Written by deviant64

20 Aug 2010

That first night sealed the deal in my mind. A girl with such a dirty mouth held such intrigue, I set about finding out more.

Lesley was thirty, blonde highlighted hair, attractive, a great smile, 40dd tits with nipples like cigar butts a great figure considering she had two kids and had a healthy stock of naughty underwear and always wore a g string on her nights out.

She was in the process of getting divorced and with him out of the way it wasn't long before I was a regular visitor to her council house. A little foreplay would be followed by her literally standing up, stripping off and lying on the floor for me to fuck her as her kids slept upstairs. As I pumped her she played with her clit bringing herself off.

To get me there she would offer words of encouragement:

I want you too shoot your spunk right up me, come on I know you like fucking slags like me, fucker me harder you cunt, tell me what I am.

You're a dirty fucking scrubber, you dirty slag I mouthed in her ear as I came deep inside her cunt.

Oh yes thats it baby, shoot it all.

Withing weeks I discovered she had been playing about for about 5 years, getting dressed up and going out on either a Friday or Saturday night while he babysat.

As we lay there one night (the kids staying at her mothers) I asked about her marriage and when she first started to mess around.

About 5 years ago, I was 25, caught him in bed with a girl staying at our house. Decided what's good for the goose etc

So the first time, when was it, I asked

I had gone away with the girls on a coach trip to a well known seaside town, had a few drinks, had men swooning all round me and thought why not. Ended up on the beach with him fingering me while a tossed him off.

Did he fuck you?


So when did you cross that line?

The following week.

Where and who with

The bouncer of the club in town. I waited for him and he had me in the front seat of his car. My legs were up on the dashboard, while he fucked me.

What were you wearing?

Stockings, black g string, high heels, short skirt.

Tell me

His cock was so big and I became his regular fuck, week after week he fucked me in the car park, spunked up me and dropped me off around the corner with spunk oozing out of my cunt.

Did your ex ever suspect?

He nearly caught me one night when he was walking the dog, and I was being fucked in the front seat of a car around the corner. Fortunately we just stopped in time and drove off with me crouching down.

The following week I had her dressing up in something she had been fucked in and waiting for me on the bed.

A very short green dress complete with stockings and black g string.

As I fingered her, she told me about being taken from behind by a lad she had just met after going to a club where you drink as much as you like for a set price.

He took me round the back, I had my leg up on some steps while he fucked me hard. My green dress was around my waist as he fucked me and spunked up my cunt.

You really are a dirty slag I said as I slipped my cock into her wet cunt, within a few pushes I had emptied my spunk into her cunt.

I have loads more of her if you want to hear