Written by Kate

2 Aug 2011

My posting is a follow on from 2 recent stories that I have shared with you, the first was about an indiscretion at my sister’s birthday party “My Sexual Awakening” and the other is “Satisfying my sexual needs”.

With the hotel closed I let my hand trail down his chest, he is so broad, I compare him to my hubby and think that he must be twice is wide, then I nuzzled a little patch of dark hair between his pecs with a soft kiss, then I started to kiss, lick and nibble his nipples.

At this stage I could actually feel the wetness running out of my pussy, soaking my panties. I could smell the aroma of myself and I was sure that Mark could as his head went back and his nostrils flared as he moaned.

I tried to wrap my hand completely around his bulge and I then squeezed, hard, his eyes popped open and he gasped out, "Oh fuck!"

I looked up to him and smiled sweetly, "What a wonderful idea, I haven’t been for 4 months and I would love to?"

His eyes were locked on my exposed boobs, and his hands were against the door, clenching and unclenching. I smiled at him again with a look of compassion; let's relieve the pressure a little bit, so you're more comfortable." I dropped to my knees and pulled down his zipper, all in one motion.

I gasped, Oh my god! He's commando! Not a shred of underwear on, and his monster cock almost came right out of the open fly! Before he can say or do anything, I reach in and pull it loose. "Now, isn't that much better?"

Mark smiled and nodded his head.

My eyes were bulging. I'd never ever seen anything that big in my life, the shaft was so fat and such a black colour, in fact it was so fat I had to wrap both my hands around the shaft, Mark was circumcised and the head of his cock was a striking pale pink colour, it too was enormous and it was shaped like an overgrown mushroom.

In amazement, I leaned forward and licked the tip to see if was real! The taste of his pre-cum assured me that was.

What really struck me was the weight and hardness of his cock, I swear that I needed both hands to support it, to say that I was scared was an understatement, how on earth was I going to get this inside me, but I thought well I have gone this far let’s see what I do with this beautiful cock, I may never get another chance to play with something as beautiful.

I took the very tip into my mouth, at first sucking lightly and gently caressing it with my tongue, and my hands started to undo his belt buckle and button.

I tugged the jeans to the floor, and he lifted his shirt over his head, he was totally naked in front of me, looking up I was amazed at how beautiful he looked, his skin was very dark colour and he had the body of someone who takes very good care of himself, he had such large thighs and quite a big bottom, these factors coupled with the size of his cock made me tingle and shiver in excitement as I was sure that I was going to be fucked absolutely senseless in the next few hours.

All of my attention was making him whimper, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and started to slide him into my mouth and start rolling my tongue around the pink mushroom head, it was stretching my lips and mouth so much it almost hurt, the challenge was on and I had to see how much of him I could get into me, then I alternated, sucking and licking his shaft, getting it nice and wet, and trying to take a bit more of it each time.

Suddenly, I felt his hands on my head, and he was pressing. Mmmmmmm, I love it when someone tries to force me to take their cock!

All of my efforts had the desired effect and Mark was now gasping loudly, then he manages to get shout out, "Oh god, oh shit! That’s just fucking amazing Kate, not many women can do what you’re doing, and they say it's too big! And they’ll just suck the tip and lick it. Oh my god, please don't stop! That feels so fucking good!"

I revelled in his praise and I pulled back my lips long enough to smile at him again and say, "Don't worry, babe, all I want to do is make you feel good! Now let's see how much of your gorgeous cock I can take!" Spurred on by his now obvious lust, I was determined to do a great job!

My mouth was so wet with his pre cum that was drooling, I just kept running my lips up and down both sides of his amazing cock, getting it soaking wet.

Then I slipped my lips back over the tip I pushed harder and I slide down several inches all at once, until the head gently touched the back of my mouth. I was so pleased to discover that his shaft was not quite as thick as I first thought; once I got past the head my mouth was not so stretched.

In fact, the smooth skin and rough contour felt soo good and I started to rock gently back and forth, sliding as far of it as I could, then out to almost to the head again, I repeated this for what seemed like ages.

Mark had regained his composure, and his hands were guiding me now, not forcing me but regulating the speed of my strokes.

He began to repeatedly chant, "Oh fuck, oh god, yes yes yes, take it take it take it!"

In a muffled voice I said "Don't worry babe, I will," as I slowly tightened my lips around him.

Knowing this was something that rarely happened to him was my trump card; I know I could really turn him on and make him think that he was with some really horny bitch and not just a frustrated house wife.

