Written by Jack

18 Aug 2015

There it was, all the evidence I needed to know about what had taken place in our hotel room. I didn’t need to even talk to my wife, who was now in the bathroom, because I saw 1 soiled condom in the hallway of our room, laying discarded on the floor with Cum leaking seeping out of it and another beside our bed in the same state!!!. I couldn’t believe how much of the condom had been unrolled. She must have been taken by a very well-endowed guy.

I guess I should tell you a little bit about ourselves, and how I came to be staring at this sight. We are a couple in our mid-forties. We married fairly young and my wife Mandy was a virgin and to the best of my knowledge has had no other lover. As is common in a lot of marriages, our sex life began to fade. After exhausting nearly every other avenue to spark our sex life, we began to discuss our fantasies. As it turns out, Mandy’s was to pick up a stranger and have a one night stand, another which totally surprised me was that she wanted to be gang banged by group of 4 to 6 sex hunger men. Personally, I just wanted her to enjoy the experience of someone else fucking her and of course to either watch or at least get a blow by blow account of the event.

After months of discussion, we finally decided to go for it.

We decided that we should try to make it happen on our annual holiday to the Bahamas and our philosophy was definitely “what happens on holiday stays on holiday”.

We waited a week until Mandy had a good tan and we even contemplated calling it off as we were fucking like teenagers every day, but decided that day eight was the night for Mandy to go on the hunt for a lover.

Mandy started to try on different outfits that she had brought along especially for the reason of attracting a lover, my dick had the weirdest sensations during the entire time. It was rock hard and constantly dripping precum, it was if it just drained out as soon as it had been made.

It was so totally hot seeing Mandy trying on outfits and picking out small lacy bras and the skimpiest of panties it was just so exhilarating, because I knew that once they were on, it would be someone else who would be pulling them over her ankles. Even hotter, was knowing that she was dressing with the view of going out to get fucked.

Finally we jointly decided on the best outfit, which was a short black silk rah-rah skirt, a very small sheer black thong, which showed she was shaven and black balcony bra that pushed up her small pert boobs, a black tight fitting vest top and her favorite black Christian Louboutin heels, after a bit of discussion we decided Mandy looked so much sexier without the bra!.

I couldn’t believe how calm Mandy was as she stood naked in the bathroom, running a razor around her pussy and applying her make up a lot heavier than normal, as each piece of clothing went on my stomach had butterflies, finally, Mandy was ready. She was dressed to kill, the tight fitting vest top was nicely displaying the outline of her small hardened nipples and the short rah-rah skirt finished just below her bottom and showed off her nice long tanned legs, the shoes added the finishing touch to a very sexy / slutty, I am out to get fucked outfit. She carried a tiny black purse, which I took and placed a condom in, Mandy laughed and said “I hope that I need more than one darling” and proceeded to take another 2.

She gave me a long passionate kiss, I went to run my hands over her boobs and under her skirt, but Mandy stopped me and playfully scolded that they were for someone else tonight and then with a big sexy grin told me she’d keep in touch.

True to her word Mandy called me about 9:00pm to let me know that she was about to go into the hotels night club as she loved dancing, her fantastic figure was due to her love of Salsa dance and that she thought it would be the best place to get hit on.

I had no doubt that dressed the way she was with her long blonde hair, showing a lot of leg and being braless would no doubt end in her getting fucked.

Mandy told me that she would keep checking in. From that point, I couldn’t hold off, and I stripped off and started to masturbate to the version in my mind of Mandy leaving the room and being in some nightclub dancing, grinding on strange guys, one who would be lucky enough to fuck her. Within seconds Cum exploded from my cock with such force that it went all over the bathroom mirror.

Mandy did as promised calling about every hour and giving an update of what was going on. She seemed a bit tipsy and told me of all the fun she was having and that the guy she had been dancing with for the last hour really could be the one. I asked her if she needed our room, and she coyly said she didn’t know it was a very big decision and to be honest she was getting cold feet, but she also didn’t want to be a cock teaser.

I didn’t think it sounded promising, and I began to prepare myself for the letdown.

Then I drifted off to sleep, but around 2.30 a.m., the phone rang. It was Mandy, and she simply said in a very tipsy voice “I need the room”. I could sense a the urgency in her voice, one that clearly told me she had made the decision to get fucked.

I quickly picked up my stuff from the room and made the bed. I only had a few minutes, so I quickly ran down to the hotel foyer and picked a spot that I knew Mandy would have to pass by then after 5 minutes, sure enough, I was right. Mandy swayed arm in arm with her chosen lover.

Although, I must admit that I was quite shocked by her choice, he was a young handsome black guy, bald with a designer stubble beard. Both he and my wife looked to be a very, very squiffy, then at the lift he pulled Mandy to him, they kissed passionately and his hands moved under her skirt, onto her bottom and started to knead her checks, there was no attempt by Mandy to stop him, then Mandy put her hand down the front of his trousers. Before I got a chance to enjoy more of the view of what was happening the lift bell pinged and the doors opened and they shuffled inside it, still snogging and touching each other up.

