Written by AlKaz

20 Sep 2017

The next morning we were on our own as Mike and Sue had to visit her mother so we went out driving around ending at Great Yarmouth. We talked a lot about the weekend deciding it was certainly the way forward and that Kaz admitting she now defiantly counting herself as bi. We people watched discussing what we could both do with the females “ but I still want cock she grinned I want to try one at least as long as Mike’s and thick as yours . I know my fanny can take it” she grinned smugly. I squeezed her hand “as soon as we can find you one my love and don’t think it has to be a couple take the chance if you find It” I added reassuringly.

We returned around six and as we were all going out to dinner dressed and away with me as sober driver. After on the journey back , with the three all a bit merry. Mike and Sue were going for each other in the back of the car her dress around her waist Mike fondling her pussy with no knickers in sight .(so I assumed none all evening) her hand in his trousers teasing his cock. Kaz giving them both verbal encouragement. I pulled up at the house they dashing to their bedroom we to ours undressing before joining them.

They were in a 69 position Sue on top Mikes cock deep in her throat as he tongued her clit. Kaz joined Sue at his cock licking , sucking and lightly nibbling at his balls before licking around the base if his shaft. I parted Sue’s buttocks lightly rimming her hole before she raised of Mikes mouth. “fuck her” Mike said “I want to watch your cock in this wonderful pussy of hers” I knelt behind now being helped by Kaz feeding my cock into Sue and rubbing Sue’s clit while she did. My balls rubbing against Mike’s nose as he transferred back to her clit I got my rhythm and began to fuck her steadily at first withdrawing so just my cock head was left in before pushing back right to the hilt. Sue began to cum Kaz taking over the blowjob as Sue bucked, writhed and screamed her climax peak. I then felt a different sensation Mike was licking my scrotum I carried on enjoying the moment. Emboldened by my acceptance his tongue now running along my shaft tasting his wife’s juices as I slowed my pace slightly allowing him more time. This was too much I felt my sap rising and fired my load deep into Sue as she hit her second as I wilted and withdrew Mike momentarily sucking my cock end.

I Sat back spent watching as Mike plundered his wife’s pussy of my fresh deposit before Sue rolled off onto her back. “Any left for me” enquired Kaz as she mounted Sue in their own 69 burying her head to continue with the eating of Sue she reciprocating on Kaz. This was amazing watching a grandstand view of my wife tonguing another girls pussy. This lasted a few minutes before Mike made his move positioning behind Kaz fucking her while Sue’s mouth was working overtime on both of them. (It occurred to me Kaz soreness must be dulled by the earlier wine and gin) He didn’t last long before firing his load into Kaz triggering her cum and Sue getting a trickling mixture of their cum into her greedy mouth they remained locked together before parting. We were all now spent they curling up together we retreating to our bed all soon asleep.

We showered ( and actually dressed) the following morning and deciding at breakfast next time it was our turn to host. We left for the drive home around 1 with more hugging and kissing than anything as the weekend’s activity was now taking it’s toll on cocks, pussies and tits we were all feeling tender.

This has been a two year journey and my next tale starts with ”sort of “ dogging as our exploring of our newfound sexuality continued…………