Written by Belgarion10

9 Jun 2007

C lost next and downed a shot which brought a spot of colour to her cheeks, as did the question she got for a truth. Lee asked her what the ‘minor things’ were she had mentioned earlier. She kept her eyes averted from mine as I didn’t know much of this stuff. She admitted to wanking two blokes off in a nightclub (not at the same time) when she was just 15. When she was 16 she had almost lost her virginity to a guy in a car. She had gone down on him, and wanked him off until he came. She said quite a few guys had fingered her, including a couple of lads at school as well as the men in the nightclub and the one in the car. She didn’t actually lose her virginity until she was 17. Chris probed her further asking about that time but she refused to tell us anything more until her next question.

Unfortunately for C it came straight up when the bottle landed on her again, so along with another shot she had to spill the beans. I knew all of this, but the lads wanted all the gory details so she had to explain how she had lost it to a 40 year old guy who had blagged her into sleeping with him by telling her he was going in prison the day after! He didn’t disappoint though she said, he was much better than the 19 year old she went with afterwards who had a tiny dick. “Not like mine?” Chris brandished his weapon and C shook her head, indicating with her little finger. “How about the 40 year old?” Chris said and C shook her head again, saying his had been quite big though, about 7 inches or so. Lee asked her if she thought she could manage Chris’s dick and she turned bright red again, refusing to answer. Chris said she wouldn’t be able to handle it! If she screamed as much as they had heard last night with my 6 inch she would scream the place down with his cock up her!

C asked them what they had heard last night, and Lee said they could hear every little moan, groan and creak of the bed, let alone when she came like a steam train! She covered her face in shame, though I knew she was loving all the attention really.

I finally lost a round, and after downing a Sambuca I got a truth. The lads asked me for an honest rating on how good a shag C was, out of 10. C grimaced as I pretended to think about it, until I finally gave her a (truthful) 9 out of 10. The 2 lads raised their eyebrows, but I told them it was true. C wanted to know why it was only a 9 but I ignored her and Lee asked me if I’d ever had a 10. For C’s sake I lied and said no, to which I got an arched eyebrow off my girlfriend but no further questions.

After a couple of tame dares where me and the lads downed flaming Sambucas, and even tried to snort it to much amusement, C ended up with a dare again and the lads weren’t going to let her out of doing something rude this time. She pleaded with them not to make her remove her bottoms or do anything too rude, and so they dared her to play with her boobs and tossed her the sun cream. C said okay and rubbed some cream in, but when she tried to play with her nipples seductively she collapsed laughing and said she couldn’t do it. The lads cried forfeit but I rescued her by offering it to do it for her again. I sat behind her and cupped her boobs, playing with them for a good minute or so, squeezing them together for the ogling lads but they said it wasn’t good enough. This failure meant a really bad forfeit.

To my complete disbelief, C tried to get out of it by offering them a feel again like yesterday. Lee and Chris looked at each other for a split second then practically dived over to C’s side of the loungers. “Both of us?” Chris asked and she agreed, telling them to hurry up and get it over with. I went back into the room and got more beers. The sambuca taste was clogging my throat.

When I came back, Lee was finishing having a good grope with both hands from behind like I had. C told him that was long enough, and that his dick was sticking in her back! Chris told her to lay back for his turn and then straddled her, sitting on her lap and giving her tits a good squeeze. C squealed and screamed at the fact that his naked balls were touching her belly. His dick was sticking straight out and he commented to Lee that he could almost have a tit-wank if he wanted. C was just laid there squealing and laughing nervously, but she didn’t try to push him off as he had squeezed some more lotion into his hands and gave her boobs a thorough massaging for quite a while.

Watching my pretty drunk girlfriend having her boobs openly groped by these two young studs was making my dick ready to burst and I think C noticed. “This is really turning you on, isn’t it?” she complained, and I nodded. Chris said it was turning all of us on by the looks of all our dicks, and she laughed. “Is my forfeit over now?” she asked and Chris reluctantly got up off her, then handed her the bottle of lotion. “Any chance of you putting some me yet? I’ve done you twice now!”

C rolled her eyes, and punched him in the leg playfully, but he pleaded with her and Lee egged her on. She chuckled nervously and tried to push him away, but he begged her – “Please? Pretty please?” and I told her that I don’t think he was going to let up, she might as well – “For the laugh?” I repeated her words of the day before. “You wanted to see if it got even bigger!” Still she said no, but with all 3 of us now telling her to ‘do it for the laugh’ she eventually consented and squeezed some lotion into her hand.

