Written by Don

29 Dec 2017

Wendy & Don Part 5

Wendy is a married woman who l have matured into a sexy lady over the years l have known her and been her lover she is older than me but was sexually immature when we first met (see Wendy part 1 the first meeting) but has now blossom into a very sexy lady who always like to be fucked. When Wendy husband wasn't on the night shift, I use to go around early in the morning before my work as her husband would be doing the morning shift at the factory and would leave around 5-30 and on this occasion, so l got there at 6am and l had my own key to let myself in as that was how close we were and Wendy had sent me a text that all was clear, when l entered the bedroom Wendy was asleep still in her cotton nightgown and l quickly undressed and slipped under the covers to cuddle up to her and run my hands under her gown around her lovely large tits which l loved to play with the big nipples which would respond to my playing and as Wendy awoke she said she hadn't had a shower yet because she fell asleep again after texting me the all clear, l said l didn't mind she smelt wonderful but she said that her husband had woken early and while she was sleeping on her side he had pulled up her nightgown and pushed his cock into her cunt and began fucking her from behind which obviously woke her up but she couldn't do anything and just lay there thinking of me and trying to pretend it was me who was fucking her, Wendy's husband doesn't get to fuck her much so this was one of the few times and he doesn't bother with any foreplay or kissing just banging her cunt, which he had done till he shot his cum into Wendy's cunt and there was a lot of it she said as he hadn't had her for some weeks. Wendy wanted to get up and shower and wash her husbands cum out of her and his cum juice on her fanny and legs off. But l was so aroused by her early fuck by her husband that l had to go down on her and taste her lovely cunt, l pushed off the bed covers and pushed her nightgown up over her abdomen and as Wendy's pulled up her legs and bent her knees so l had a good access to her pussy lips which l could see we're already leaking her husband cum, l started to lick and suck up as much as was available and there was an ammonia smell to his cum but l did so enjoyed the taste of his cum and Wendy's own cunt juices and kept working my tongue into her and using my fingers to try and scoop out more of her hubbies cum, l was so into my own enjoyment and arousal that l didn't appreciate that Wendy was now having a massive orgasm and started vibrating and bucking under my tongue and fingers and crying out she was cuming and cuming at which point l slid my finger into her anal passage to feel the orgasm and her muscles pulsating and contracting and to stimulate her more and keep her enjoying her orgasm for as long as possible. After this l had to get on top of her and fuck her with my very hard and rigid cock, which l slid right up inside her without stopping and as soon as l had penetrated Wendy as far as l could l turned and twisted my body so l was now lying across her forming a cross with my cock deep in her and started to fuck her like this, which give her cunt a great feeling but also allows Wendy to play with my balls and to arse fuck me with her finger, which is a great turn on for both of us and she loves to have a finger in my arse when l start to cum as she can feel the contacting as l shoot my load and then just lay there with my cock slowly shrinking as Wendy continues the bum fucking.

Later we just lay there next to each other and l tell her just how much that has turned me on and after we had a coffee l then have to fuck wendy again from behind while she is standing bent over the bed taking all my cock into her cunt and l am being as hard as l can at fucking her finally cuming again but not so much cum this time. Wendy loves the loving attention l give her and the fact that l have always made sure she is satisfied and loved, she accommodates my other sexual requests of meeting other guys because she doesn't want to lose me or my attention and puts up with our away sessions with the other gay guys.

Our next adventure was to meet up late one afternoon after Wendy had finished work and with a couple of guys in Northants at an old former police house, when we got there Dave showed us in and introduced Martin who was there and we sat in the lounge watching a massive TV screen on the wall showing porn movies from a porn movie web site, this was a good turn on and helped to relax the situation as Wendy hadn't met these guys before and neither had l, we got chatting about sex and what we liked and all the boys including myself were into gays and other guys but Wendy was an obvious attraction they wanted to see more of in more ways than one. After a lot of heavy petting and kissing l manage to undue Wendy's blouse and get her bra off exposing her ample breasts to the guys who continue to watch as l work on Wendy in front of them sucking and playing with her nipples after about twenty minutes of lovely fun l undress Wendy fully and sat her back into the coach we're on while l then strip off in front of her so the boys can watch us, Martin comes over as l sit next to Wendy and he starts to play with my cock and then starts to suck me off while Wendy is watching and is enjoying seeing me being sucked off by another guy and in a expert way, Dave now joins us sitting on the other side of Wendy and starts to kiss her passionately whilst fondling her beautiful breasts and nipples and l take her tit nearest me and start sucking it really hard whilst enjoying my cock being sucked. This continues for a long while with the porn video playing in the background but by now we all concentrating on giving Wendy a good time and with that Dave has his fingers up Wendy's cunt and really enjoying stimulating her and then alternating between kissing her mouth or her tit as l continue to suck her other tit and rubbing my right hand on her fuzzy cunt near where Dave is massaging her clitoris and bringing Wendy to an massive orgasm in front of the three of us and we each just watch Wendy riding through her pleasure and there is no greater sight then to see a woman bucking and riding a massive orgasm completely lost in her own world of erotic pleasure and in this case Wendy was all of this and more.

After this we all headed upstairs naked Dave having undressed for the main course and Wendy was on the bed again this time it was Martin who was sampling her gorgeous pussy and using his tongue to great effect at pleasuring Wendy and I was busy working on Dave sucking his cock as Wendy watched me and as far as she knew this was my first cock sucking and placed her hand on my head to push me down further onto Dave 6 inch shaft as well as giving me her approval and then l am licking Dave anal arse hole as l am now going to give him the fucking he has be gagging for all night and the reason I am there and Wendy is going to help me!

Dave moves off the bed to squat into his curved chair which is positioned in the bedroom ready for this occasion and as he squats there Wendy moves around the front of the chair to kiss Dave and holding each of her tits slip one into his mouth and then the other and while Wendy's doing this l am licking Dave arse hole and sticking my tongue in as far as possible and enjoying myself as Dave keeps repositioning his arse to get the best feeling and getting comfortable and then it's time to get my cock into Dave and l am ready and get Wendy to come back around and to take charge of getting my cock into Dave's arse and something she never done before and something l so wanted to see her do, Dave's hole was well lubricated with my saliva and as Wendy try's to open the hole first with her fingers and then positioning the tip of my cock into Dave, l slowly push my cock in whilst enjoying Wendy's attention to detail and then l am right in with my balls smacking against his bum cheeks. Wendy moves back to the front of the chair and lifts her tits back into Dave waiting mouth but then leaning forward and kissing me over Dave's head while he continues to suck Wendy's tits and l was fucking his tight arse into a frenzy and finally getting Wendy back to mastibate my balls and play with Dave's cock which was also accessible and this extra attention pushes me over the edge and l am pumping my cum into Dave's tight arse and loving it especially Wendy milking my balls and feeling me as l shoot my cum. Wendy finishes Dave's cock off by wanking him off and his shooting a load of cum into her hands while l stay inside his tight arse.

This was a further sexual development for Wendy for which she was now fully aware of what guys really liked and enjoyed especially gay guys but as previously stated the guys always looked after Wendy and treated Wendy like a sexy queen which she truly is.

There is more to tell and further adventures with Wendy both with other guys and sometimes on her own with me, so please continue to follow my true stories of Wendy & Don and l am sorry for typos as l get excited writing these true stories l do make mistakes and l am not good at correcting what l have just written and auto correct can be a pig, so enjoy, encourage, criticise, suggest improvements but most of all enjoy as one day you might meet Wendy & me!