair of boots.

She squatted in front of the guy sucked his cock some more before putting the condom on him.

I got out of the car and moved to get a better view, my cock feeling very very hard.

She then stood up turning her back to him and bending over the bonnet of the car, presenting him with her lovely curvy arse.

He got close behind her and fed his thick cock into her. In one push he was balls deep up her dripping wet cunt.

She was moaning and grunting as he pushed in and out of her slowly and deeply.

I took my cock out and started to have a wank as I watched my wife being fucked.

He was telling me how hot her cunt felt on his cock.I knew what he meant about that, she has the hottest cunt I have ever felt around my cock.

he was holding her hips really slamming his cock into her, her arse cheeks wobbling as he drove into her, she was loving it and asking for more and harder.

I saw him tense up and moan as he drove hard into her and held himself deep as he cum, shame it was into a rubber but best I suppose.

I was close to cumming when he pulled out of her cunt.. the condom seemed full of spunk, she turned and took it off him letting the contents spill over her big tits.

That did it for me I cum over her tits too, she was rubbing all the spunk into them really loving what had just happened.

We looked around but there was no one else around, so we decided to call it a night..

Until next time...