Written by Don

14 May 2012

I booked in to my usual hotel feeling tired and miserable. I'd had a bad day, as the firm's top salesman something that always depressed me even if it did not happen very frequently. When it did happen, it somehow always made me think of my late wife, Kate was my soulmate but she had died of cancer eighteen months before.

I stripped off and went into the en-suite and under the shower. After washing I stood for a minute or two under the hottest water I could stand before turning it off and stepping out to dry myself. With the towel in my hand I went back into the room, there was a an exclamation of 'Oh!', a woman's voice. I turned and saw a rather attractive looking woman standing just inside the door. 'I'm terribly sorry,' the woman, who was dressed in the hotel's maids uniform of light blue smock-style dress, said, 'I must have the wrong room number.' She was staring at my exposed cock, not having had sex for over two years and confining my masturbating to about twice a month, it was hanging heavily. I hastily wrapped the towel round me. The woman had a pile of bedlinen on her arm, 'Oh, I really am so sorry, I hope I didn't embarrass you too much?' 'Er... no.... no, it's alright,' I stuttered.

She came closer, 'Are you feeling alright?' she asked, 'If you don't mind me saying , you do look rather distressed.' Tears came to my eyes, I said, 'It's not your fault, I've had a very bad day businesswise and I lost my wife eighteen months ago, when I get down it all seems to come back to me,' I sat down on the bed, heavily.

'You poor dear,' she commented, she came closer still, 'is there anything I can do to help?'

'I don't think so,' I replied.

'Well, my name is Shirley, you're probably thinking that I don't understand how you feel, but I do. You see eight years ago I lost my husband very suddenly, we had a great marriage and it was such a shock, took me years to get over it. So I know exactly how you are feeling right now. Of course I missed everything about him, I know that this will sound terrible but the very worst thing was the intimacy, just being close to each other and, of course, more importantly the sex.'

'Christ,' I thought, 'she knows exactly how I feel.' Out loud I said, 'I couldn't have put it better myself, it does sound terrible, I have never mentioned it to anyone before but that is exactly how I feel. It makes me feel disloyal to Kate, my wife, even if she isn't here.'

'I know, I know, darling,' Shirley came and sat beside me on the bed, 'but of course it isn't you know, it's just a man, or woman's, natural desires, you can't do anything about that now can you?'

'No, I suppose not.'

'Well, darling, I have the solution. I finish my shift at eight o'clock and I imagine that you want your dinner, so let me come back, say about half-past eight and we'll see if I can't get you out of the glooms, deal?' Shirley was smiling.

I couldn't help but respond to such a nice woman so I agreed. Shirley went to find out what room she should have been in and I got dressed and went to dinner. I returned to my room just before eight and waited until there was a quiet tap on the door. I got up and let Shirley in, she turned and taking the 'Do not disturb' sign off the door handle, she hung it on the outside one.

She came in and I noticed immediately that she had changed into a button-through dress, although it was obvious that she was a good few years older than me, she looked very attractive. I imagined that when she was young she was probably a slim girl, now she had curves and all the better for it I thought. I said to her, 'You're a very attractive woman, Shirley, I can't imagine that you haven't had suitors all those years.' She laughed, 'Oh, yes, of course I have! After about year I noticed that men were taking an interest, well, I was very frustrated by then so I accepted the overtures made by a man quite a bit younger than I was. To cut a long story short, I had sex with him, not on the first date of course! I thoroughly enjoyed it, which was a bit of a surprise. However, I soon got another surprise, after that man had had me, he completely blanked me when we next met. Taught me a lesson I can tell you, I wanted more than that. It took me a long time to find it, I had several what turned out to be one-night stands before I found a man who was prepared just to be happy to have regular sex with no responsiblity on either side. We still meet. But, Don, yes, I looked at your registration card! But, it was the answer, I didn't want to marry again, didn't really need to work again either if it comes to that. We both enjoy regular sex without committment, ideal in fact.' She stopped, smiling, then continued, 'So I know the answer to all that heart ache, Don, this is what you need.'

To my astonishment she unbuttoned her dress, shrugged it off, put her hands behind her back and unclipped her bra, throwing it on a chair, then slipped her knickers off and stood there stark naked. She was shaved and had an excellent mature figure, I gaped, feeling my cock rise. 'There, come on darling, you have a lovely cock and don't tell me that you don't want to use it on me!' She had brought a large bath-sheet with her and now threw it on the bed and promptly followed it, stretching out, legs akimbo, waiting.

My throat went tight, I had a job to breathe looking at this beautiful woman who was offering herself to me. Her breasts had spread a little over her chest and her prominent mons, divided by the closed lips of her cunt, invited kisses. I got on the bed beside her, we kissed, everything else fled from my mind as I began to caress her lovely curves and she took hold of my throbbing cock to gently stroke it.

I kissed my way down over her body to her mons, her skin was silky and slightly perfumed, 'There, darling, pleasure me!', she murmured. The scent of her cunt filled my nostrils, the lips engorging rapidly, the inner lips forcing the outer ones apart. I licked her there, she moaned as she suddenly became very wet, her taste was very pleasant. Soon she was wide open and I could see her little cock-like clit sticking out from under her clitoral hood, I kissed and teased it. As she reacted I took it in my mouth and sucked, 'OH! Oh....oh...oh,' she moaned as she bucked in thrall to her clit. I moved over her and eased my cock into her then started to thrust gently.

'Fuck as hard as you like, darling, this is only the beginning!', she panted. I did, in fact I was having difficulty in restraining myself, fucking for the first time in over two years. Of course it didn't last long, how could it in the circumstances? And I fired my spunk deep inside that very tight, hot, slippery cunt. Then I flopped, she cuddled and crooned love words, telling me how nice it had been for her. Needless to say, it was fantastic for me!

A few minutes later she rolled me off, then she kneeling by my side, took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck me to erection again. 'Good boy!', she said as she knelt over me and, holding my now fully erect cock vertically, lowered herself onto it and began to fuck me. She fucked me for as long as her thighs held out then rolled me over saying, 'Your turn lover!' This time I took my time, I could hardly believe that I had got myself back into the old routine of a quick, hard, fuck followed by a long lazy one lasting as long as my partner wanted.

Shirley was very appreciative, in truth I didn't last as long as I had often done in the past, but a bit more practise would sort that out. Anyway, it wasn't the last that night, or any other night come to that. Whenever I stay at that hotel Shirley and I have a good time for which I think we are both grateful. We also exchange stories of any other sexual activities we have been indulging in between visits! Who could ask for more? Particularly when Shirley had offered her body to slay those demons that I suffered from and succeeded.