Written by Anonymous

28 Dec 2018

It was three weeks ago we went to our first Christmas party it was Sue my wife's works do it was held at a hotel and we booked a room so we could drink

It was how most firms do's are a meal then drink and music it was not fancy dress but this guy Lee he terned up as father christmas the guy is a comedian what really did it Lee is black it was a scream just looking at him got a laugh

Everything went well Sue drifted off with some of he work mates I spent time at the bar not a good plan then got involved with a group of blokes a few I had not seem since the last bash , I got pissed that is the long and short of it

Sue was enjoying herself she didn't notice I don't think

I knew I was going to throw up god I felt rough somehow I got to the room and I did throw up, I had no idea of time when I did come to I was holding the bog still feeling ill

I got into bed and flaked out I think any way I went to sleep

I do remember getting into bed and at some point being asking if I was alright that was about it what ever the time it was I don't know

In the morning I didn't feel good, anyway we got home I was still under the weather feeling better in the afternoon

I did half expect a era bending as you get off the wife you know what it is like when they tell you, you made a fool of yourself but no not at all but I was still waiting for it, the thing was Sue was quiet she didn't have mutch to say, was she waiting to lay into me

It was not that at all she had other things on her mind, last night Santier did cum he delivered my wife a large present while I was flaked out he emptied his sack

She was not worried about me, on her mind was Lee would he say anything would he tell anyone on top of that she had to face him at work, on the other side santier had rang bells that had never been rang buttons that had never been reach got pushed he given her what I never have done or got close to, it been an experience she was not going to forget about

The rest of the weekend I felt better but Sue was quiet there is me thinking I wish she would say something

Monday I had forgot about it back at work, I had no idea about my wife's return to work but I think to her relieve nothing was said but Lee was looking to carry it on, another delemer the trubel was it was an experience she could not forget and I emangen she wanted more

Sue had never done anything like that before as far as I know but we have all heard things about white women and black men I think in this case it was proved right

That evening Sue was more cheerful and talking, two days later she called me at work it seemed she was going late night shopping with a friend, this will tell you how thick I am she got home late and didn't buy anything

On the Friday an evening out with girls very late this time

Sue now had been screwed three times in that week and now she was keen for more, on the Sunday I overheard part of a phone call that was strange the bit I heard was he dont know a gap then, no I can't get away a spouse, look he will find out, next I will try let me think

I had walked in on her by then and asked who is that Sue don't get flustered but she was then, then she said it was her friend wanting to go shopping again, I remarked what again

I had no idea how the following week was going to change my life, on the Monday I got home no Sue about seven I called her just leave a message eight and nine the same

eleven she came in telling she been shopping

I snapped where is the shopping, there was expernation, she said I been with someone else, I was confused then she said if you don't like it we have to look very carefully at us

I was more confused, not for long I was told my wife was sleeping with Lee, I think it was the shock I didn't react

She didn't stop there she was not given him up, I am not going into what followed there was an argument it be too mutch to put on here

I was faced with considering our future or accepting the situation, I went for accepting it for now, I had a problem understanding what had happened and why was it me and the biggest part was this massive change of attitude from my wife, letting the dust settle

The Christman bash was the final part of something that had been building for a time, and yes I did play a part by getting pissed that gave Lee and my wife there opportunity with me sleeping it off, Lee also had a room and my wife went there with him after finding me flaked out

Lee is a young black guy I guess mid twenties I think a bit flash okay well dressed full of confidences his got charm and I guess an eye for the ladies and maybe that would attract a lot of women but Sue has never shown any interest in anyone else before, maybe she was flattered if he gave her attention, Sue is thirty nine yes attractive quite good looking a nice figure and legs friendly a nice personality

The way Sue was made it hard for me to understand why, everything was happening really fast in just over a week if I had got it right my wife had been screwed four times by Lee

She must of got a taste for what he gave her or his black meat what ever it was she wanted more of it she left me in no doubt of that

With in days we had a awkward discussion which brought up our future and the bombshell she wanted to bing Lee home here the real reason was vague but that was what was happening it seemed I didn't have much say in it

On Friday evening Sue went out and an hour later returned

with Lee Sue look a little stern Lee seemed uneasy

As for me I felt awkward, I was seeing a side to my wife I never knew she had, it was like being at school and she was the teacher sitting in our front room, she explain her and Lee wanted to carry on seeing each other going on about how they had talked about it,I got embarrassed when she said about us telling Lee we had talked about things

