Written by stevie d

18 Sep 2016

I was a dj in 1989 in a local bar, we were packed out every weekend, on this particullar sat night, i was working right up to 1am, before the end this gorgeous blonde , in her thirties and a body to die for.she came up to me to ask for a song played for her mate who was getting married, she said if i played her mate the song she would by me a drink later. Any way near to the end of the night she came over to me with that drink and started flirting with me. Over the next few weeks she would make a point of coming into the wine bar and over to me, but this night she was in sexy dress, i mean you could tell she was wearing some sexy things underneath, started then feeling me up. ( i found out she was married), but i returned the flirting with her untill she asked me to take her to lunch . It was the following week, i went round to where she lived and then took her to lunch, after wards she wanted me to take her out to countryside. For which the temptation in me was growing and i obliged, we got to this very quiet country spot, we talked a while ,then she just went for my cock, and before long started sucking for which i have never experinced the way she did this before. I then thought well im gonna explore , for which i slid my hands down her skirt , and found she had a lovely and sexy thong, black nylons and a red suspender belt on. As she wasnt wearing a bra, i realised she was being very naughty.i soon sliped her thong off , while she was doing her bit to me, she pushed my head down onto her black forrest, i licked her good , untill she was ready to take my big dick. I teased her pussy with it , then without notice i just pushed my cock straight in, it was so smooth for the first few strokes.she started moaning and i was glad nobody could hear us, cause she was making loud noises as well. I was now gliding in and out of her, i must admit it wasnt long before i was about to shoot my spunk up her, but i managed to hold back for her. And so sure, within minutes she came and then i just let loose and came. In that afternoon of about 2hours, we must of fucked in about 7 different positions and my god i was completey emptied. After that day, she came with her husband on several more occassions in the bar, and she would always ask me to take her on moments out either for lunch , dinner cinema, etc, and we would always go to that quiet space we found and fuck. In the the mean time her husband never knew what she as doing. Eventually i left that particullar wine bar and worked in local radio, but i still remember those times and it might have been if things had turned differently............