Written by Belgarion10

14 Jun 2007

We all looked at each then Chris started to have a go at Lee, who defended himself by saying it wasn’t his fault, so I told them to shut up and not worry about it, I’d go have a word with her. She was obviously upset, and I felt guilty that I shouldn’t have let this all go so far. I went into the room, leaving the 2 lads on the balcony still arguing, to find C turning the shower on in the bathroom and getting ready to go in. She jumped when she saw me in the doorway, then got stuck into me saying I should have stopped it when they started with the forfeits. I apologised but she told me to get out, shouting and screaming that I was just standing there enjoying it the show. She told me to get some shorts on and get back out to ‘my friends’. I couldn’t get a word in edgeways, she was pretty mad and I figured that the drinks we had consumed that afternoon weren’t helping her mood, so I left her to it.

I went back to the balcony and the 2 lads started apologizing to me, as I put my shorts back on. They had heard the shouting from out there and asked if we would be ok. I said of course we would. She was a bit steaming with all the drink and I knew it was mostly embarrassment about what had happened more than anything else. If she had really wanted them to stop she would have said so at the time. I don’t think she knew quite how to cope with it all, and so ran away. Now she was blaming it all on us, but I was sure she had enjoyed it really, but felt guilty.

They looked at me with a doubtful look in their eyes, and Chris said he an idea to calm her down. I said it was probably best to leave her on her own for a bit, but he said he would like to go and try to apologize to her anyway. Lee said Chris was good at this sort of thing, so I shrugged and told him to go for it. He walked into our room and Lee and I sat there waiting for the inevitable shouting from C, but there wasn’t any.

“Sorry for cumming on her, man” Lee said to me while we waited for him outside. “I really didn’t mean it to go on her tits. She said she was going to point it away.” I told him it was fine and not to worry. We had all got a bit carried away, and besides I bet he fucking loved it, didn’t he? He admitted it was pretty cool, but he insisted again he didn’t mean to do it. We sat chatting for a while, finishing off our beers when I suddenly realised that five or ten minutes must have passed and we still hadn’t heard anything from inside, so I said I should go and have a look to see what was happening.

I walked in and C was just stepping out of the shower, with a towel wrapped around her. Chris was stood in the doorway as I had been, and he looked over his shoulder at me. “Everything’s fine, now” he assured me and I looked at C to see that she was smiling. To my amazement, she said sorry for shouting at me and pushed past us back into the main room/bedroom to get dressed.

I gave Chris an impressed look and asked him what he had said. He told me he had used his special charm! I raised one eyebrow and he laughed, explaining he had just apologized for everything. He remembered what I told him about C being shy and unconfident about her body, and realised it was true and why, when C admitted to not having a lot of sexual experiences, and even then the two shags she had before me were both screwed up for various reasons.

So he had complimented her on her body, saying that Lee hadn’t meant to cum on her and that she should take it as a compliment to her body that seeing it had got them all so excited and carried away. How would she have felt if nobody had got a hard-on when she went topless, or if she couldn’t make Lee cum? I asked him what she had said back to that, and he said she seemed to think about it and calmed down, although she did tell him off for pulling her bottoms to one side and he had said sorry again for that. “I’m not sorry really though,” he winked and nudged me. “She’s got a lovely pussy!”

I looked over my shoulder and saw C sat on the edge of the bed with her towel still wrapped around her, and she was drying her hair with another while talking to Lee who must have followed me into the room. Chris was still stark naked talking to me, but at least Lee had the decency to put his shorts on. Then I realised that if her hair was wet she must have actually had a shower, and I asked Chris if she was in the shower when they were talking. I wondered how much he had seen because the shower screen was clear glass.

He grinned that Cheshire cat smile again and said yes. She was already in when he walked through, but she had left the door to the bathroom open. At first she had covered herself up, and then turned her back to carry on washing while he talked to her through the screen. He told her she had a lovely arse while he was complimenting her, and she asked him “Really?” and he said it was amazing! As they were talking he said she got more and more confident, and actually turned all the way around while she was washing her hair, although she was blushing and couldn’t look him the eye.

I couldn’t believe it! C had let him see her completely naked! Chris went on to say I was really lucky to have a girl like her, and he had said so to her. Then, as a clincher he had offered to take us both out tonight for a meal, drinks and the lot and that he and Lee would pay. She had accepted and that was when she stepped out the shower and wrapped herself in the towel, just as I walked back in.

I thanked him for talking to her, and said we’d love to go out with them tonight. Chris told me it was nothing and we went back to the bedroom to join C and Lee. She was back in her bikini now, top and bottoms on and I wondered how much Lee had seen of her while we had been talking. She started to tell me about the meal tonight, and I nodded and said Chris had told me. She was back to her normal self now, full of beans and smiling, which was a relief.

We went back out to enjoy the last of the sunshine, all decently covered up now, including Chris who had put his shorts back on. The guys wisely kept the conversation nice and clean and when it cooled down we arranged to meet the lads that night at a local bar, before going for a nap.

C was excited as we got ready. The nap had sobered us both up a little, but she was still in a good mood and so I decided to ask her what Chris had said to her in the shower, and how surprised I was at her letting him see her in there. I thought she would have kicked him out, like she did to me! C said Chris was a really nice bloke, and had put her mind at rest. She said sorry to me again for losing her temper, and admitted that she had just been really embarrassed when Lee came on her. The drink had made her spout off a bit, she was a bit drunker than what she realised.

The drink was also why when he was telling her how sexy she was, she had turned around to look at him. C said she couldn’t believe she had done that, but she had thought ‘what the hell – he’s seen it all already’. She laughed and said it was funny, his eyes had nearly bulged out of his head and it made her glad she had shaved herself that morning! “And then you got changed in front of Lee too?” I asked her, but she told me she had turned around while she got dressed although she had caught him staring at her bare bottom!

C looked gorgeous when we went out. She didn’t normally wear short skirts. She would often buy them and never wear them but Chris’s words must have taken effect, because decided to wear short denim one that night. It wasn’t REALLY short, sort of mid-thigh length, but that was short for my normally quite conservative girlfriend. We all met up in the bar as agreed and had a couple of drinks in there before moving on to a nice Italian restaurant. The lads both told C she looked great and I had to agree. True to their word they paid for a slap-up meal for us and we moved on from bar to bar, really making a night of it. We finished up a nightclub, having a good dance until the early hours before we staggered drunkenly back to our hotel. It was going to be a great night, but we didn't know it yet.

More to follow...