Written by sadies

30 Dec 2013

Some months ago I wrote here for the first time 'After Work Social' which outlines my first out of marriage sexual encounter. That night I surprised myself and following that Rob, who I worked with, we chatted and he said how much he enjoyed my company.

I explained to Rob that it was purely a one off and it shouldn't have happened, and that it would not happen again. Thats when he simply said he wants to fuck me again and will. He had it it all worked out in his head, I don't work Tuesdays, he could take a long lunch on Tuesday's and spend time around his flat, the offer was there. The crafty guy, then proceeded to show me a couple of photo's he had taken of me with Dave the other guy that fateful night and said look how much you enjoyed yourself! I couldn't believe it, and thought what the heck if he send them on somewhere and I get found out.

I admit I enjoyed it and the tough of sex again with Rob was appealing, but just the thought of my husband finding out worried the hell out of me. cut a long story short, I agreed to see him Tuesdays and most weeks not Tuesday lunch time I spend time in Rob's company essentially having sex in every which way I can and OMG I love it. To this day, my husband doesn't know, although he has passed comment about me being looser than normal lol!.

Anyway, sex on a Tuesday with Rob is now a regular event, however at our recent Christmas party, which involved and overnight stay at a hotel and the usual Christmas dinner party etc another dimension to my new found slut status occurred. With my husband opposite me on the table as we sat down to dinner, Mike, another guy I work with, sat next to me, whispered to me that he heard from Rob that I'm a good fuck and that before we have coffee after this meal he'll have his cock inside of me. Well I was a little shocked at his directness to say the least and said he had a bet with one of his mates on the other table that he would have me before the night was out.

Well, we had starters, main course and after that he said he was off to the loo - he said feel free join me in room 237. He went and whilst I thought you cock sure bastard I sat for a minute or two and followed, went to his room tapped to door to which he opened and whilst not sure what I said to hime I slapped him across the face, to which gel looked at me and said you know you want it. With that I what the fuck, turned round to leave the room and before I opened the door he said we need to be quick, he grabbed me from behind and in no time at all had my dress on the floor, my bra off realigning my tits and his hands sliding down my knickers to expose one very wet pussy. What could I do now other than let him have me and the lay back on the bed. He undressed, exposing a rather nice cock which he started to sank slowly before parting my legs and then inserting it into me. Gentle thrusts at first, before vigorously ramming it inside of me and climaxing with an explosive release of his seed into me. After this in what was only a matter of minutes, we both quickly dressed (he kept my knickers) and he said to me to go back to table on your own, so no one suspects anything.

The rest of the evening was normal, with me and husband going to bed about 1.30am isn - hubby astonished to see I'd no knickers on that evening (little did he know why!). We had sex and in morning I was first to wake and all I hand on my mind was I needed to get my knickers back. So made an excuse to hubby that I was going for a walk I needed fresh air dressed with jeans and a top. Off I went to room 237, knocked the door, and Mike opened and I said, if you don't mind I've come to get my knickers. With Mike in his boxers he went to get my knickers from the bathroom and the cheeky sod said you can have them back if I can see you put them on! OK I said and promptly took of my jeans and other knickers, to which he asked me what is the first item you put on and instructed me to take my top and bra off.

So me standing naked in format of him, he teases me and said come get them, to which I stepped forward to him and needless to say he them proceeded to take full advantage of my nakedness and removed his boxers exposing his growing cock, which soon followed into my increasingly wet canal. With Mike intending to take more time he made sure he got all of me and enjoyed both my wet cunt and my anal passage.

I look back on this year and now think what has become of me - a side of me has been awakened which can't got to sleep!!