Written by deviant64

21 Aug 2010

We worked through a series of outfits, all of which showed off her sexy body and each one with a great story.

She had been fingered at the bar of our local nightclub and subsequently ended up hanging out of his car in the car park being fucked doggy style with her little yellow dress pulled up over her arse (it only just covered it in the first place).

One night a bloke shouted "i'm going to fuck you" and apparently he did, in the cellar of the same nightclub. He literally pushed her through the door up against a wall and fucked before returning to his beer at the back of the bar. I was so turned on by all these stories that it sometimes took three fucks before she reached the end. Knowing what a dirty slag she was I fucked with all kinds of things, bananas, carrots, cucumbers, my FIST was a regular, where she often squirted. She loved me to grease her up and sometimes my cock would be alongside something else that I had shoved up her. However for all this, she struggled to get by bulbous cock up her arse. She had beenarse fucked but usually by long thin cocks. I had to get her very pissed, grease her up and then an inch or two was enough for her to come everywhere.

It wasn't long before I was babysitting and she was out clubbing. I gave her a curfew of 3.00am and would hear totaxi pulling away and her strappy sandals clipping up the path.

She would get into bed always with her g string on. She was always freezing cold which told me she had been outide for a good hour of so. As she sucked my prick into life, I could smell stale, alcolhol, perfume, aftershave, sweat and smoke (long before smoking ban)

Have you been whoring I asked as she sucked my cock into life. Holding my cock and licking around the base she said, what do you think.

I got her to put her arse in the air allowing me to finger her while I laid on my back, she sucking my cock.

Her cunt was wet, had obviously been played with, but I couldn't detect any spunk.

I lifted my head and tried to sniff and lick her cunt, a sweet smell, definately no spunk.

I held her head, pushed it right down on my cock and told her to suck like a $50 dollar whore.

Soon after she climbed aboard and while I played with her massive tits, she played with her clit while riding me, telling me that she had a lot of offers and had been fingered by a chap she shared a cab with. Hew wanted to take her back and fuck her but she was short on time. I soon shot my load.

All this continued for months and months until I stayed out all night. A girl at work made it obvious she wanted me, flashed her stocking tops and I obliged by going home on a friday night, fucking her brains out. She was a posh bird and somehow the dirty vocabulary just wasn't there. She came several times but I felt short changed.......Just not dirty enough.

I get home to find a bag in the hallway with a few things packed, and so within 30mins I'm back at the posh birds place.

The following week I get a flat and have to return to pick up somes clothes etc. Low and behold, who's in the house........my best mate!!

Well he knew what a dirty slag Lesley was because I had told him most of the stuff she had done and all he tthings I had done with her.

Why don't you stay etc all nicey nicey. Within seconds I was out of there, good luck to you mate, she loves cock you know that.

I carried on fucking the posh bird and gradually set about educating her in what was required to get me shooting my load. This went on for several weeks and work colleagues started to make themselves busy around my affairs.

At work I received a letter from Lesley, severasl pages apologising and wanting me to meet her to talk.

The following week she turns up at the flat. I opened the door, her hair had been cut short, wearing a black dress, high heels and I would have put a months salary that she would have all the gear on underneath.

She came, I gave her a glass of wine and sat opposite, her on the sofa me on a chair.

We exchanged small talk and I asked what she had been up to. Nothing much, I'm missing you I know that which is why I wrote.

Have you been getting plenty of cock? I asked, no she replied. Don't take me for a cunt, are you really trying to tell me that when I visited and Mick was there, he wasn't fucking you.

No she replied. Look this is me, I know what a slag you are, so if you want some sort of reconciliation I want chapter and verse, everything is that clear.

Ok ok, we went out for a drink with a couple of his friends, but thats all.

Carry on,

He kissed me in the bar

Did you enjoy it ?


Go on

And he kissed me in the car park

Then what

We got dropped off at home. He came in for coffee.

Where were the kids

At my mothers,

So you and him alone is that right


I don't fucking believe it, carry on and I want all the details

Well as soon as we got in the door he pushed me up against the wall, kissed me again, got his tongue right inside my mouth, groped my titis and my crutch through my trousers.

I told him no, this was not a good idea, you would go mad if you found out.

So what happened then, did he just fuck off then


Well what then,

I went into the kitchen to make coffee, he came up behind me, told me how horny I was and kissed my neck, his hand was around my waist, then he put his hand down the front of my trousers and felt my cunt

Were you wet

Soaking, his cock was pushing into my back, please don't Mick, if he finds out he will go mad. I'm not going to tell him are you he said.

He carried on fingering me while I had my arms stretched up around his head and neck.

I knew how mad you would be and broke it off, made coffee and told him that I was not going to let him fuck me. We sat on the sofa drinking coffee and chatting. I went and got out of my clothes as they stunk of smoke.

And changed into what for fuck sake ?

A small dressing gown

Unbelievable I fumed.........Carry on

I sat with my legs accross his lap and he stroked my legs as we chatted. He started to push allthe right buttons, telling me he always fancied me and you must have been mad to leave me on my own. His cock was rock hard and was almost climbing out the waitsband of his jeans. He stroked my legs, gradually getting higher and higher

So he fingered you, did he

Yes, one at first and eventually three, kissing me while he opened me up.

What are you doing to him then, while he's fingering you?

I got his cock out and tossed him off

And..... Tell me you cunt, thats my fucking best mate

He told me to suck his cock, I refused, but he wouldn't take no for an answer, he grabbed my hair and said suck it you slag. I know what a dirty fucking slag you are. He held my head and forced me right down on it. He carried on fingering me and I had to tell him how much I wanted him. I want you Mick I said.

So you fucked him


Well what the fuck happened then.

I agreed he could stay the night in the kids room

Yeah right. Don;t take me for a pillock

No seriously, it was getting late and we said goodnight at the top of the stairs. He felt my cunt again and I told him this must not be mentioned again. We put it down to the drink etc.

So that's everything is it I asked

She hesitated, not exactly.

Look I told you, I want all the details.

I woke up, it was light outside but Mick was up behind me in our bed. I could feel his cock was leaking against my arse. He was playing with my tits and pushing up against me.

And what did you do? eh

I'm not proud of this, ok, but I responded, I pushed back towards him and it was the signal he was looking for. I want you Les, I'm want to fuck you silly, you've were teasing me all last night wern't you ? Yes. Mick I want you to be fucking rude with me. Tell me what a salg I am, I love that. He had his fingers up my cunt, all four of them, I had my hand round his big cock. His cock is so much bigger than yours she said.

Fuck me Mick , get that fucking cock up my cunt, you bastard fuck me. He held my head down in the pillow and fucked my like a dog, I thouight he was gpoing to split me in two

and he told what a dirty fucking slag I was for letting him fuck me. I had to tell him that I loved his cock. I alweays wanted you Mick, I played with myself last nihght thinking about this moment. He spunked up my cunt and fucked me all morning, until I went to collect the kids.

I went and sat by her on the sofa, lifted her dress. I was right she had all the on. Open your legs I told her. I felt her G string, it was soaking. I pulled it aside and I have never touched such a wet fanny. turned you on telling me everything?


I opened her right up and FISTED her there and then. She squirted everywhere. She stood up, lifted her dress over her head, and stood there in G string and stockings, come on, come and fuck me. I took her to the bedroom bent her over and fucked her arse, far deeper than I had done previously. I made her tell him as I was fucking her. Fuck me Mick, Fuck me please Mick fuck me.

His time with her became a regular feature, and she always knew how to get me off, just mentioning her time with my mate.

Any more for any more

Well as soon as