My mind was racing, the sisterly competiveness was coming to the forefront and I was wondering if Mark was amazed at just how good a cock sucker I am!, I wanted to ask if I gave better head than Susie, but I don’t think on a first date I would be so bold as to ask that question.

Already the thick shaft was starting to feel natural, and I loved having my mouth absolutely stuffed with him when I took him as deep as I could.

I was thinking that I would never be able to take all of him but I’d now get as much of him as I could.

In fact, it felt so good I was getting wetter and wetter, and I did something that I rarely ever do because I wanted to think that I was an absolute slut, (he probably had that thought before he entered my hotel room) so I reached one hand down, I couldn’t pull my panties down, so I pushed them aside and shoved two fingers into myself. It made me feel so good and even with his cock in my mouth, I managed to let out soft stifled moans and in turn, the vibrations seemed to make Mark shudder.

My fingers didn’t fill me like his large fingers would, so I added a third, trying to prepare myself for his magnificent cock!

I started bouncing up and down slightly; trying to take the fingers stuffing me at the same time I continue to suck him. His hold on my head tightened, and he started moving me back and forth faster and faster. He was gasping and moaning, and I knew that he was getting close, but I hadn't worked this hard to have him cum down my throat!

I wrapped my hand around his shaft again and grasped him tightly, using the leverage to slip him out of my mouth. A stream of saliva runs off his cock and out of my mouth, dripping onto the floor. I pushed myself up from my knees and looked him right in the eyes, seeing nothing but lust there. "I showed you what I can do," I almost growl at him, "time to show me what you've got!"

Actually, I was surprised at my boldness because I was feeling so, so nervous about that gigantic cock, but, if Susie can take it, so can I!

I am now long beyond worrying about correctness and consequences and I am pleased that Mark’s now taking control. One hand reaches out and grabs my slip, which is now around my waist and he yanks it down my body in one swipe, with a snarl, I step out of it do a slow twirl, taking time to show him my amazing panties.

The next moment, I'm in the air over his shoulder and laughing and squealing as I'm hoisted off the floor and over his shoulders then he said in a caveman like way, one word: "Bed?"

He carries me to the bed and playfully throws me down, I am sprawled out on the bed with just my panties and heels on, I looked up at Mark, and I was so small in comparison to him.

He then flopped down on the bed next to me, his body was now half on top of mine and his arms crushed around me. His lips roughly pressed against mine and then he rammed his tongue deep into me. I realised that maybe a long cock means a long tongue too! One of his hands found my boobs and he palms it, squeezing it hard and pulling at the nipple. Oh, damn, it hurts a little, but it feels soooooooooo good! I get a hand loose and grab his cock again, stroking it hard and fast.

He groaned and starts thrusting into my hand, as he pulls back from me and sits up. He reaches over and grabs my soaked panties with both hands and pulls them down over my ankles, I always feel so vulnerable when this happens, but today even more so because it is being done to a total stranger, a black guy who I instinctively know is going to give me the fucking of my life.

Now I am now just on the bed in my heels, I open my legs very wide to let him see my freshly waxed pussy.

Mark leans to me again, this time sucking one of my boobs into his mouth. His lips clamped around my nipple and squeeze as his tongue grinds against it. It's my turn to moan, and I arched my back, trying to force more of myself into his hot wet mouth. My nipple is rock hard, and it feels soooooooo fucking good.

I start to get nervous about cheating on my hubby, I know Mark’s going to fuck me with his enormous cock, and I couldn't stop him now if I wanted to, which I don't.

I try to convince myself that after all, it was Jack’s fault for the way that he has been treating me, I was now shaking a little with raw lust, anticipation and desire, and more than a little nervousness about what it's going to feel like.

I was hoping that Mark’s under control enough not to ram it into me too fast and hard, fearing I'll be split in half if he did. On the other hand, a little part of me actually wanted that! What a thought: death by cock impalement!

The suction on my boob suddenly ceases, and I thought here goes he's finally going to penetrate me, or try to, but instead, I felt his teeth clamp down on my other swollen nipple and he lifted his head, pulling and stretching me! Oh god! It hurts, but it's wonderful! I groan in pain and moan with pleasure at the same time! Finally he released me, and his lips cover mine again. I felt his leg move over mine, I know this is it.

For better or worse, I'm going to know what that it feels like to be fucked by a big cock, a black cock at that! Our bodies grind together, we are both more than ready and wanting what is going to happen next.

Mark continued to gently probe back and forth at the entrance to my pussy, I now so eager to be fucked that I manoeuvred my thighs outside his and with the help of my hands on his bottom, I was now desperately trying to help his cock into my pussy.

