29 May 2016

My husband and I are both in our early 50s and recently while we were getting dressed to go one Saturday night Steve my husband was watching me putting my undies on and said jokingly that we could sell tickets and there would be a line of men around the street to get a look at me and he went further and said we should have some photos done professionally of me in my underwear. I laughed it off but thought okay as it was his birthday in a couple of weeks I would look on line for photographers who did private stuff like he was talking about.

I found some names etc so rang around a few until I spoke to a guy who said he worked for one of the high street photo shop chains but that he did freelance work and had his own studio for that, I told him what my husband had said and he replied that he had done pics like that in the past so after a bit we landed on a price and fixed a date.

I kept this quiet from Steve and as it was a weekday he was at work so I could do my make up and hair and get dressed without him being there. He had bought me some undies for my recent birthday so I put on the matching mauve coloured bra, panties and garter belt with dark tan nylons. I wore a summer dress which had buttons down the front then I guess around 4 inch heels and checked myself in the bedroom mirror and thought okay I'm happy with that.

I drove over to the studio kind of apprehensive but at the same time a little excited at the prospect of a stranger taking photos of me wearing the undies which my husband had bought for me. The man who's name was Ken opened the door and after shaking hands etc led me up a flight of stairs to where the pics would be taken.

When we got in the studio there was another younger guy there who Ken introduced as Mike who he said helped with the lighting as he wanted to concentrate on taking the photos and not have to stop to adjust things during the shoot. I was a bit surprised but he seemed nice and so agreed to him being there.

Mike asked if i was nervous and replied a little so he said let's have a drink first and it was natural to be like that and all the ladies who came on their own were the same. He poured us all a drink and I have to say I drained my gin and tonic which was a strong one very quickly so he said okay let's start. He said I'll tell you how to pose and Mike will just position you if you don't mind as we go along with the shoot.

There was a large sofa and I was told to sit longways with my back to the arm cushions and to cross my legs, Ken was snapping away but said no need to smile as these are not for a family album and just be natural. He said that's great now let's get a better shot of those hot legs, I thought well this is what Steve wanted so I was reaching down but Ken said oh no you stay as you are Mike will do that for you, I felt Mike gently pull my arms back where they were then move around and unbutton three of the buttons on my dress and open it and pull the hem up so my thighs were on show. Ken said nice more please, Mike popped some more buttons and opened my dress so they could see my bare legs and dark stocking tops above.

Ken said lovely you're doing great so lets see your panties now, my stomach was churning by now but to be honest I was liking the whole thing so just let them do what they wanted. Mike then whispered okay love lift your bum up, I obeyed and he undid my dress all the way to my waist and lifted it up so my panties and suspenders could be seen. Ken said mmm how about a close up of your panties, I nodded so he came closer and Mike gently eased my legs open just enough for Ken to get some pics of the front of my by now dampening panties, his hands stroked my legs up over the tops of my nylons while Ken clicked away. Okay that's great he said, lets get your dress off then we can take a break for a drink, Mike unbuttoned it all the way up and gently slipped it over my shoulders and eased it off so i was just in my undies.

He helped me up off the sofa and we went over to the drinks table, I was ready for another strong G&T while we drank Mikes hand was around me and he was stroking my back between my shoulder blades till I was almost shaking, Ken said okay you seem to be enjoying this so let's continue, Mike will do everything for you so you can just be natural and don't be embarrassed as we have had several married women who have wanted the same thing as you.

Mike took my arm and led me back to the sofa with his other arm around my waist, before we arrived Ken said lose the bra love, Mike unclipped the strap and took it off me then his fingers touched my brown nipples which made me gasp out loud. As he positioned me back on the sofa in just my panties, stockings, suspenders and shoes he bent and kissed me on the lips, my tongue was in his mouth and he was lifting up my legs and easing my legs open, his hand was pulling my panties to the side and Ken was taking shots of my by now wet fanny, he was saying shit you're hairy and I felt Mikes fingers playing with my fanny lips and clitty till i was crying out with pleasure.

Ken said fuck she's loving it and how sweet it is to have a hot married woman as horny as you are being stripped and more by a stranger. Mike had his dick out and moved over me, I felt the tip touch my fanny lips so I reached down to guide him in, while he fucked me Ken came over and after taking some pics started to wank near my bare tits before shooting his spunk all over them.

Mike and I came almost at the same time, he shot what seemed like a gallon of semen into me before pulling out and having me suck the cum off the end of his cock.

We had another drink and i got dressed, Ken said we don't have to put all the pics in the collection but if hubby ever asks for any more risky shots we can add them later.

I was in a daze driving home, Mikes semen was still sticky in my fanny and fanny hairs and my stocking tops had stains where some had soaked them.

I hope Steve appreciates the effort.