I saw her take a deep breath, obviously nervous despite the alcohol, before eventually taking hold of his cock. It dwarfed her hand as she rubbed the cream up and down it, and Chris closed his eyes and tossed his head back in pleasure. “You’re not supposed to enjoy it,” she chuckled but she put some more lotion into her hands, and started to massage it up and down with both hands. I watched in wonder as she basically wanked him off for a few minutes. “Tell me when to stop, I’m not making you cum,” she told him and he laughed at the sky, saying he wasn’t far off so she better stop now. She gave him a couple of quick pulls more and then lifted it up with 1 hand and had a close look at it. I had never seen her more brazen! “Haven’t we got anything we can measure it with?” she asked me.

I had an idea. We had an A4 sized brochure in the room, and I knew A4 paper was almost exactly 12 inches long, so I went and fetched it and told C to compare it to the long edge of the brochure. 9 inch should be exactly 3 quarters of the length of the brochure, so I first marked it at the halfway point and then at the quarter points and she put it against his dick. The tip rested almost exactly on the 9 inch mark.

“You’re almost ready to cum and it’s still not 9 and a half?” she pointed out, but Chris said if she touched it anymore to get it harder he would end up giving her that special sun tan cream they had spoke about yesterday!

Now C was in trouble though. Lee immediately took Chris’s place when he went to get another beer and calm down a bit. C told him to forget it, but he still asked for some sun cream rubbing on. She looked to me for support but I told her she had got herself into this mess, she could get herself out of it. Lee told her Chris always got all the fun, it wasn’t fair! He added he would pester her until she did it, all holiday if necessary and she rolled her eyes and sprayed some cream into her hands. He told her to be gentle with his sunburn and C began to rub it in for him, basically slowly wanking him off as Chris returned with 2 more beers and clapped him on the back in congratulations.

“Oh god…” Lee said, “I’m so horny.” and told us it kind of hurt but felt good at the same time and C said he better not cum either. “Oh go on...” he begged her saying he hadn’t cum in ages, unlike his luckier friend. “I’m almost there now!” C looked at me and said he better not. Lee tried to convince her by saying he would aim away from her, but still C told him to forget it or she would stop right now. Lee shut up but then after a moment started to plead with her again.

I was laughing but once again C surprised me by rolling her eyes, and sighing in resigned agreement. “Tell me when, so I can point it away,” was the deal and Lee agreed. She was stroking him a bit faster now, but after a couple of minutes he still hadn’t got there and she told him to hurry up, her arm was starting to hurt. He reached down and felt her tits while she carried on, and then asked her to take her bottoms off, that would do it for him. She refused, telling him to hurry up or she was going to have to stop.

Lee was standing next to C while this was going on, she was sat on her propped up lounger, with her knees bent and slightly apart. Chris was sat at the bottom of C’s sun lounger, and was looking between her legs at her covered crotch. I watched him reach between and gently tug at the hem of her waistband to pull it down. C looked at him and told him he had already seen that, and she had proved it was shaved now, but he asked if they could have another little look. After all it would get Lee off. Her hands were still busy stroking Lee, one hand massaging his balls now to try and get him to cum so she couldn’t really stop him as he pulled the front of her bottoms down, low enough to see her most of her bald mound.

“There you go. Look at that! Beautiful!” Lee did look, but Chris didn’t stop there, stretching them a little lower so I could see the top of her clit. She objected at that, and Chris let the waistband snap back into place. He didn’t move his hand away though, and I guessed what he was about to do right before he did it. He stroked the line of the bottoms where her groin met her leg, making out he was tickling her and she giggled, and then he worked a finger underneath the gusset and eased the crotch to one side, completely exposing her bare, pink pussy lips to full view.

“Oh wow!” he exclaimed. C objected again, but Lee said “no, don’t – I’m going to cum in a minute,” and so she kept on playing with him while the lads had a good look at her exposed pussy. I could see that she was uncomfortable, a look of indecision on her face when suddenly Lee came, catching C off guard because she was looking down and watching Chris to make sure he didn’t try anything. Hot streams of cum shot out of Lee’s cock and landed all over her one of her breasts and she recoiled in horror, letting go of his still twitching dick.

“I told you to tell me when!” she screamed at Lee but he pointed out that he had, and pushing Chris’s hand away and adjusting her bikini bottoms she stormed back into our room, grabbing her bikini top on the way, and complaining that she needed to have a shower now.

More to follow