Written by NL

3 Dec 2015

This is my 5th time of trying to write this because each time I out in down in type it sounds ridiculous. I know there are some who won’t believe me and I don’t really care because I’m writing it to get it off my chest.

Obviously I’m not going to share names just in case someone reads this and puts 2 and 2 together ( it’s a small world after all). I’m 26, married with small children. My husband is 28 and a fabulous man who I love very much.

Before all this started my husband and I had been faithful to each other and had never even thought about sex with anyone else. So let me explain.

The school is across the road from our house which is great. My neighbour who also has a child at the school isn’t very pleasant. They are loud and very rough looking. She is a little older than me, very busty with long black hair, bright lipstick and nail varnish, he is very muscular and has tattoos all over his arm and and wears gold rings on every finger , his hair is long and always greasy. At about 6’ they are both a lot taller than me. They would try and talk to me but with every other word a swear word I tried to keep my distance. But they kept trying to talk and would sometimes be talking about me. One day I couldn’t really avoid them and ended up being invited in for coffee.

I didn’t want to be impolite so agreed. This happened a couple of times and was ok but I could tell that he was leering at me, looking down my top at my chest which is a lot smaller than his wife’s.

I never felt threatened, just didn’t want them as friends but one day it all changed. She would think it was funny to squeeze her breasts together and make smutty comments, then one day I was standing in the kitchen with my back against the unit when she made her usual smutty comments and as she passed she squeezed her breasts together saying ‘ bet you would like tits like mine’.

She rubbed herself against me and laughed, her husband thought it was funny with his dirty laugh. Then she kissed me on the lips. She pulled back and asked if I liked that then kissed me again but didn’t stop. Then we were kissing properly and I know I should have stopped but it was exciting.

Her tongue in my mouth was exciting, she was pulling at my clothes and before I know what I was doing I was topless, she was squeezing my breasts, her husband pulling her top off until she was topless as well.

Whilst she was sucking my nipples her husband tugged and my skirt pulling it down along with my nickers and I was naked in front of people I didn’t really like.

She led me to the living room and lay me on the settee whilst he closed the curtains and then they had me. I was so excited I just wanted more, she would push her breast into my mouth and I sucked her, she put her head between my legs and put her tongue deep inside me. Then he pushed her aside and I could see he was a lot bigger than my husband. In a second he was inside me, he was so thick he stretched me and the feeling was amazing, I let them both fuck me and the feeling of him cuming inside me gave me the deepest orgasm of my life.

Now, almost every day we don’t say anything, we just drop the kids off go to her house, undress and fuck, sometime just her sometimes just him but most of the time both of them. I have found myself not showering so I can smell his cum on me.

Secretly on one occasion he came into my house, knelt me on the floor and fucked my mouth filling it with cum. Being a dirty slut is so exciting I can’t wait for the next time. Everyone thinks I’m a goody two shoes but I would love to tell them otherwise.