Written by Bobbinnobler

4 Jul 2017

In pt1 I told how I met Erica in Vaasa, Finland and what happened.

We left Vaasa the next day leaving Erica behind and headed north stopping at oulo for the weekend which was awesome then upto ivalo and on to alta, norway and finally noordkap which was amazing then began the trip home, via Vaasa.this was an amazing tour but the icing on the cake was to come.

I'd originally told Erica I was only there for one night so when I txt her to say I'd be passing through again she said we have to see each other again.

I'm lucky enough I can book my own hotel rooms so managed to book the holiday inn and got a room with a sauna. I arrived , she picked me up in her car and after a nice Chinese meal back to my hotel .

She was wearing tight jeans which were being unbuttoned as she walked in the door, 30 seconds later she was stood in just bra and knickers.. I'd already turned the sauna on before we went for food so it was ready. We finished undressing and headed into the shower. We soaped each other down and stood snogging under the hot water, I'm 6'2 and she probably a little over 5' so before long she could feel my erection nudging her boobs and bent to take it in her mouth...

She slowly sucked me in, rubbing her tongue around the head as she drew me in till she gagged. The shower was right next to the sauna, she took my hand and led me in and told me to sit on the top bench and continued to give me the most wonderful blowjob, encouraging me to cum... I was that turned on it didn't take that long till I shot my load deep down her throat, she didn't stop until she felt me going soft and had licked me clean swallowing every drop. By now we were both getting too hot so nipped back into the shower for a minute before heading back into the sauna.

This time I said to her it's your turn, made her sit on top with legs spread and started to tease her with my tongue. She didn't like that as it was too slow so grabbed my head and pushed my face into her pussy telling me put a finger inside too which I happily did. I slowly built up some rhythm and speed, found her g spot and massaged it as I nibbled her clit. She was going mad, holding my head in and screaming. She soon came and after a minute we headed back to the shower.

We alternately sauna and showered a few times with lots of snogging and fondling thrown in and after about an hour went to the bed still soaked from the shower. We lay for a moment on our backs then she turned and straddled me and leant and kissed me. She has the most wonderful full lips amazing to kiss

So I was happy to just relax and enjoy it but she was hungry for more. She said I want to cum again so after working my way down her body I slipped two fingers gently into her and started licking and nibbling her clit and lips... it didn't take her long to cum first time, I felt her tense up all over as she pulled a pillow over her head and bit as she screamed into it. I kept going without slowing but graduall building speed . She came two more times in the next 3-4 minutes each stronger and louder than the last.

She said enough I want u inside me and told me to get on my back. She straddled me again this time grabbing my by now throbbing cock and slowly lowered herself onto me, gasping with a mixture of pain and pleasure as she took me in due to her being so tight. She sat upright and started bouncing slowly on me as I leant to suck and nibble her nipples.

We moved into reverse cowgirl which I love I moved up the bed a little to be more upright so my left hand was teasing a nipple and my right fingers rubbing her clit. She twisted and snogged me. As she was leant back my cock was rubbing her g spot and as she came again I felt her tense up all over and her pussy tighten even more, she couldn't move so I pushed her forward doggy style with her head hanging off the edge of the bed and her perfectly formed rear on display for me. I started pounding her like this and she just kept on cumming . I'd been doing my best not to cum but it was at the point of no return so I told her she was still screaming and bitting the bed but managed to gasp in between, cum yes cum in me now. It was probably the best orgasm I've ever had powerful waves of pleasure as I pumped my seed deep inside her as her pussy clamped on me, she was pushing back milking me for everything I had... I collapsed almost on top of her but spooning her and that was how we woke in the morning. First thing she did was turn and wake me by sucking my cock awake which woke me and breakfast in bed began with me going hard missionary with her legs held high then when my arms said no more pulling her on top where she rode me till we both came and flopped together in a very sticky mess.

It was now almost time to go to work so we showered together and went down for breakfast to be greeted with a round of applause from my colleagues, turns out one was my neighbor for the night and had told the rest of the noises coming through the walls, we were both embarrassed but soon started laughing with the other guys...

A fitting end to a wonderful trip. I still work with those guys, were currently working in Spain on a 5 week job and almost daily they wind me up about keeping them awake half the night...

I still txt Erica occasionally, she wanted me to move to Finland but work and family wouldn't let me and now she has a new boyfriend. I'm pleased for her and told her I hope he makes her happy, she told me he can't please her like I did and still sends the odd saucy pic just for me...