Written by horny man

4 Apr 2009

I had often spoken to my wife about her being well and truly fucked by another man as I watched, this turned her on and we had many fantastic nights using this fantasy, however she said it would always remain a fantasy. Here’s how things changed. We were at a family wedding and at the dance at night we were sitting in a company of 8 people 3 couples and two young lads, my wife was talking to one of them a lot and I commented on it to her, she said if I was 10 years younger he would fulfil our favourite fantasy.

While my wife was dancing with one of the other men I spoke to the young lad his name was Jamie, after some small talk I said he seemed to be getting on with my wife, he looked at me and said sorry but I didn’t mean to offend but she is my kind of woman, older, full bodied, big breasted a real woman. We talked a bit more and eventually I said why don’t you dance with her and let her know how you feel, she likes dirty talk, and I am happy to see where it goes but don’t tell her we spoke about this.

A while later he asked her to dance and I could see them talking and my wife giggling and getting red faced on occasion, they stayed up for three dances and were walking back when a slow dance came on he pulled her back to the dance floor and I watched him press against her and his hand slide over her arse a few times as they talked she whispered something to him just before they left the floor. They sat back down and my wife said I need some air I will be back shortly, as she left he said I’m going out to meet her, all I said was tell me everything when you come back but don’t fuck her. He came back first and told me they had kissed he had felt her big tits, and fingered her hole and that she was hot as hell. I asked if she had touched him and he answered yes she had even sucked me for a while and finished me off with her hand. My wife came back and the evening carried on. When we went back to our room she was randy as hell she couldn’t get her clothes off quick enough and lay on the bed touching herself asking me to hurry she needed fucking. I joined her on the bed and got her to the point of no return and said lets pretend Jamie is here and that he is going to fuck you would you like that, she moaned oh yes. I asked what he had been saying to her on the dance floor and she got a bit defensive but I said it’s ok tell me. He had been telling her how he liked bigger woman and that he would love to fuck her and even fuck her big tits I asked if she had been turned on and she said a bit. I asked if his cock had felt good and she said I could feel it against my tummy when we were dancing, he was hard, I said no not when you were dancing when you made him come outside. She looked at me and I said it’s ok I know all about it and it turns me on as well. She went on to tell me what happened and admitted she nearly came when he fingered her. I asked if she wanted to fuck him and she said yes, I picked up my mobile rang a number and said room 215, my wife said who’s that, him I said be ready to have the fucking of your life. I let him in minutes later my wife lay on the bed legs spread and pussy dripping, I said do as you wish she’s yours and to my wife I said enjoy. He stripped off and I must admit I was a bit envious of his firm body with his big hard cock, just like me years ago. He kissed Margaret and she responded, they then did everything in the book my wife came seven times and she even let him come in her mouth, which until then she had never let me do. He fucked her tits and came on her face she couldn’t get enough. I loved watching her come and come she was fantastic and the dirtiest I have ever seen or heard her, I came twice as I wanked off while my fantasy was played out. He stayed all night and they fucked again in the morning with a last sucking from Margaret before he left. I then licked her well fucked cunt hole and she came again. She thanked me and said we will have to think up a new fantasy now for you to live out. Our sex life has boomed since that night and we are like teenagers again.