Written by Dirty Denise

4 Mar 2014

Last week we had five nights enjoying some winter sun in Benidorm. I am Denise, 50 with a good body 36c tits and a size 10/12.

Hubby and I had done a few bars and ended up in cafe Benidorm. Good 80s music and loads of people dancing. Paul does not dance a lot so I got up on my own.Lots of couples and a few single girls. Paul loves to watch me and it turns him on if some one asks me to dance. Well after a few minutes a girl came over and started to dance in front of me, good looking about mid 20s, long hair, nice looking tits short dress with leggings. When the song had finished, she put her arm on mine and we chatted, she told me that I was the horniest woman she had seen and was getting turned on by watching me dance. I had never thought I would have got got chatted up by some one half my age. I was very flattered and was getting turned on. I looked over at Paul and he had a grin on his face. He just winked at me.

Dancing Queen by Abba came on and we both started to go for it again, every so often we would grab each others hands and dance. God my fanny was starting to tingle, I was getting wetter all the time. We would dance even closer, almost touching our bodies together. She grabbed hold of me and said "I dont know about you but I am so turned on by you I am nearly cumming in my knickers" " Me too, mine are soaking wet"

She grabbed my hand and dragged me off the dance floor and we headed towards the toilets. We had to pass Paul. Never seen him looking so happy. We entered the toilets and there was no one in apart from the woman who gives you a spray of perfume for a euro after you have been on the loo. We went in to the nearest cubicle and I grabbed her and stuck my tongue straight down her throat, she opened her mouth wide and I can honestly say it was the best snog I had ever had. We both had our hands on each others tits. Her hand had gone up my top and pushed my bra up and was pulling on my very erect nipples. Then she leant down and put one of them in her mouth and sucked on it hard , it felt so good. Her tits were not as big as mine but they were a lovely hand full. I opened her blouse and kissed the white fleshy bit of her boobs and tugged her bra down to release a gorgeous pert erect nipple. It was rock hard, it felt great in my mouth. My other hand had now slipped in to her leggings, her panties were soaking, I slipped a finger past the material and sunk it deep in to her juicy pussy. Her hand had found my crotch and she was rubbing my tights in to me, then I felt her make a hole in my tights and her finger went deep inside of me It was heaven, we were both ramming our fingers up each other and both came at the same time. As I was cumming I found her mouth and stuck my tongue in to it. It was a real wet horny kiss.I think she had three fingers in me when I came, it was like heaven. I thought she had peed on my hand she came so much. I took my hand from inside her leggings and licked my fingers, she tasted good.

We kissed and tried to make our selves presentable again. When we exited the cubicle the perfume woman looked at us and smiled, she gave us a squirt of perfume. We left the toilets and walked over to where Paul was, we stopped at the table and she turned to Paul and said "look after her shes special" and turned to me and gave me a sexy kiss and walked off to where her mates were. Paul said dont say anything save it for when we get back to the hotel.

Wonder what will happen the other four nights we are there, interested????????