Written by ANALALAN

29 Nov 2008

Working in a busy Kitchen, its not very nice to be told you got a teenager to look after and show the ropes.Anyway Stacy was 17 and you just knew she was full of herself.After a week or two we started to get on and have a laff.I would walk pass her and slap her arse in her tight uniform trousers , telling her to get a move on.It was summer and the kitchen was very hot , at the end of shift i would use the works shower, not having one in the bedsit.As i walked to the showers i was following Stacy, watching those cheeks in those trousers, i just had to flick it with my towel. She jumped grabbed her arse cheek and turned around \\\" Don\\\'t hit it,feel it\\\" she said.\\\" Love too\\\" i said , and she smiled.I said \\\" that i didnt mean it to , be so hard and hope its not left a mark\\\",\\\" Bet you did \\\" came her reply. I rubbed her cheek and said\\\" should really kiss it better\\\".She turn bent over and said \\\" Go a head\\\". I laught saying \\\" i\\\'m not kissing cloth, dont know what you sat on\\\".\\\" Kiss it bare then\\\" i took her by her hand ,and she willing followed ,we went into the large storeroom,and turned the lock on the door.\\\"Go on then, show me \\\"i said.She undid her trouser while turning amd dropped her trousers to the floor \\\"see any mark \\\" she said. After a few seconds of looking at her peach bum in her panties , i told her that \\\"i could,nt your knickers are in the way\\\".She hooked her fingers into the top of them and lowered them over her bum,\\\" What about now\\\" she said.I put a finger on the mark that must have come from the towel.\\\"Well kiss it better then\\\".I dropped to my knees and became closer to that fantastic young bottom.I took hold of her hips, more to stop her moving away than anything, and kissed her cheek.She let out a moan, so kissed the other cheek too.I just had to have a closer look so looked between her thighs and got a good look at her pussy lips and the young pussy hairs that hung there. I put a hand between to get her legs apart.\\\"No\\\" she said not there, i went back to kissing and rubbing her cheeks, parting her cheeks to see her bumhole.She turn around and asked if i was turned on , i took her hand and placed it on my trousers,\\\" what do you think\\\" she smiled and took it out, and started to wank my cock, she said \\\"she loved to watch spunk shoot out, of her boyfriends cock\\\", and she knew how to do it, i did try it feel her pussy, she said \\\"no , and if i tried again she would stop\\\". I held onto the wall as she wanked me off till i came, shooting spunk on her hand, her leg and over the floor.After she just pulled her panties and trousers up, and smiled, i got dressed,we heard no noise, so opened the door and left the storeroom.\\\"See you tomorrow\\\" she said and went into the ladys changing room, I had my shower, and another wank that night, and still do,this happened a few yrs ago.The reason im telling you now, is because ,i saw her hrs ago, with her baby, so you can guess what i will be doing tonight, if i dont pull later, Thank you Stacy