I waited for as long as I could, which was all of a few minutes and then raced upstairs. It seemed like forever until I got to the 7th floor. I walked as quietly down the hall as I could. When I reached the door, I put my ear to it. OMG!!! Was I ever surprised? I could hear Mandy almost next to the door getting a fucking like she had never experienced from me. I could hear her saying words of encouragement, moans and obscenities like I had never heard from her before and then her lover grunting. You could just tell he was pounding away at her pussy. Throughout Mandy was almost chanting “fuck, fuck, fuck... please... keep fucking me, don't stop, please, please don’t stop fucking me"

I could hear her lover grunting louder and louder and the thudding sound of something, no doubt Mandy being banged up against the wall, then it stopped for a few seconds, I wondered if he had Cum, then I heard Mandy say loudly and sternly “Yes, yes... I am filthy dirty English slut... Now carry on fucking me!" straight away the banging noise started again.

Then for the first time I heard Mandy’s lovers voice it had a strong Bahamian accent "You like me fucking you, you like my big black cock fucking your lovely pussy”

Mandy whimpered "Yes, yes, yes...come on, babe, come on, babe, fuck me, fuck me, make me Cum please, please make me Cum..."

The speed of the banging noise increased (god only knows what the people next door must have thought) Then I heard a long moan and Mandy screaming “Oh my God, Oh my God, I’m fucking Cumminmg, I Cumming all other your fab black dick, I have never fucking Cum like this”.

This was followed by a loud, guttural, "Yeeeeeeessssssssssss", no doubt Mandy’s lover had Cum to.

I had never felt so aroused in my life. Sure, Mandy had told me about her fantasies and we had a very adventurous sex life, but this was different. I could hear him pleasing himself in Mandy, my wife’s pussy and giving her one hell of a fuck in the process. I wanted to just stay there and listen to this show. But this hotel had security and cameras everywhere, and I figured a guy standing in the hallway with his ear to a door might raise a few red flags.

All the above may seem long but it must have taken place over only a few minutes.

Somewhat shaken by the fact Mandy, my wife had just been fucked by someone else, possibly better than I had ever fucked her and with that in mind I walked along to the sitting area at the end of the corridor and waited. I pictured in my mind what he must be doing to Mandy now, how had he made her moan so much and Cum so quickly. I wondered what position he was fucking her in and would he Cum inside her like I did.

It seemed like forever until I finally heard the door open. They had fucked for nearly an hour and a half, and I couldn’t believe it. We weren’t used to going more than 20 minutes, so I was sure she had loved the experience of another guy fucking her. I saw them kissing passionately at the door, Mandy was naked!!! And then lovingly exchanging words which I could not hear.

I was sitting by the lift doors, when Mandy’s lover / fuck buddy pressed the lift button, he had the biggest grin ever on his face then he looked over and gave me a big smile.

To this day I don’t know why I spoke to him, just saying “you seem in a happy mood”.

He looked at me and replied in a local accent “I sure am man, I have just fucked the most amazing fucking cougar ever, in fact I fucked her 3 times, cougar’s on holiday man they are just so fucking easy to pull and so fucking wild in bed.”

I was speechless as he got into the lift and waved goodbye, leaving me thinking why had Mandy chosen such a smug bastard to fuck her!

As soon the lift doors closed, I ran to our door. I opened it and saw the evidence of what had just gone on for the last hour and a half. Directly inside the door was Mandy’s skirt, top, panties. I picked up Mandy’s discarded panties and they were absolutely soaking wet and then I looked at the used condom, it was fully unrolled and had his Cum running out of it.

You didn’t need to be a detective to know that they must have been so desperate to fuck each other that it happened as soon as they entered the room.

The room just smelt of sex, then I noticed the 2nd condom by the bed, I pulled back the sheets but there was no sign of any other condom, the guy had said he had fucked my wife 3 times, I wondered if he was just boosting.

Then Mandy walked out of the bathroom, she was naked, her pussy looked absolutely wrecked and was gapping open wide and I am sure that I could see a very small amount of Cum seeping from her pussy and she was still wearing her heels. I just grabbed her and gave her one of the deepest kisses I have ever laid on her. She looked a bit troubled, but I reassured her that I loved her and just loved what she had done.

I take her by the hand and we laid down on the bed, in my eagerness to know what had happened I think I overwhelmed Mandy with all of my questions, because she seemed a bit timid to tell. I wanted to know every detail and was actually staring at her worn out pussy, which was gapping wide, wider than I had ever seen, the lips were folded back and it was bright red, there was no doubt that there was small amounts of Cum in it.

Mandy told me that she had danced with a number of guys during the night and there was no shortage of attention, she gave a slight smile when she said that she could have chosen from several guys there was that much interest, then he , her lover came over and they danced and grinded away on the dance floor.

