Written by AlKaz

13 Sep 2017

My cock woke me or rather the fact Kaz had pushed the covers back and the feel of her breath against the head as she lay looking over my morning glory. “Mmm your awake” she drooled proceeding to run her tongue around it. She shifted position round kneeling so her arse and fanny were within reach of my left hand as her mouth enveloped the head and I ran my middle finger across her brown hole dipping in as she relaxed with the position while my thumb probed her slit. My right hand reaching under to her right nipple. “Morning” said Sue’s voice “ I was wondering what you wanted for breakfast but I see you are already on with it”

She stood naked herself in the doorway watching we didn’t break off and after about half a minute her hand dropping down between her legs fingering herself as she watched then approaching my side of the bed and bending over joining Kaz and licking and kissing my balls while I transferred my right hand mirroring my position on Kaz on her pussy and asshole. They began both licking my shaft meeting at the bell end tongues fencing as the licked up my precum. Kaz lifted off Sue deep throating me then pulling off after about 30 seconds. “Fancy helping me wake Mike the same way” “ can’t wait” with that they left me and a now aching erection but knowing she’d be back.

After about 10 long minutes Sue not Kaz reappeared my cock still hard I centred in the bed as she climbed in and on lowering herself onto me. “ hope you don’t mind the change” “not at all” I replied giving a had upward thrust in response to her grinding he pubic bone against me. As I latched on to sucking those large erect nipples before we met in a long kiss punctuated by her gasps as she began to climb her peak and as with Kaz I sped up my thrusting as she began to come down triggering a second more powerful cum and a gush of liquid soaking me and the bed mixing with the sperm I was now placing with it as I came myself. She rolled off to the side and we lay together cuddling and touching and listening to Kaz and Mike getting to the same point in their room. “lovely” said Sue as I suckled on those tits my fingers exploring her sloppy wetness. “I’m going to need a cleanup but that’s his job. Do you clean Kaz?” she asked. I admitted I’d sampled her after our holiday. Thinking there should be no secrets from this lover. “Did you enjoy tasting his cum in Kaz?” “yes” “good. “Mike sucked every drop from me last night” she answered “I’m going to kick Kaz off now and give him his present” she said climbing off the bed and heading out of the door being met by Kaz at the doorway. “sit on his face” she said to Kaz “I intend to” being the reply. Kaz approached the bed “god I’m full of cum but your turn first as she sucked and licked mine and Sue’s juices from my cock and surrounding area before planting her pussy firmly onto my face for me to reciprocate as I lapped Mike’s deposit allowing it to pour from her into my mouth before swallowing it down my ears listening to her climax as she rode my face. Sue climbed off and after a couple of minutes side by side we headed to their wet room for a shower and clean up Mike and Sue joining us as we all showered together soaping and groping as we went. I was sure I saw Sue’s hand linger between Kaz legs at one point but I said nothing………….