Written by kitchen girl

8 May 2015

I can't give my name but I have to tell someone about what's going on in the hope you can make sense of it.

I'm 28, married. I am proud of my figure and always get compliments and looks from men and women.

I'm told I'm attractive, I have long red hair, I'm slim but my breasts are quite small. I have NEVER thought of myself as BI in anyway. I find now if A woman is attractive but have never though about doing anything with a woman. In fact I love my husband and we have great sex four or five time a week and I orgasm every time and never think about a woman when we are having sex which makes this even more strange becouse I'm having what I can only call a relationship with a woman opposite me.

I say relationship, we haven't actually met.

Let me explain. I have a habit of walking round the house in just my knickers, its my house and the curtains are closed so why not. Some weeks ago I was doing just that and was in the kitchen, the light was on and it was dark outside and I had forgotten to close the blinds. There is a house opposite which we back onto and I topless washing up when I realised I was absent-mindedly touching myself.

My husband was in the living room and I had soap suds on my chest and was going to show my husband with the hope of getting laid but I knew he was tired to didn't bother.

I got carried away and was getting quite aroused, touching my breasts and rubbing my pussy.

I realise what I was doing and looked up, I though at first it was my reflection but realised there was someone looking at me from the window opposite, their lights where off so I could't really make out who it was.

I though 'what a cheek' I know I shouldn't be making an exhibition of myself and I was a bit embarrassed but you couldn't see me from the street and only that house looked into mine and they shouldn't be looking anyway so I just carried on washing up pretending not to have seen the other person when I noticed a light come on.

It was quite dim at first so I still couldn't make out the persons face but I could see this person pulling off a jumper and realised this was a woman with quite large breasts.

I tried not to look or at least not make it obvious but I was fascinated.

This stranger was touching herself, squeezing her breasts and clearly rubbing herself against something. This went on for some time and I found myself quite aroused.

My husbands movement brought me to my senses and I pulled the blinds down left the kitchen but I was fascinated my what I had just seen.

I left it for a day or so but on an evening my husband was out I opened the blinds and pretended to be washing up and sure enough after a few minutes my friend appears. We just looked at each other and she opened her blouse and started to touch herself.

I had never seen her before and now the light was brighter I could see she was somewhat older than me, quite attractive and had large breasts. She moved back and sat on her table, she was naked and was rubbing herself.

I found myself feeling very horny and thought, what the hell. I took of my t-shirt and started to squeeze my nipples. As weird as this sounds it seemed quite natural and within minutes I was naked, stood against the wall of my kitchen so my friend could see me and my fingers where in my pussy. She was on her table fucking herself with an implement.

This is now a regular thing, I have even found myself stood at my back door masturbating so she can watch and I have the best orgasms when we do this.

Now sometime when I have sex with my husband I think of my friend and wonder what it would be like to have her big tits against mine.

Some nights she beckons me over but that's going too far but the temptation is driving me mad.