Written by Jack

28 Nov 2011

Fiona and I have been married for almost ten years and are both thirty three. Her mum, Stephanie is about fifty five and was widowed two years ago. Stephanie had always struck me as being a bit prim and proper, a member of the church ladies flower arranging committee and things. A few months ago, Fiona told me she thought her mum was meeting a man. I had noticed that her mum, had a new hair style with highlights which made her look younger and seemed to be wearing, tighter more revealing clothes, skirts a little shorter. Once or twice when she was wearing a tight skirt I was certain I could see the tell tale bumps of suspenders, but oddly no visible outline of panties, not even when she bent to pick something up and the skirt was stretched over her bum. Good luck to her if she'd found a new guy, she's attractive, and with her new look I realised actually has a decent figure, a nice bum, though her tits looked quite small.

In the summer she went on holiday with a “friend” not specifically saying it was her bloke, but that's what we both thought. It was about a month after she returned she phoned and asked if she could bring her laptop over for me to look at, because it seemed to be running slowly. No problem, and that afternoon she brought it over, sitting out in the garden with Fiona while I had a look at her laptop. It was certainly slow, I left it to defrag, then did a disk cleanup which took a while. I spent the time looking at her holiday photos, finding several of her in a bikini, some with her laid on her front without her top, wearing just a thong. I couldn't see her tits but she was practically naked, her body looked fit, great legs and I felt a definite stirring. The cleanup finished, but I checked first what was in the recycle bin, checking the files, two photo folders, deleted that morning, caught my attention. My first thought was she'd done it accidentally, trying to get the laptop working. I decided I'd restore them, have a look and then delete them again if they were rubbish.

I opened the first folder, about a hundred plus photos the first ones displayed in a grid of small pictures, large enough to see she was topless. I quickly scrolled down another couple of rows, pictures to small to see detail, but clear enough to see that they were full frontal nude. I imagine she'd copied them to a disk so I wouldn't see them and deleted them assuming they'd gone. I didn't have time to look in detail, just opening two or three for a quick look, quickly realising I'd want to view them at leisure, when I saw her laid on a beach, legs slightly parted, revealing her shaved pussy. I grabbed a memory stick, copied both folders over, without looking at the second, before deleting them again and cleaning the disk. I quickly ran a utilities programme which fixed several errors, rebooted and was able to give her back her laptop running properly.

It was the evening, when Fiona goes out with her friends to the nearby city, often sleeping over with one of them as we live out in a small town, before I could look at them properly. Opening the first folder, setting it to slideshow, I sat as one photo after another flashed up on the screen. Prim and proper she was not. Back to the first picture, I looked at each picture in turn, her nude on a beach, I'd been right about her tits, small and pert, tipped by long stiff nipples. Photos of her laid on her back, opening her shapely legs wider and wider, displaying her cunt, in some holding her pussy lips stretching her hole open, smiling at the camera looking as if she was really enjoying herself. Shots of her in the sea, walking up the beach naked. Pictures in the hotel room, dressed in stockings suspenders, sexy underwear, then in a club in a short skirt and see through top. I continued opening each photo, finding more of her naked, laid on a bed, fingering her pussy, pulling her long nipples. The next series were seriously hot and pornographic. Stephanie, straddling one mans head, her cunt pressed to his mouth, whilst she sucked the cocks of two guys standing either side. The next pictures of that set showed her laid back on top of one guy, his cock in her pussy, then shots of another guy on top, sliding his cock in too, DPing her. The last pictures showed her laid with her legs open, creampied and scooping spunk from her cunt to her mouth. I had to stop, release my prick and have a wank.

I excitedly opened the second folder, fewer photos and taken only the previous weekend. Once again she was naked, just wearing stockings and heels, her pussy shaved except there was now a narrow landing strip. The photos had been taken at night, with a flash and showed her laid on what looked like a picnic table, using a vibrator to masturbate, watched by several men, whose faces were indistinct or in shadow. I wondered where they were taken, a bit disappointed there were none of her being fucked. I got to the final photo, a picture of her crouching, legs open, obviously after being fucked, spunk dangling from her hole and the location became clear. Next to her, a car park sign in a forest about half an hour away. I couldn't imagine she'd done this sort of thing with her husband and guessed that her new bloke had somehow persuaded her.

I went through the photos several times, laughing to myself “No wonder she's been looking so happy lately” I looked at the time, half past nine. Looked at the date/time on the photos, taken between 11pm and quarter to one, exactly a week previously. Would she be there again? I was tempted to drive out and see, but resisted. I looked at them all again, had another wank, imagining I was fucking her. Ten thirty, arrived, I could be there by eleven, Fiona wouldn't be home until the morning. Well if any of you could have resisted you're a better man than me. I picked up my keys and drove to the location the photos had been taken.

