Written by Jon

5 Nov 2017

Apologies in advance as this will sound really tame compared to a lot of the stuff I’ve read on here, but, it’s the best I can offer without making things up.

Last summer we ( the wife, me, and 2 kids) rented a villa in Spain with my cousin, her husband and kids.( 4 adults, 4 kids in total)

I’ll admit: our sex life isn’t great. We're mid 40s and we've been married for 15 years, and it’s gone stale. Plus I’d never thought about swinging etc until a couple of years ago when I had a dream about the wife being spitroasted, and I had a perpetual hard-on for a week.

Anyway, I knew my cousin's husband (I’ll call him E she B, and my wife N) fancied N as he’d told me plus he’d sent WhatsApp messages to N – complimenting her on her arse, which she’d remonstrated with him on and told me about – on the proviso I didn’t say anything.

So, into the second week of our two week holiday and all the kids are in bed asleep. We'd had a Barbecue and I’m talking to E and he tells me B has convinced N to come out and do a Miss Wet T-shirt. I disbelieve this, until she does it, which after a couple of minutes of watching, I jump into the pool to hide my erection. E follows me, as do the girls.

So, I strip off, as does E, followed by the girls - in a jokey manner at first and I lift N out of the water so everyone can see everything (she later tells me it’s a big turn on).

Then N notices I’m hard and ready for fun and we and B and E slope off to separate sides of the pool. We wait until E and B retreat to the villa, then we fuck - during which N tells me she loves people watching her fuck. (It's probably the two bottles of wine talking as she's never spoken like that before)

B and E finish before us, and E comes back out and over to us as I'm fucking N from behind in the water, on the pool steps. I’m tempted to tell him to put his cock in N's mouth, but she tells him to go away before I can.

We then go to bed to finish off what we've started and N tells me how turned on she’s been, especially when I tell her that all eyes were on her naked body and shaved pussy earlier - even B's.

To be clear; B is my first cousin, so she’s out of bounds, but the prospect of seeing her husband fuck my wife is a massive turn on.

Anyway, next morning, N’s embarrassed and doesn’t want to even mention it.

I’ve since joked that I’ll advertise for a cock belonging to someone she doesn't know or a woman (she’s said previously she be curious and would try it) and she’s hasn’t rejected the suggestion but merely changes the subject.

So SH community, where do I go next?