Written by Kitchen girl

13 May 2015

Excuse my language but shit shit shit!!!! Thank goodness no one knows who I am or where I am because if this ever got out my family and husband would disown me. I mean they are so conservative when it comes to things like sex !.

Ok I need to calm down and explain. I'm not going to go through it all again so if you need to catch up look at part one and two first.

Yesterday afternoon I was home painting and to be honest I had decided I was going to put her out of my mind.

It was going so well until I was washing paint off the rollers at the sink and the phone rang, hubby was going to his mums and would be back late so not to bother making food. As I'm talking to him she arrives home and is in her garden bringing stuff in from the line.

What I should have done is moved away from the window, what I did was go into the garden. I'm putting the paint rollers on paper for them to dry in the sun when there's a 'Hello' from next door.

I jumped out of my skin. Part of me was saying run the other half was telling me to reply.

My mouth was so dry and my heart was pounding so much I felt faint.

I could just about see her over the fence. She told me I looked busy so I went on about painting and how I hated it and for some stupid reason about how my husband wasn't' coming home till late.

She told me I had better come round for coffee to relax.

I made an excuse about being too busy, she was quite stern telling me I was being rude which I found quite frightening so I agreed.

I was also told to come as I was. I still took over 20 min to get the courage to und and even going for coffee felt wrong, like I was having an affair but it was only coffee!

I walked into her kitchen, she was more attractive than I had expected, she has dark tanned skin with light blue eyes and long black hair.

She's slightly bigger than I expected, her breasts a lot bigger than I though. I kept thinking how small I was compared to her.

It was all fine, we had our coffee and talked about stuff, I felt like I was being scrutinised. I kept giggling and she was very stern when she asked me if I liked showing off.

I told her I didn't (lie) so she asked if I was just teasing her, I felt I Was going bright red and said I was sorry.

She looked angry but then moved closer to me and opened by shirt a little, put her hand inside and squeezed my breast.

'So you don't mind this then' she said. I didn't reply so she opened by shirt even more. She said something about them being nice and hard, it was as though she was examining them.

For ages we talked for ages about nothing in particular as she she stroked and played with them teasing my nipples which where so hard by now they where sore. I pulled back a little. I think because of that she asked again if I was a tease. I said no.

She took hold of my arm and pulled me up so I was standing in front of her and in an instant my breast had disappeared into her mouth. Her tongue flicking my nipple, she went from one to the other sucking and licking being quite rough.

She took me to bed and I had the most amazing time of my life. I wish I had time to tell you all about it now but I have to go. But I promise I will share all with you soon because I will go crazy if I don't.