Written by Hottreacle

20 May 2009

I had joined a married dating site as I wanted to get more sex than I was having at home and also enjoy sex again with a girl that I really fancied! Indeed I had met a few women for coffee and had got used to hearing all the stories of why they had joined and met some very interesting people. It had all be very interesting but I had yet to meet someone I wanted to be with! Well that all changed one day while checking my messages at work as there was one form a girl who was mixed race and looked like Halle Berry with bigger tits! I thought it was too good to be true and she must be a midget as I had only seen a head shot!

Anyway I replied and eagerly awaited a reply it came quickly with her mobile so I sent a text asking if she would like to chat we did and we ended up arranging to meet for coffee at lunch time! I was a bag of nerves but got there early and got a seat as Costa coffee does get crowded! Anyway after nursing my coffee and a semi she arrived. The perfect height at 5’5 gorgeous face and did I mention those tits yes they were real. She was also 6 years younger than me so I decided to play it safe and hopefully I would get the chance to meet up with her again she kept on looking at her watch so I thought I was doing really badly she said that she needed to get back to work on time.

Well I walked her back to her office as my car was parked nearby and we said goodbye etc.

I drove back to work thinking that it was nice just to talk to someone so hot! Anyway before I knew it I had a text saying that she was free tonight and would I like to meet up for a meal well I couldn’t believe my luck and said that I would love to and arranged a nice meal at a Italian close by. The meal flew by and this time the conversation flowed she had only had a glass of wine while I had sipped mine and she asked why I hadn’t drunk more and I said that if I did I would have to book a hotel as I was against drink driving! I thought she would have taken offence to this comment but before you knew it I felt her legs rubbing up and down mine! Well we didn’t have dersert in the restaurant and then we had our first kiss in the car wow it was like I has stuck an electric plug in my mouth. She tasted even better than she looked. I told her I needed some more petrol and while in the garage I got some condoms as I thought the evening was going so well.

The search for a hotel was on with the only condition was that I was to take her home afterwards…..no problem I thought especially with he sat nav! The only problem I had now was her stroking my crotch while I was driving and trying to book a hotel over the phone. I was hard like a rhino!

Eventually we got to a hotel and as I had not been with someone else in such a long time there was a bit of awkwardness in that she did not want me to see her underwear for some reason I had to reassure her I was just happy to be in the room! Once we had got under the covers we just seemed to fit! It was amazing in that we got a rhythm really quick and I had not yet entered her. She was using her hands to good effect and my pre cum was leaking of over bum while I was kissing and massaging those wonderful breasts. We seemed to be exploring each others bodies and very like to hungry fat kids desperate for cake! Once I got down to liking her inner thing she just pulled my head towards her sex….I so wanted to taste her and it was good she was grinding on my tongue and so I took the opportunity to lubricate my finger and insert it into her anus I could feel her come through her back passage and the juices were flowing so much that my thirst was quenched. She was desperate to fuck! I eased my way into her and even though she was wet she was really nice and tight to and she was using her muscles to good effect! I was desparate not to come as I had not put the condom on yet! She on the other hand was moving my legs outside hers and was getting into the groove it was just so good I have never come so hard in all my life! I then started to finger her anus as we lay side by side making love and kissing passionately I could feel her coming again on my cock and on my finger how I did not come was beyond me!

She then asked me to get the condom out which I did and she popped it into her mouth and slid it on to throbbing penis! She turned her back to me and rode me for all she was worth and I held on to her bum and tits unfortunately I could not carry for as long I would have liked and I came in buckets! We just lay there with me still inside her and then realised we had been at it for 2 hours and we both had to get home. The ride home in the car was fantastic and she sucked me off all the way through central London just to make sure I was clean for when we got home! What a girl as we said it was like movie sex! We carried on an affair for six months but it had to come to an end but the sex was just unbelievable. So if there are any ladies who would like to discuss this further I would love to hear from you!