"Do you want me to put a condom on?" Well here we go I’m going to going to let this man fuck me?

As much as I hated condoms, my mind told me that I should surely insist on protection, but my heart desperately wanted a thorough fucking, surely I should follow sense and insist on protection.

I was shocked by the reply that I blurted out.

"No, No, ……just don't come in me”

"Are you sure, Kate?"

"No, I just need to be fucked. Please, before I lose the moment."

With that his hand goes between my legs, I gasp once more and bite my lip, I want to be fucked so badly, and I have no idea how that is going to fit in me! But I know he's going to show me, one way or the other.

Mark climbed back on to the bed and I spread my legs very wide, propping my head up on a pillow. I needed and wanted to see this! He grabs another pillow and shoves it under my bottom.

Suddenly, he strokes my pussy a couple of times, and then thrusts two fingers into me! Oh shit that's good! But so totally unexpected. He didn’t waste any time and finger fucked me hard and fast. I was already wet, but now I'm sopping, and I'm guessing that's what he wants.

I'm crying and moaning, and my hips start rolling.

In frustration, I finally gasp out, "Come on, you know I want it, fuck me for god's sake!"

Mark replied “I don't want to hurt you Kate, you might want some more time!"

He moves between my legs, and I pull my knees up, trying to open wider, he was now sliding down to my opening, I say to myself “ relax Kate is only a big cock." Yeah right!

And then he pressed it against my hole and pushes, not really hard, but with a steady pressure. And nothing happens. Oh my god, am I a failure? Suddenly, he gives a little thrust with his hips. And it was in me! I moan, more from tension than anything else. I feel terribly stretched out, but not really much else.

The pressure is relentless, and I begin to realise that, very slowly, it's sliding into me! And I moan again; now I feel a little pain but OH! It feels so good!

In my fixation on size I had almost forgotten, it is just a big cock, and that's what it feels like! And I remind myself, I love cock! I need it! And suddenly, I want more! I raise my hips to him and it slides in further, without much resistance really. All the foreplay had done its job, and I'm taking him! And oh fuck, it feels wonderful! But as he gets deeper, I get tighter.

Nothing like that has ever been in me before. He hesitates and pulls back, and then starts shallow strokes, which feel great now.

My body was adjusting to him! Again he pushed, and he goes even deeper than he was before, and it feels much more normal now.

My hips start to roll, and though he is not totally inside me yet we are fucking!

My sister’s stud is now inside me and I am looking in the mirror at the sight of his cock impaling me and he gently kisses me and smiling says. "OK?"

"Way better than ok," I respond breathlessly, "Oh shit, it’s more than good! Fuck me Mark, I want it all now!"

Without another word, he started to fuck me harder, and I could feel him going deeper with every stroke. All at once, I felt his large balls start to slap against my bottom, and I realised, he was all the way in me! And oooooooooh, I felt so full, but I felt so good! I still felt stretched, but it didn’t hurt, and it was getting better all the time.

My hips had been rolling in time with his thrusts, but now I started answering his thrusts with a vengeance, thrusting harder and a little faster, wanting to know what it feels like to really be fucked! Then I started feeling the familiar excitement increasing, and I realise, I was going to cum on this huge cock! Oh god, it's so good, and I moaned and arched up to him! Mark sensed my eagerness.

"Oh fuck! You're so fucking tight Kate! Keep this up and you're gonna make me cum in record time!"

Damn I didn’t want him Cumming in record time, but I was a highly sexed woman who hadn’t had been fucked for 4 months, I just cannot control myself and I started to fuck him harder and faster, ramming myself up onto him with every one of his thrusts.

I could see Mark was working hard now, gasping for breath, and I could see sheen of sweat on his forehead.

Susie was so right he really was a stud, but I was matching him and giving him all he could handle! Then I started to feel shivers going through my body, from the excitement of the moment and from an impending orgasm. He gripped my hips and started to seriously pound me! I'm bouncing on the bed with the force of his thrusts, but instinctively I was still rolling my hips, matching his rhythm.

Suddenly I felt a quivering deep in my pussy, and knew that I was about to cover his cock with my cum! I closed my eyes and grab the sheet tightly in both hands, my little cries got louder and higher with every thrust.

This was so much different from being fucked by my hubby! I am so full my pussy can't contract around his cock as much, and I just feel tighter and tighter! Mark groanssss deeply, and I know he feels it too.