After all of the attention from the other guys, many she said had intimately touched her when they were dancing she was really turned on and wanted him, he made it very clear that he wanted to fuck her.

Mandy said that by the end of the evening she was so tipsy she couldn’t even remember his name and still couldn’t, which made it so very hot. She said she thought they went over to a table and kissed and explored each other’s bodies, all she could really remember at this point was calling me about the room and that she had never felt so fucking horny.

Mandy said the most exciting thing was when they got through the door, they pulled each other’s clothes off, but wanted her to leave her heels on, with her hands shaking she pulled out one of the condoms from her purse, ripped it open and proceed to roll it over his cock. She got really nervous as he was so big, but didn’t have time to worry too much as he lifted her up in his arms, she had a leg either side of his arms, he moved them to open her legs very wide and she desperately grabbed and guided his big cock to the opening of her pussy and he pushed it up into her. She was so surprised that such a big cock could have gone effortlessly into her and he proceed to fuck her against the wall.

Mandy paused and hesitated, eager to know more I gently encouraged her to continue, with that she said he was bouncing me up and down on his cock and I Cum, it was so strong, the strongest orgasm I had ever had in my life, she started to cry, saying how sorry she was.

I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately for some time and then stopped and looked her in the eye and told her there was no need to be sorry, I was so proud of her and that the whole purpose of what had happened was for her to experience what she just had. In fact I was so pleased for her. Wiping the tears away she thanked me and kissed me.

Laying in my arms she carried on with the events of the night and that after the quickie in the hallway of our room, they went to the bed and he started to lick her out, I know how much she loves oral sex and wasn’t surprised when she said that she Cum again. Then she returned the favour, by giving him a blow job and then they switched to the 69 position, I know how good her skills are in this area and interrupted Mandy asking and “did he”. This brought a smile to her face “of course, you know he would have and yes like the good girl I am I swallowed it”.

After a short pause she carried on, then he proceeded to fuck me in a variety of different positions, missionary with my legs over his shoulders and then I wrapped them around his waist, Mandy said when he was fucking her doggy style, she thought that it felt different and when she looked back a couple of times, and he was fucking her bareback, but she was enjoying it so much that she let him carry on for quite a while before telling him off. Then she rode him and seemed very proud when she mentioned that she humped him to an orgasm with her reverse cowgirl and felt the condom around his cock fill with his Cum.

Then her eyes started to well up again, and I pulled her close to me, asking what was wrong, nervously she said he was very well endowed, he could have been 8 to 9” long and it was very fat, that was why she I choose him, the other guys I had danced with and had pressed against me were all smaller than me and she wanted to do something outrageous, dirty and slutty so that’s why she choose a young black guy with massive cock”.

Mandy added she was surprised just how easy it went in, but that she was so fucking wet, wetter than at any time in her life.

Again I offered words of encouragement along the lines of there was nothing wrong with that and that many women were turned on by the thought of being made love to by a black guy with a big cock and no way should she be ashamed of that and by all accounts so far you had a fantastic night and had been fucked superbly, after all it was a one night stand and he could have just fucked you quickly and left.

Mandy kissed me again and thanked me profusely for being so understanding and then burst into tears again and said “I was just so insatiable and I wanted, more like was desperate to be fucked again, I am really, really sorry, he was so fucking naughty and said he would only do so if he was bareback, he actually used the word bareback. I think he was being kind because my age was showing, I was very dry and the rubber of the condom would have made me possibly both of use really sore”, I am sure he know that from the last fuck.

Well then I made an excuse that I needed to use the bathroom and once inside I used loads of our lub, then I went back into the bedroom, got onto the bed on all fours, wiggled my bottom at him and told more like ordered him to fuck me, he was inside of me literally within micro seconds and my god did he fuck me, he held onto my shoulders and fucked me like someone who had just been released from a long prison sentence, his hands where everywhere, I mean everywhere, I interrupted, "what your" before I could finish Mandy blurted out " yes my arse, he had his thumb in there, my god what a turn on, she laughed and said why have you never done that before, he was roughly kneading my boobs, pulling at my nipples and I was screaming in delight, then I could feel his cock twitching and knew what was going to happen, he asked if he needed to pull out and I screamed, no and begged him to Cum inside me and with that he groaned and spluttered my pussy was his Cum and I am so, so sorry that made me Cum, that’s why I was in the bathroom so long, I was trying to clean myself up.

Mandy's confession was no surprise as I already had a good idea that my wife’s pussy had not only just held another man cock but also his Cum!!

What else could I do but to get on top of her and gently fuck my amazing wife’s gapping wide, loose, spunk filled, and sloppy pussy and thank her for the most amazing night ever.

After we finished fucking we lay in each other’s arms and Mandy, smiled and gave me a big sexy grin saying “well that’s one fantasy fulfilled babe, what are my chances of the other happening on this holiday”.

I love Mandy more today than I ever have, and she loves her new found sexual freedom and Oh the stories our hotel bed could tell.