Written by Steven H

4 May 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the story written about a month ago of the couple who went to a sex party so that the wife could experience a gang bang. About fifteen years ago I often went to a variety of similar parties that were popular in central London and the South East at that time and it was not that unusual for couples to attend. Some of them came to watch other people having sex while others were exhibitionists who wanted to fuck in front of an audience and of course some came for the full experience.

I recall one party that was held in an upmarket apartment in a modern tower block close to Canary Wharf with views across the Thames and the Millennium Dome. It was more than four times the usual fee that I generally paid with other parties but I had recently received a substantial bonus so I thought that I would treat myself. The website said that there was a limit of twelve male guests and the four girls that would be present were all genuine porn stars.

I knew as soon as I entered the apartment that I had made the right choice, the four girls were dressed in sexy lingerie and all four were stunning. I was one of the last men to arrive so after I had taken a shower and put on a dressing gown I rejoined everybody in the lounge. The girls were telling lurid stories about their recent trip to the States where they had all made a series of porno movies.

One of the two male hosts told the girls that it was time for them to get to work, three of the girls led a group of men to the single large bedroom while the fourth started a slow strip in front of the remaining men. I went into the bedroom, all three girls were naked on the bed, one was on her back with a mans head between her spread legs while the other two were already fucking, most of the men had their gowns open and were stroking their cocks to get erect while waiting to take their turn with the girls. The girl closest to me was being fucked from behind and reached for the belt on my gown as soon as she took my hard cock in her hand she pulled me closer and I slipped it into her mouth. It did not take long before her efficient blowjob caused me to unload my semen into her mouth, she looked up at me and showed me the pool of my semen on her tongue before she swallowed the lot.

I left the room and returned to the lounge to relax and take a beer, the girl who had remained in the room was sitting naked in a large white leather armchair busy sucking the cock of one man standing beside her and wanking the cock of another, one of the hosts asked her to be careful not to get cum stains on the furniture, she told him that he should know by now that she always swallowed.

It was about this time that a middle aged couple arrived, they were both well dressed and the woman was what I would describe as a MILF, good looking with great curves. They stood talking to the hosts for a while then sat on a sofa with a drink watching the girl in the armchair as she finished with the two men.

One of the hosts went to the bedroom and told everybody inside that it was now time for the girls to take a break, the lounge gradually filled up and then the couple were told that the bedroom was vacant. They went into the room and closed the door behind them. A few minutes later the male reappeared and told the room that his wife was now ready, he also told everybody to ensure that condoms were used for sex but were not necessary for oral, also saying that anal contact was out of bounds.

There was a sudden rush of men to the bedroom and I was one of them, the MILF was nude on her back in the centre of the bed, the lack of white bits showed that she had obviously been sunbathing topless recently. Unlike the girls she had a bush of dark hair between her legs. Her eyes were covered by a fitted black blindfold. Some men immediately started to feel her large tits and one bent down to suck on her huge brown nipples. One of the oldest men had already put a condom over his cock, he eased her legs apart and got on his knees between them, he lifted her legs up to his shoulders and after rubbing his cock between her pussy lips a few times he pushed it into her cunt. The woman cried "Oh yes, FUCK ME, FUCK ME" as he moved in and out of her. She thrust her hips back at him each time that he pushed deep into her.

One of the men who had been enjoying sucking her tits moved up and rubbed his cock over her face, she put her tongue out and licked the head until he pushed it between her lips into her mouth.

She was wanking the cock of another man with one of her free hands. The man fucking her groaned and with a final thrust he climaxed. He stayed still inside her for a while then as soon as he pulled his cock out of her another man took over fucking her. The man with his cock in her mouth moved away dripping cum onto her face.

A couple of the girls had come into the room to watch but they were soon in demand, one was quickly on her knees sucking and wanking the cocks of the men leaning against the wall, while the other was laying face down on the edge of the bed next to the MILF with a cock in her pussy. She was one of the girls that I had been eager to fuck so as soon as she was available I rubbered up and fucked her holding her tight arse in my hands.

The girl who had been cocksucking by the wall suddenly stood up and cried out that she had spunk in her eye and made a dash to the bathroom to splash water on her face.

Back in the lounge the other two girls were also busy, one was squatting on the cock of a man sitting the sofa and the other was giving the husband of the MILF a blowjob with his cock poking out of his suit trousers. She soon finished him off and a man whispered something to her, she said "OK" and they both went to the bathroom and locked the door. In the bedroom there was still a queue waiting to fuck or have oral with the MILF , she was covered with blobs of cum across her tits even in her hair.

About an hour later the MILF came out of the bedroom and went to the bathroom, after her shower she came naked into the lounge and her husband found her clothes and handed them to her. After she had dressed they both had a few more drinks before leaving.

In a way I was slightly disappointed that I did not get to fuck the MILF but this was still one of the best parties that I had ever been to. "Oh", I did finally get to fuck the other porn star.