Written by Homebody

6 Mar 2016

The weekends just keep getting better. My wife had a date last night with her regular fuck buddy. When she came home in the early hours of Saturday morning, she said he pounded her in every position and was very rough with her. She is very patient with me and is happy to go into the details of what they did.

She said she came on his cock almost immediately. He is very talented and good size. She is also impressed as he is getting more comfortable being dominant with her and using her roughly.

Another plus is that he has also started taking pictures which they send to me or she brings them with her in her phone.

My wife’s favourite part about last night was when he pulled out and came all over her face. She sent me a picture of her messy face after he had finished.

My favourite part was feeling how stretched out her used pussy was when she got home. It was puffy and still very wet. She likes me to soak in that for a while. I can always make her cum like that so we are well suited.

What happens next?

Last Friday and Saturday night like the previous weekends she fucked her regular fuck buddy. But the plan is tonight she is going to fuck an old fuck friend from about two years ago. She blew him a couple of weekends ago, but hasn’t fucked him again yet. He was very different to the current one as he was a very sensuous lover and very much into oral.

She is looking forward to the difference.

I am the winner as I get her after they have used her body and done anything they want.