Which we had but not in quite the way she was now saying and when it got even more personal things I was really embarrassed she left the killer blow till last that came when I was alone in the kitchen Sue came in

She said a quick word I have put every thing you need in the spear bedroom for tonight but you will have to make the bed up and your toothbrush razer is in the main bathroom it is only for tonight Lee is staying here with me

I started to get argue it was to much, she stopped me say look if we leave tonight I am not coming back it is up to you and she seemed to mean it, with sharp okay she left me

I maybe a fool but at that moment my choice seemed very limited, I didn't want to face them so went upstair and as she said every thing was there I had to make the bed up

I had just got finished and I heard them coming upstairs it was still ealy they didn't waste time, I heard then pass the door hearing my wife she sounded quite happy 0n the way to our bedroom and my bed, I heard the door close maybe for my benefit it was a bit loud

I sat on the bed at a lose what do I do, after a time I got up and went to my bedroom door, as I listened fantly I could hear our bed moving the sound got louder to the creek it makes when we do it, Lee must be fucking my wife

The creek started to get louder it also seemed faster then I could hear Sue she can get a bit vocal but never as loud as this I could hear gasps wimpers mixed in with what sounded like little squeals crises it went on and on

At one stage the bed sounded like a train on a track in the middle of that I heard her squeal out Oh God Yes Yes at the sametime the bed seemed to excelerate Sue was almost screaming , the bed nise slowed to a steady creek

It didn't sound as if it was over I was amazed how long it had been going on as it must of started before I got there

As I was thinking that the sounds quickly built up again my wife start squealing loudly again before a deep sound like an animal then he almost shouted Fuck Fuck

I knew what that was it wasn't santer sprinkling fairy dust that was a load of cum being let loose in my wife the way he grunted she was getting a load

Then it went quiet I was shocked to find my dick was rock hard in my pants strange what made it happen as I thought I felt angry but now I was as hnorny as hell

Back in the bedroom I quickly undressed laying on the bed I started to wank thinking of my wife being fucked thinking it was a black men took me over the top I cum and did I cum some shot up to my chest I had not climaxed like that in years what the hell hd happened to me

Nothing like this had ever happened to me it was frightening

I got cleaned up and got into bed and dozed off I have no idea how long it was or the time but it was my squealing wife that woke me up , I think I rushed to the door and listened by Christ she was getting another seeing to he had made her climax again, it was not long after I got there the deep grunts and moans started another load was being delivered

Back in bed I had a semi hard on it didn't take much I was wanking again I didn't cum like I did before but it felt good

Hell two wanks in one night when Sue and me would get round to doing it most weekends not always, was that something to do with what was happening now under my roof my wife had been screwed twice tonight and I could only guess she was willing and wanted it

In the morning I was up but they never appeared to ten they came into the kitchen both had wet hair so they had been in the shower maybe together, I couldn't help but notice how pleased Sue appeared it was almost like a glow about her

Lee did seem a little sheepish not the case with my wife

I felt more embarrassed and awkward, Sue kissed me on cheek and asked did I sleep okay which made me wonder what the hell was she really like

When they where down stairs I popped up I look in our bedroom the bed was a mess tissus on floor she just left it

When Lee left Sue said how are you are you okay you don't seem to happy, I said I am not you shagging him in our bed

She looked right at me saying you had better get used to it you wouldn't like plan B I will have half this house and what ever you have got and to rub it in she told me Lee was the first real man she had known, what the hell had come over her this wasn't the woman I knew, it was a frosty all afternoon early evening she went upstairs to come down dressed up and told me Lee and her where going out also I had another night in the spear room

After they got back they went to bed, I was soon outside listing my Christ my wife got a seeing to it was more noisy than the night before this time I heard her shouting at him to fuck her harder and he must of been going like a jackhammer when she shouted that to him, my god it was Sue that wanted it quite often with me she is reluctant have even known her to lay there and she may as well said get it over with, now she was screaming for more

Sunday morning they came down late I had also hear a rattle upstairs I think they had been at it, I don't know if they had second helpings last night

This time Lee was more relaxed and spoke to me as if this was normal, it couldn't be that coming to a man's hose fucking his with and staying the night with her

This last a week Lee had cone round to fuck my wife not staying the night both times I had to wait to go bed till they finished, it has been three weeks since Sue and me had sex I have tried it on and was told sorry you don't cut it

Lee had been here this weekend he sleep with her two nights he got more cocky with me

What will happen over Christmas I don't know we have got things with family and friends but we are not back to work till the new year I guess Lee with be here quite a bit