Written by AlKaz

6 Aug 2019

I got into the block and into the cubical it was a double set up so two people could use it at one time the shower areas big enough for you to leave your clothes and towels on the plastic chair and hangers provided . I dropped my towel turned the shower on setting it up I stood under the cool water soaping myself and washing our traces from my pussy contracting myself to move as much of Al’s cum as it was going to be a wet knicker day. I rubbed my clitoris still sensitive from our fucking. Do all women have a clit like mine it never seems to be off duty these days the pleasure I get from this little button knows no bounds.

I continued my self love session just enjoying the feeling and the water cascading over my body lost in the moment I suppose and oblivious to happenings around me or my moans. Reality clicked back and I realised I had company in the other shower I hurriedly finished and sorted my hair then shut off and moved out to be confronted by Richard. “Morning Kaz” “Morning I mumbled” then studying him realising he was dressed only in a towel himself . “Hot last night “ he questioned “and this morning I answered as my wicked streak kicked in. We stood facing as we studied each other his erection clear under his towel his body quite hairy He clearly checking me .I dropped my bag and lowered myself to pick it up my towel tuck loosening my boobs popping out as I was now naked below him. “ That’s a second flash “ he laughed “Don’t I get one “ I countered He dropped his towel a nice cock springing out in front of my face . “Your Wife” I questioned “She won’t mind” I gripped him my pussy now in control of my head. “Cubical” We picked our stuff up and dived into the one I’d vacated. His lips seeking mine my hand firmly around his cock two of his fingers exploring my soaking pussy. We moved to the chair I put one leg on it he straight between my legs his cock straight into me no finesse we just fucked like two animals neither lasting lone before he pumped a huge quantity of seed into my belly as my own peak hit. Our composure began to kick in. “You OK” he asked fine as I sat on the chair legs now together retaining the seed inside. “Fine” “Your husband” He won’t mind. I said reassuringly. Sure ? Yes. “I’m on a “Carte Blanch” at present due to the menopause he confessed. “ We are pretty open these days. Al my husband will want to fuck me again once go back in. “ I said “Ah” he said “We dabbled during our late 20s to early 30s then life and kids took over and we set into monogamy Pretty much nothing from her over the last 18months.In fact nothing at all until now . We still love each other” he added. “Things do get better. We went 3 ½ years before I sorted out but things are brilliant now.” I added. We didn’t stray at all for the first 30 odd years but now all bets are off with us both. I was just teasing yesterday but given your reaction I went for it.” Thank you so much” . His cock had now shrunk but there was a tempting dribble of remaining sperm at the tip as it protruded from its foreskin cover. “ Shall I clean that” Please “ with that I leant forward taking his member into my mouth savouring the taste of his remnants and my own juice. He stroked my hair as I finished looking up and smiling at each other. Better get back he said. Yes. We made ourselves decent and headed out I kept my knees as together as much as I could knowing Al was going to enjoy this.

Al was cooking breakfast and although bacon is very tempting I knew he’d prefer my offering . “ Turn the cooker off get into that bedroom take that tee shirt off and lie down on the bed I ordered. NOW !! he complied I again straddled him squatting over his face now my legs were spread I could feel Richard’s freshly deposited sperm pouring from me as gravity truly took over now my legs were fully parted. “Wow” was all he could gasp as he viewed my freshly fucked pussy. “ Eat my cunt” I ordered lowering further so I was positioned with my slit right over his willing mouth and probing tongue feeling him suck then swallowing the nectar I was offering I wriggled and contracted giving him as much as I could he clearly loving the present I had brought . He loves eating me after I’ve fucked another man his taste for sperm knows no bounds these days I squatted not really looking to cum just enjoying the sensation of the attention my pussy was getting allowing him to take his fill watching his cock grow to it’s fullness. Two cocks before breakfast I’m certainly a lucky girl.

I finally moved off and changing position we locked lips in a spunky kiss. “ How ?” began Al .I recounted our encounter “ poor guy sounds like he was desperate for a fuck and he certainly gave you a deposit” “ Tell me about It I was on the receiving end. He says his wife is OK about it I hope I don’t have to keep my head down today and tomorrow morning” “ I think you’ve done that already” laughed Al “you are such a slut God I love you” Have I done enough for that breakfast ?” Of course my dear lets eat.