Then Oh fuck, He goes into overdrive, and I begin to wonder if my body can take the pounding! But suddenly it doesn't matter, as I scream and writhe under him, to and through one of the strongest orgasms, throughout Mark was just slamming into me, pinning me to the bed.

As I arch and moan under him, my hips felt like they will never stop.

I am suddenly aware that his head is back and he's starting a low growl. I felt him buck and thrust and I think that he's going to cum too. I vaguely wondered if he cums in proportion to the size of his balls and cock, because if so, I'll have a flood of cum inside me!

I am so pleased that he pulls out of me and when I look over he is still rock hard.

I finally catch my breath, and I see him, leaning over, staring down at me. "Damn, you're good, Kate!" He says.

"Likewise, Mark, but don’t forget that is the first time that I have been fucked in 4 months" I lean up and kiss him thanking him I say, "I have never felt anything like that before!"

Getting my breath back, I drool at the thought that hits me, I want it again and I'll bet Mark can do more with that cock than just missionary.

Mark is still sprawled across me, his monster cock was pressing against my tummy, it was still rock hard and even though his weight a little hard to breath, I really don't want him to move yet, as I relished the feeling. He leant down and kissed me, and I bask in the glow, partially from being well fucked and partially from the satisfaction of knowing I can handle his cock!

I just hoped that he knows that I'm not done with him yet! He finally rolls off of me and it's my now my turn to fuck him.

As he lies on his back, eyes closed, I crawl up onto his chest and gently kiss him. He doesn't respond at first, but I gently run my tongue along his lips and I can feel him shiver. I run my hand slowly down over his stomach and down his hip, I am amazed that he is still so hard and how hard his cock is, and he takes a deep breath and I feel his arms wrap around me. Then I kiss him again, his mouth opened, and I gently slipped my tongue between his lips. His lips start to move on mine and I hear a little groan from deep inside of him.

I ran my hand gently over his cock and I feel him stretch, the tension building in his body again. I wrap my hand around his shaft and start to pull, he groans, "Ohhhhhh, FUCK!" and his arms tighten around me. This time his tongue slides into my mouth and when I squirm on top of him he runs his large hands down over my bottom, grasping and squeezing my round cheeks.

He's into it now, and without the preoccupation of how his cock and my body will get along, I think this could be something special. A new partner is always exciting and I can't wait to find out what he likes, what he knows ... and what I can teach him! Already I am wondering if there will ever be another opportunity after this night. Anyhow, I'm making the most of it right now!

His cock starts to twitch in my hand, and I start to stroke it slowly as we grind against each other. He spreads his legs and I reach a little farther and gently fondle his balls. He gasped, but shifts to give me better access. Mmmm, tick, one thing I know he likes.

I feel his arms tighten around me and he rolls me over onto my back. Pushing up, he stares down at me and I wonder what he's thinking. But I can feel that hard cock pressing against my leg, so I didn't really care very much. He leans down and kisses my boob, he is much gentler now, and then he licks his tongue gently over the tip, which instantly hardens. He lowers his lips over my hard nipple, and sucks it in and I gasp, and then sigh, then arch against his mouth.

God, I love that! His tongue gently circles my nipple, and he tries to suck a bit more of my breast into his mouth. Mmmm, tick, a breast man, and a rather romantic one, at that.

I feel his hand slide down my body and cover my pussy. When his fingers start to stroke my lips I roll my hips and push myself against his hand. He moans as he lets his fingers slip into my slit, which was still soaking wet and ready for more of him.

He used the moisture to get me wet and slippery, and strokes up and down. Suddenly, he curls his fingers and pushes them into me. This time he's gentle and takes his time pushing them all the way in, then strokes in and out more or less in time with his suckling on my breast.

I looked down the sight of his two black fingers in my porcelain white skin just such an amazing turn on, using two fingers, was just right. Mmmm, tick again, knows his way around a pussy.

He's got me gasping already, and pushes up from me and quickly moves down between my legs as I spread them wide for him. He started kissing the inside my thighs, first one, then the other, using his tongue, lips and teeth to tease me. Oh, fuck! I love that! I was panting now, and my hips were rolling, lifting my wanting pussy into the air.

I felt his warm breath on it and his lips kiss me gently. But the next moment, his tongue was in my pussy and I can hear him licking the creamy juices out of it. Ahhhhhhhh, yes!

He grinded his face into me and I could tell his arousal was increasing rapidly. When his tongue runs the length of my slit, I shivered and gasped as it brushed over my clit, and in the next second his lips were sucking on it, his tongue grinding against the little bud peeking out of its hood.

