Written by Genuine Photographer

18 Jan 2017

Hi I've written about my photography before on here but this was such a lovely surprise, it's not your normal story where she has the biggest boobs or she couldn't wait to get them out but it is a very true account of what happened.

Over the Christmas period we went away to visit family, we departed on the 21st and stayed with our daughter, we had a couple of meals out one on the 21st and one on the 22nd, I had arranged to meet a good mate of mine for a drink in town on the 23rd, so I headed off and went to town I was about half hour early, it wasn't a problem as we were meeting in at the local Weatherspoons, as I walk in I noticed a lady sitting on her own in a bay but paid little attention and went to the bar and ordered my drink.

I stood at the bar and after about five minutes the said lady came over and said "Aren't you speaking tonight then" as I turned around I was taken back it was a lady whom I had known from around 10 years ago a friend of our daughters by the name of Sally, I apologised and offered her a drink, she looked stunning from the last time I had seen her, I know she is 42 around 5'4" long album hair with a lovely figure and lovely looking with a dress that had a zip right up the front, just partly pulled down to show a bit of her cleavage, and very nice she looked to.

Sally said come and sit over here with me, I explained I was waiting for my mate whom Sally knew as well, that's fine were chat till he gets here then, so we sat down and exchanged bits and pieces as you do, then she asked if I still do photography so I told her I did but since moving away to the coast it's been very slow, I suppose because I'm not known around their yet, oh that's a shame I've seen some of your work and it's very good, I thanked her for the compliment and she said if you had more time I would like some photos done, oh right I said so what would you like taken then, some really sexy ones loke you take as I'm getting no younger and would love to capture myself before it all starts to hang south lol, you have a long way to go yet Sally you have a great figure, in fact I couldn't believe how great you looked when I saw you.

Thank you she said with a kiss on the cheek and then she whispered in my ear "I also want some fun in the shoot are you up for that" I said I don't know especially as you know our daughter Sally, what goes on in the shoot stays in the shoot she said, well lets see what happens Sally shall we, with that the zip was pulled down slightly to reveal a bit more boob, there hows that, you are a tease I said, with that my mate walked in he came over we greeted each other and then he noticed Sally he couldn't believe his eyes, I apologised and said I would have to go but I'm up again in April if she still wants a shoot as I always take my camera gear everywhere I go, I would enjoy that she said so we exchanged contacts and we left, of course the conversation turned straight to Sally, my mate couldn't believe how good she looked, I said nor can I.

Since returning home I have received about 100 text from Sally telling me just what she wants shot, so in April I will tell you just how it goes and to be honest I can't wait either.