I almost changed my mind several times but continued, the urge to see my mother in law being fucked overwhelming common sense. It crossed my mind that maybe I could fuck her if it was really dark, without her realising, then trying to dismiss it as being to risky as well as stupid. But!!! What if she was there!!! What if it was dark!!! Maybe I could get away with it, my throbbing cock thought so. I drove into the car park, slowly with just the sidelights on. Passed one car parked in darkness, shapes visible inside, another vehicle in a dark corner, interior lights on, I slowed as I passed it, something happening, two perhaps more men outside looking in. I parked and made my way over, close enough to see it wasn't Stephanie. I watched for about 10 minutes, the woman, being fucked in the car, with the door open, encouraging a couple of guys to wank and cum on her. I stayed until they splattered her tits with spunk then returned to my car. I waited until well after midnight. The couple I'd watched left. Two or three cars arrived, drove around slowly and left, men looking for a bit of action I supposed. Of Stephanie and her guy there was no sign, a real anti climax.

Stephanie called round one evening during the week. I suppose you could say I looked at her in a whole new light. All I could think of was her naked, being fucked by two or three blokes, rather distracting when she was chatting having to repeat things to me. She caught me looking at her bum, raising an eyebrow and smiling, I wondered what she would have said if she'd known I was thinking of her shaved pussy, and whether she was wearing any panties, I was certain she wasn't. After she'd gone Fiona said how happy her mum seemed and how much younger she looked with her new hairstyle and sexier clothes she'd bought in the last few months, instead of the frumpy things she used to wear. “This man she's met seems to be doing her good, whoever he is” If only you knew I thought, He and numerous others are definitely doing her, and not in the way you think. Images of her dogging flashed through my mind as I became more intent on watching her fuck. Even when I had sex with Fiona, it was her mother I imagined I was fucking.

The following weekend was out, Fiona wasn't meeting her friends, the weekend after I'd promised to take her out for a meal. The next weekend I had to pick up Fiona at midnight, left earlier, detouring via the car park, arrived about eleven, staying for half an hour, once again no sign of her. Everything seemed to be conspiring against me, I viewed the photos and wanked nearly every day which made me more determined to see her shagging.

I finally got the opportunity to go again after four long weeks. This time I decided to go passed her house on the way. I slowed, her car was on the drive, not good, but the house was in darkness and it looked as if no one was in. I drove on, deciding if it was worth continuing, saw a phone box, pulled in and rang her number, no reply she was definitely out. That decided me, worth a try, heading off to the forest park.

A quick drive round, it was a bit earlier than last time, definitely something happening next to one car and inside another. I parked nearby, and went to check out the cars I'd seen. In one a woman was being watched sucking a blokes cock, the other the woman was leaning inside a car giving a bloke a blow job, while another man fucked her from behind, watched by four guys wanking. Unfortunately neither were Stephanie, I stood watching for about 10 minutes until a car drove in and I went back to my car in case I missed her.

What was happening was in the area furthest from the entrance, my car parked about 50 metres away so anyone arriving had to pass me. I was beginning to get a bit disheartened after 30 minutes, nothing had arrived, though I could see one of the woman was getting a good seeing to. I heard a vehicle arriving, driving slowly into sight, a sodding Transit van, a car following it. It got closer, the cab light on and as it passed, Stephanie looking out of the open window, directly at me. I ducked down, but she couldn't possibly have seen me sat in darkness. I had a second panic, what if she'd recognised the car, but there must be thousands of silver Fiestas the same. The van pulled up, the door opened and she got out, didn't appear to be taking any interest in my car as she took off her coat and put it in the van. Fucking hell she looked a slut in a leather micro mini, which didn't cover her stocking tops, shoes with heels 4 or 5 inches high, and an open waistcoat, her little tits uncovered. She looked amazing, fantastic legs, it was difficult to believe she is fifty five.

The car pulled up next to the van and four youngish men got out, watching as she opened the rear doors of the van and switched on the lights. The guy who was driving the van came into view, aged around forty and said something to the four men then spoke to Stephanie. I saw her nodding, then taking off the waistcoat and rolling the skirt down her legs, putting both in the van. She wasn't wearing panties and sat in the back of the van, parted her legs, picking up a bottle pouring some of the contents on her fingers and started rubbing her pussy. I was to far away to see clearly, but outside the lit area at the back of the van, it was dark and about fifteen yards from her some bushes in shadow. I decided I could get closer without being seen and made my way round to watch.