Now I shudder and shake, and my hands grab at his head, pushing his head down against me. He's not going to stop that till I'm ready! And then I'll be ready to fuck him! I'm squirming on the bed, totally unable to lie still, and I have to keep pulling my legs up and down to relieve the excitement and tension. Finally he looks up at me and smiles, and gets what he's looking for. "Oh god Mark, come on and fuck me!" tick, knows how to get me hot and ready!

Actually, though, it's my turn and I want to fuck him! With my hand on his head I pulled him up from my pussy and I slide away from him. I move down the bed and put my hands on his chest, pushing him onto his back.

Quickly I grasp that jumbo shaft and smile up at him as I slip my lips over the head. God, he's already got pre-cum running from his cock, and I slurp it up as I run my tongue around that big head. He gasps and shudders and his head went back onto the pillows. I've already given him a blow job so he knows what's coming, and we both know he wants it. My mouth is soon dripping wet, and I forced my mouth down over his large head and quickly swallow his shaft. Oh fuck, I love the feel of that big cock in my mouth! I bathe his shaft in my Silvia, and as soon as it's wet and slippery enough I start bobbing up and down.

This happens so much more quickly than the first time he shudders and gasps, and his hips start pumping double time, trying to fuck my mouth. I lie still for a moment and let him, but then tighten my lips and grasp him and start sliding up and down the full length, taking as much as I can handle. It's so hard as and Mark has his eyes closed and is gasping, so I pull off of him and push myself up. I don't give him any choice as I straddle him, and, holding him in one hand, eagerly and hungrily push my hole down on his head.

But I quickly find out, the only way I can get him in is to almost do a split, and once I have him inside me I waste no time sinking down on his shaft so I kneeled over him again. I'm stuffed full by his sudden entry, and gasping, I have to hold still for minute, till the pressure eases. Once I can move I lift and fall slowly with long strokes. It's still so tight I don't want any premature accidents. This feels so good I want to enjoy it for a while. I lean forward and put my hands on his chest, and use my legs to raise and lower my bottom, slowly fucking him. He's had his eyes closed since I first slid onto him, and it’s very pleasing to know that he's struggling just to stay in control.

Gradually, though, I loosen and he relaxes, and I soon feel his hips moving in time with my strokes, thrusting up into me and getting deeper. Oh my fucking god he feels good! The only way to describe it girls is that it was like having a 10" long cucumber pushed up into my pussy, but this one's warm and just a little flexible, and our bodies can conform to each other.

I look down and see Mark’s black shafts black, the pink head, fully engorged. I start moving faster and find I can take him deep enough to actually ram myself down on him and bounce off his hips and thighs.

That's even better, and our speed soon increases as I feel the familiar heat building up in me.

It doesn't take much to get hot with this huge cock in me! I'm starting to sweat with the exertion of fucking him, and he's panting underneath me from the feeling and excitement of having me fuck him.

I’m half tempted to ask if Susie fucks as well as me and see his reaction, I don’t get a chance as I start to shudder and gasp out, "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum again!" His hands reach up and find my nipples and he pinches them. And as my fucking becomes more frantic, he starts pulling and twisting, trying to bring me off.

And, Oh damn, it worked! I suddenly shudder and ram myself down on top of him, grinding my hips as I feel my climax building and then suddenly bursting inside of me! I threw my head back and groaned and cried out time after time as my pussy tries to contract around that monster inside of me. I was panting and gasping, and my body was now covered in sheen of sweat now.

But best of all, Mark was still rock hard inside me, how does he do that! and I know that means I can be fucked again.

I sit still on him for a minute, gasping and panting, trying to catch my breath. My eyes are closed, but I hear his voice, saying softly, "Come here!" I open my eyes and I see him patting the bed beside him.

I lift myself up off of him and move to his side, ready to lie next to him, but he said, don't lie down, get on your knees. Oh yeah!! Doggie, my favourite! It always has been, and I can't wait to see how it will feel with him. But I know it will mean he can ream me with that giant cock even deeper, so I'll have to be cautious. I assume the position and put my head down, and he's already behind me, running his hands over my smooth bottom. Once again, I feel his fingers slide in me; testing to be sure I'm wet enough. I know I am because I am still soaking wet between my legs, amazing for an older woman; anyhow I am never one to refuse a finger fuck!

