Written by Paul

9 Jan 2013

I was still asleep in bed when our cleaner arrived. She always cleans the bedrooms first. I was lying motionless when she came in the bedroom. I woke up to the feeling of something else in the bed with me. I looked down and Jackie had her hand round my flaccid cock. I watched as she toyed with it, watching it grow in her small hands. She could barely get her fingers round the thick shaft. I didn't say anything. I just continued to watch as she played with me. Now she had got a tight grip on my now hard shaft and proceeded to put me in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down my hot shaft, licking and sucking at my hard 9 inch cock. Jackie looked up at me, grinning with my cock still in her mouth. She held on to my shaft with one hand whilst pushing a finger into my starfish. Easing another finger in then eventually three fingers were pushing into me. All the while she continued to slurp on my hot pulsating rod.

She took my cock out of her mouth but kept a firm grip as she climbed on top of me. She had hold of my throbbing cock as she pushed her panties to one side, guiding the bulbous head into her hot dripping hole. Once the end was inside she lowered herself down the remainder of my cock. Her shaven cunt resting on my thick pubes. She then started to fuck me slowly at first then screaming, getting into a fast frenzy as she pounded my aching cock. I could feel how hot and wet she was. She kept this up for at least 10 minutes where upon she pulled me from within her and then turned over. Her tanned arse stuck up with her glistening pussy inviting me to enter. I grabbed my hot thick pole and pushed the head into her sopping pussy, slowly letting her lips fold over the tip, then pushing the remaining 8 inches deep into her in one final lunge. I left my cock buried inside her for a few moments while she caught her breath.

I began to withdraw and pound back into her. Picking up the pace until my cock was almost out then banging it back in. Jackie’s pussy was squelching, pussy juice dripping everywhere. She yelled as she unleashed a torrent of cum all over the bed. I was enjoying this immensely pounding my cock deep into her pussy. She was squealing with pleasure as I continued pushing deep into her. I could feel the pleasure building up in my sack and my cock stiffening up more. I felt as if my head was going to explode as I unloaded my hot thick cum deep into her, both of us moaning with pleasure. I kept my cock pushed deep in her pussy while I let my juices spurt out. I pulled my aching cock from her. I watched as the mixture of cum juices drained from Jackie’s pussy.

I turned her over and buried my face in her dripping hole, licking and sucking up the hot sweet mixture. Flicking my tongue around her clit, feeling it harden. I pushed two, then three fingers into her, finally getting my hand into her squelching pussy. I gyrated my hand inside her. All the while she was moaning with pleasure. She let out a deep groan as she came once more over my hand. I pulled my hand from her. Jackie moved so she could get my flaccid cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked the length bringing it to its full 9 inch glory. She was squeezing my ball sack as she continued to wank and suck the bulbous bell end, barely able to get it in her mouth. I felt my shaft tighten as I let out another spurt of hot creamy man juice into her throat. She licked my shaft clean then wiped her mouth.

Without a word she calmly got off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Shortly she reappeared and continued with the cleaning as if nothing ever happened.

There were more encounters over the next few weeks when we managed to fuck in every room

in the house. Not much cleaning was done those days.