I could see and hear clearly now, her pussy was fully shaved again, but now she had a piercing, a ring through her clit hood and similar larger rings through her long, hard nipples. She had two or three fingers in her cunt, clearing enjoying being watched wanking, pouring more lubricant on her fingers before picking up a vibrator and using it to fuck herself. The four guys had their cocks out stroking their erections, but the guy she'd arrived with was busy videoing her. She spread her legs wider, shoving the vibe in and out, using her other hand on her clit until after about 10 minutes she came. She pulled the vibe from her pussy and got out the van asking who wanted their cock sucked before they fucked her. The bloke videoing asked if they minded being filmed, no one objected and she crouched, a cock in each hand wanking it while another was pushed in her mouth, sucking it before moving on to the next every 20 or so seconds.

My cock was uncomfortably hard so I released it and started slowly stroking it. I was so engrossed I almost jumped out of my skin hen I realised someone was next to me watching. A couple more men had joined the group around the van watching and wanking. Stephanie stood and I heard her choosing who was going to fuck her first, taking hold of one guys prick and taking him to the back of the van. Resting her hands on the load floor, she bent over, spread her legs, exposing her wet gaping hole and he entered, fucking her from behind. I spoke quietly to the bloke next to me, asking if he'd seen her before, after information. He told me she'd been there most Saturdays, but this was the first time for 5 or 6 weeks, suggesting maybe it was because of her new piercings. He told me she was usually fucked by at least six guys, that he'd been asked if he wanted to fuck her but just liked to watch. It sounded as if I hadn’t missed anything, but it also appeared that there would be further opportunities to see her.

We continued watching as she was fucked by four men, all taking her from behind, and cumming inside her. With the noise she made when she came, more guys and a woman were watching. She called one over, got him to sit in the van then got on top, with her back to him, guided his prick to her pussy and lowered herself onto it. Opening her legs he began moving, everyone having a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. She called another guy closer, wanking his prick then pulled him between her legs. The man next to me whispered, “This is new. She's going to be DP'd. I haven't seen her do that before” he was right, she laid back, keeping still, using her fingers to pull her cunt wide open, while the guy pushed his cock in. It looked as if she'd taken them both to the hilt as they both fucked her, her bloke, moving around, videoing all the action.

I could hear her telling them to fuck her harder, demanding that they ram their cocks in deeper, using language I would never have believed she'd have used a few months ago. “Fuck my cunt you dirty bastards. Give this Slut your spunk. Go on, go on, fuck my pussy. Stretch my cunt, make me fucking cum” a constant stream of dirty language, telling them what she wanted. She started moaning, getting louder,“Ah. Ah. AH. Ah. AH. AH. OH FUCK. YES! YES! YES! OH GOD I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING. CUM INSIDE ME. GIVE ME YOUR SPUNK” She frigged her clit frenziedly, shaking as she orgasmed, taking two loads of spunk in her cunt simultaneously. Although there was a bloke I'd only just met next to me, I hadn't stopped wanking and shot a load a good heavy load.

“Fucking hell what a slut” my new friend whispered” Without thinking I whispered back “You're not wrong. She's always seemed so prim and proper” I realised what I'd said, hoping he wouldn't pick up the implication, praying he was distracted, by her. Particularly as Stephanie had clearly enjoyed being DP'd so much, she was about to do it again. It was a forlorn hope “What do you mean. Do you know her?” Shit what do I say. “Sort of” I answered. “Who is she?” he asked “Stephanie” “Yes I know that. But you know her. Come on who is she?” he pressed “My Mother in Law” I finally told him. “You're fucking joking” I assured him I wasn't, laughing quietly when he suggested I should go and fuck her. We watched as she took on two more cocks together, waiting until they'd finished having her and I left as she was pulling on her tiny skirt and waistcoat.

It was another, frustrating three weeks before I had a chance to go again, watching as she fucked and sucked 6 or 7 guys, a couple of them looking no older than 18, the man she was videoing those who didn't mind, but once again not fucking her himself. I was alone this time, wanking as she fucked. A bit of luck at last, Fiona was going away on a girly weekend so I was able to go again a fortnight later. Off I went, arriving early, going to my usual spot. The bloke I'd met before, arrived shortly after, chatting mostly about Stephanie, telling me how many guys had fucked her the previous week as we waited. A couple of cars pulled in, parking a good distance away, it looked as if something was going on there. About 15 minutes later the Transit arrived, driving slowly, almost stopping by my car, the cab lights on, Stephanie in the passenger seat, already removing her coat. I turned to speak to the guy but couldn't see him, turning back as the van stopped about 20 yards away.