It only takes him thirty seconds to be satisfied and in that time I am on the edge of another orgasm, then I feel his cock pressing against me, I feel his hands inside my thighs and he forces me to spread about twice as wide as I normally do, I try to press my chest down on the sheet to angle up more for him, and suddenly he's in me! Ahhhhhhhh, fuck, yeah! He grabs my hips and just pushes, slowly but steadily, until he's buried inside me.

Oh my god, I'm so full but it's so good! I start rocking and his fingers tighten on my hips as he moves with me, and we are quickly fucking at a pretty fast pace. I love this, and start ramming myself back harder, bouncing off his thighs, slapping loudly, and we go faster and faster. I start moaning into the sheet, both hands holding handfuls of it, and he's in total control now. I can tell he likes it too, as he wastes no time, the pace building steadily, and he has a firm grip on my hips.

“Fuck me big boy, I'm all yours! Ohhhhhhh fuck”, I know I'm gonna cum again, I just hope you get there in time! I'm gasping and panting, and I know he can feel me shuddering, through my hips. I'm pounding back against him and he starts really slapping hard against me, ramming that huge cock deep as he can into my pussy.

Well that answers, that, I can take all he's got and still ask for more. But he's got plenty, and I start shaking and crying, pushing up on my hands and just waiting for my orgasm to hit me.

I edge him on “If you can't cum, you’ll just have to take care of yourself”.

This has the desired effect and he starts pounding against my bottom like a prisoner who hasn’t had sex for years and I know he's there too. I feel one powerful thrust, deeper than all the rest into me, and he's shuddering, growling and bucking, his fingers imbedded in my hips. I give a sudden squeal, and I knew that I had gushed over his cock.

We are grinding and thrusting against each other, sounding like a pair of animals mating, and that's just about what it is.

To Mark’s credit he warns me, as if I didn’t know! That he was about to cum and I feel his cock starting to withdraw from my pussy.

I scream at him crudely “don’t you fucking dare pull out, I want you to finish in me”.

Mark laughs and lets out a loud groan and I instantly felt his hot sperm pump into my pussy, three time he jerked and released more cum into my eager pussy, then I can fill him going soft, the feeling was just fantastic.

As he went soft I could feel my hot cum running down my bottom and my thighs. Probably a lot of it is his cum, too

After a minute or two of panting and gasping in place, he has to pull his soften cock from my pussy! we both fall to the bed, and I feel his arms suddenly around me, crushing me back against him.

He hasn't said much up till now, and other than his obvious arousal I am not sure what his reaction is to our fucking, he starts running his hands all over me, and I feel his hot breath in my ear. He starts to talk in a hoarse whisper, "Oh GOD, Kate that was just so fucking good! What a wild fuck you are."

Wow, I never ever expected him or any man to say that!

Boasted by Mark’s comments and how satisfied I now felt I replied, "Mark, I really don't want to wreck my marriage, but I just have needs that have to be taken care of. Maybe you can help me out now and then, if I can wiggle my way free once in a while, I’d love a repeat of this evening”.

Mark said “I'm here whenever you need me Kate, ready and more than willing! So don't be shy about asking”.

I got off the bed and kicked of my shoes and staggered to the bathroom, looking at the myself in the mirror I was so pleased that I had booked the room for the night and told Jack that I was away visiting friends as I looked an absolute wreck, you wouldnt have had to be a detective to work out what I had been doing for the last couple of hours and my pussy, my go my pussy, it was disgustingly stretched, gapping wide with the outer lips appearing to be folded over and there was still cum oozing out of it.

I thought that I would clean myself up later as I was so eager to tell Susie that I everything was okay, well far more than okay they were absolutely fantastic.

I reached into my handbag and got my phone out, it was 10 pm, there was 5 missed calls over the last 3 hours on looking at them I sighed as none were from my hubby, all were from Susie, I then proceeded to type a text.

“Thanks honey for Mark, he was far more hunky then u described him and why did you omit that he was black!!!!, very well satisfied, gorgeously fucked out speak in the morning”.

I cleaned my teeth and my phone bleeped it was a text from Susie “Want to hear it all, blow by blow, first thing in the morning, I have been so horny thinking about you and Mark, going to go and relieve myself on hubby now.”

I replied “thank you sooo much sis, lucky old hubby!.”

When I came out of the bathroom, Mark was sprawled out on the bed, and I climbed on to the bed and asked if he wanted to stay the night.

He gave me a big grin and said “yes must definitely, especially if am going to get another repeat of what I have just had.”

Smiling I said “must certainly, I want to go back to my bastard hubby very well satisfied.”

I then snuggled up in his arms and feel to sleep in a matter of minutes.