Nothing happened immediately, I could hear voices, then the sound of the doors opening and closing. The van remained in darkness, with just enough moonlight to make it out. The driver walked around the back, opening the doors switching on the inside lights. Stephanie, appeared from the other side and into the illuminated area, naked except for thigh boots, behind her the guy I'd been speaking to. I knew immediately that I'd been busted and he'd told her that her son in law, or someone claiming to be had been watching her fuck. She strode over, either not believing him or unconcerned and told me to come from behind the bushes. Unconcerned was the answer, she didn't bat an eyelid, standing naked, her nipples poking out hard as I stepped into the lighter area. I tried not to stare at her cunt, noticing it already looked wet, shining with juices. I stood waiting for her to speak. She spoke, correctly assuming Fiona had no idea I was here. She moved closer, wanted to know if I enjoyed watching her, did I find her sexy. The answer to both questions was yes. She moved closer still, reaching out taking my hand, placing it on her pussy leaving her hand on top of mine. “Finger me, feel how wet my cunt is” My fingers slipped inside her hole, she pressed her hand firmly on top of mine, moving her hips, rubbing her cunt against my hand. “Umm. That's nice” she purred. She moved her hand from on top of mine, I continued fingering her, knowing I should stop but unable to summons the willpower. Then it was to late to stop, a stiff cock certainly has no conscience, obviously a sluts pussy doesn't either. Her hand was on my throbbing prick, stroking me through my jeans. “Oh that's nice and hard” moving her hand up and down. Her mouth was close to my ear, I felt her warm breath as she whispered, “Do you want to fuck me” I just about managed a strangled “Yes” letting her take my arm and lead me to the back of the van.

Three guys had arrived and stood watching as she sat in the back of the van, legs open pulling me closer, unzipping me, pulling my cock out, bending forward, taking me in her mouth sucking my cock. I was nervous being watched but it probably helped because otherwise I might have cum to quickly. She wanked my prick in her mouth, sucking, licking, taking most of my shaft. I could see she had a hand between legs, masturbating as she blew me, both of us highly aroused. She was making little sighing noises and stopped sucking me after 3 or 4 minutes, looking up at me “I want you now. Fuck me” She stood, turned around, bent over spreading her legs and told me to do her. I rubbed my prick along her gaping slit, felt her fingers on her clitoris, then I aimed at her hole, and slid my cock slowly into my Mother in Laws, surprisingly tight cunt. I felt her cunt muscles tighten as I fucked her, she invited one of the men to get in the van, sucking him as I fucked her. I wanted this to last, it might be my one and only chance (it wasn't!!) fucking her slow and deep, almost stopping when I was close to cumming, than fucking her faster. Her breathing changed, she started pushing back to take my thrusting shaft. She lifted her head from the cock she'd been sucking, looking over her shoulder, spunk dribbling from her mouth. “Cum inside me Jack. Don't pull out. I want your cum in my cunt” I felt her fingers rubbing her clit faster and harder. Her back arched, as she climaxed, shouting, “I'M CUMMING. GIVE IT TO ME. CUM NOW. CUM IN MY CUNT” I thrust into her, my cock buried as deep in her as I could manage, feeling my cock pulsing in her pussy as I shot 3 or 4 large jets of spunk in her. I don't think I've ever cum so hard or heavily, my spunk streaming from her cunt when I finally pulled out.

Another guy immediately took my place and I watched as he and four other guys fucked her. Two of them having seconds, DP'ing her and bringing her to a long noisy orgasm. She told the guys that was it for the night. I fetched her coat as she was cold now she'd stopped her energetic shagging and sat watching her clean herself up. Her guy went to sit in the cab giving us a chance to talk briefly and she asked me to go straight to her house afterwards and she would, get rid of the guy and explain things.

We decided the best place for our chat was her bed and I fucked her again first. I told her how I’d discovered the deleted photos, including the one with her next to the sign. She told me that the bloke I’d spoken to had told her I'd been there. She hadn't really believed him until she saw my car but had already decided she wanted me to fuck her if it was me. It was fairly obvious that I hadn't told Fiona what she was up to and certainly wouldn't tell her I'd fucked her Mum. I asked how long she'd been dogging. She explained that after thirty odd years of a fairly boring, marriage she'd but an ad in a dating site, “Looking for Excitement and Adventure” She'd met this guy, had some great sex, he'd suggested outdoor sex, taking her to a place he'd known they would probably be watched. It was so exciting she'd asked to do it again, he'd encouraged her to really let herself go, forget all her inhibitions, first letting guys watch her masturbate, then sucking cock, before letting another guy fuck her while he watched and videoed. She loved it and was soon letting two, three four and more men fuck her each time they went out. Even better for me I now fuck her at her house at least two or three times a week.